Wimbledon Day 6: Federer and Murray Drop Sets Before Advancing to Last 16

Wimbledon Day 6: Federer and Murray Drop Sets Before Advancing to Last 16


So today the remaining third round matches were finished and we are down to the last 16. Today was also the first dropped sets for any of the three big favorites at Wimbledon. Both Federer and Murray dropped the third set in their respective matches against Groth and Seppi. Federer dropped the third set in a tie-break, winning 6-4, 6-4, 6-7(5), 6-2. Groth is a guy with a massive serve and clocked one early on at 147 mph. The rest of his game is pretty mediocre though.

His volleys are not the worst, but they’re not great either. His groundstrokes are quite poor and only started working in the third set. Federer played a poor tiebreak, serving a double fault which cost him the third set. His forehand also showed weakness again because he was mishitting several of them. I wouldn’t say it was a convincing performance. It was the first signs of weakness he showed. But a win is a win. As for Murray, I only watched a bit in the first set where Murray was playing attacking tennis and looking quite impressive.


But since he lost a set I guess you can say that is a sign of weakness too. Federer now plays Bautista Agut who he really should beat in straight sets given his lack of weapons. He can’t afford to drop too many sets given his age either. As for Murray, he now plays Karlovic who defeated Tsonga after a controversial double-hit on set point for Tsonga in the fourth set. It was clearly a double hit by Karlovic but the umpire missed it and Karlovic failed to acknowledge it.

It’s hard to blame him though. I think very few players would admit a double hit in that situation. Maybe Djokovic would. Anyway, not a bad effort from Karlovic at age 36 and he is a tough match for anyone on grass, but Murray does lead the head-to-head 5-0. Murray won’t have that tough a match if he comes through there while Federer could play Berdych. But given Simon’s head-to-head of 6-4 against Berdych he could well beat Berdych. That would certainly help Federer a great deal.

  • Elsewhere in the Draw

Today our prediction match was Troicki vs Brown and the Nadal curse struck again as Troicki dismissed Brown 6-4, 7-6(3), 4-6, 6-3. When players beat Nadal at Wimbledon and at the other slams too it usually takes their best performance which leaves them flat for the next match. I didn’t watch much, but it looked like Brown lacked inspiration again today. Troicki had a decent grass court season before Wimbledon and it’s not really a surprise he finds himself in the last 16.


He now plays Pospisil who defeated the other British hope Ward 8-6 in the fifth set. I’m happy for Pospisil, but I think he will lose to Troicki. Finally, Cilic came out today against Isner and quickly finished him off 12-10 in the fifth set, which means he is playing Kudla next and looking good for a spot in the quarterfinals. There he could face Djokovic who he already pushed hard last year when he was two sets to one up. Certainly Cilic is a dangerous player who can cause big upsets.

  • The Prediction Game

I just realized that there are no matches on first Sunday at Wimbledon, and yet there are on second Sunday. I can’t say this realization made me happy, but at least that leaves an action packed Monday. Today there were several people again who picked the correct winner in our prediction game, but only Dimitris picked the amount of sets and the right order of the sets as well. So congrats Dimitris! He moves up several places in the rankings, but Nakul is now #1 after guessing the winner and amount of sets correct.


As for our Monday prediction match, there are eight matches to choose from but to be honest none of them really intrigues me. In the top half, Djokovic vs Anderson and Kyrgios vs Gasquet will be the most interesting while in the bottom half Murray vs Karlovic and Berdych vs Simon provides some intrigue. I guess since there is men’s tennis only every second day from now on I will choose two predictions matches. So I will go for Kyrgios vs Gasquet and Berdych vs Simon.

You have an opportunity for double points now so make sure you predict for both matches! If I have to choose the winner for the round of 16 matches I would go for Djokovic, Cilic, Stan, Kyrgios, Troicki, Murray, Berdych, and Federer. I think Djokovic has his work cut out in the top half with Cilic and Stan/Kyrgios, but he has looked very comfortable so far. In the bottom half, we are probably looking at a Federer vs Murray semi-final which would be terrific. The top half is too tough to call.

Djokovic could lose to Cilic while either Stan or Kyrgios could make semis.

Happy predicting!

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The is in your court.

