Thiem Wins First ATP 500 Title in Acapulco

Thiem Wins First ATP 500 Title in Acapulco

Hi, folks. It’s been a while since my last post because I’ve been preoccupied with the US presidential race of late, and the last couple of weeks have been a bit disappointing as far as the big four goes.

But as usual, there is always something interesting going on on the ATP Tour. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you may remember I made a post called The Future of Tennis Has Arrived: Dominic Thiem at the beginning of last year.

Since then he won three titles on clay last year, Buenos Aires on clay two weeks ago, and now he made another big breakthrough this week by winning his first ATP 500 title in Acapulco, and on hard court at that.

I would have been satisfied if his first ATP 500 came on clay but this is great because it means he will be a force to be reckoned with on all surfaces, not just clay. I said before he had the variation to be good on all surfaces but he still needed to prove it.

His 6-2, 6-2 destruction of Querrey in the semis was especially impressive, although I couldn’t watch that. I did, however, tune in for the final early this morning to watch him defeat Tomic 7-6(6), 4-6, 6-3.

Tomic is another relative youngster who has been improving a lot of late so that was another big win for Thiem. I’m really excited about this player. He is almost for sure a future French Open champion but I’d like to see