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    1. I think that it’s important to remember that of the top 3 remaining in the draw, Roger has not been broken yet. Djokovic has been broken before and Murray got broken 3 times today. Also, of the three, despite dropping a set in a tiebreak against a big server, Roger has spent the least time on court – less than Djokovic and less than Murray. I agree that Simon can potentially beat Berdych – but I am not sure what I prefer to see Roger face – Berdych or Simon. I suppose Simon is better but he can also pose some trouble to Roger. So we’ll see. I’d like to hope Anderdon can take a set off Djokovic and that hopefully Cilic can push him like he did last year and potentially take him out. Murray also hopefully should lose a set at least against Karlovic and we’ll go from there. I think that Roger is looking good. His tie-break record is not the best but if he to lose one – it was good that it happened in the early rounds. As long as he wins the ones that matter later in the tournament, I’ll be ok. Murray looked shaky today and I certainly feel better now about Roger facing up against him, assuming that both make it into the semis.
      Ru-an Reply: Hey Vily, where ya been? I think Federer looked shaky and let’s not forget Seppi did beat Federer at the AO so he’s not a bad player. And remember court time is less important for Murray and Djokovic who are young and fit. If Federer has a long match with Berdych he could struggle vs Murray.
      Pet Raa Reply: Lovely post, Ruan! All the other reports make it seem like Roger played almost flawlessly apart from the tiebreak, whereas in reality he was quite unimpressive against Groth, a guy who has absolutely nothing in his arsenal apart from a big serve. Somehow, Groth hit a few proper volleys and managed to land a couple of nice groundstrokes in the third set, and Grandpa promptly lost that one. I think he will scrape past Seppi, but fall to Berdych in the QF. At least Berdych will give Murray a much better fight ! Re the double bounce issue, I can confidently say that none other than Novak (among the current crop of players, of course) would have the honesty to admit that. This is out of Roger’s PR syllabus.
      Pet Raa Reply: Sorry, RBA, not Seppi !
      Ru-an Reply: And I disagree with your predictions. I think Federer will destroy RBA and defeat Berdych, although Berdych could easily lose to Simon. And again, saying only Djokovic would admit the double hit and that it’s out of Roger’s PR syllabus is taking it too far. I say it again, I don’t want this to become a Djokovic fan blog. There is a very good reason why I support Djokovic more than before, but I certainly don’t want to become as biased as I used to be with Federer. Then I would be no different from the fanatical Fedfans and that would be a disaster.
      Ru-an Reply: Thanks PR, but I don’t want this to turn into a Djokovic fan blog now by insulting Federer, calling him grandpa etc. He is still doing a terrific job at his age and I think he deserves more respect than that. If this turns into a Djokovic fan blog then there is no evolution and I am no better than the fanatical Fedfans who keeps plaguing my blog.
      Pet Raa Reply: Hi Ruan, Yeah, I understand that comment about Djokovic being the only player who would admit the double hit was unwarranted, I take it back. I was being affectionate when I called him grandpa, no insult was intended !! Some of my apparent barbs directed at Federer were intended to be humorous, though I do believe Djokovic is way ahead of Roger now. I understand your concerns about being balanced perfectly well though, so will try to dial down the Novak love a little in future comments !
    1. Murray gets easily distracted. When Seppi took an injury time out early in the 3rd set, Murray was completely AWOL mentally and lost like 7 games in a row. Then he regrouped by taking a revenge MTO of his own, but other than that he was playing very well. Federer was very good for the first 2 sets as well, bit of lost focus in the 3rd set cost him.
      Ru-an Reply: Ok thanks for the report Krish.
      Krish Reply: No problem, Ruan. For the first time ever, I actually enjoyed Simon vs Monfils last night! Probably because Monfils decided to be consistently aggressive for once, and turned it into a thrilling 5-setter which finished under the roof on Centre Court
      Ru-an Reply: I didn’t watch that match myself, but I read on a forum that it was a very interesting match. Usually what you expect from those two is a pushing contest so I find that interesting. I guess Simon must be playing well and I bet he will beat Berdych and make Federer’s path easier.
    1. Regarding the double hit by Karlovic, I also saw it and I definitely think that it was a double hit, but I am not sure if Karlovic as a player felt it because it may happen that the player himself/herself may not be aware of that. If Karlovic was aware of it , then it is unsportsmanlike not to acknowledge it. After being aware of such mishit, I think that it would be not only Djokovic to acknowledge it there are so many fair players in tennis who would have acknowledged it.
      Ru-an Reply: Oh, he was aware of it all right.

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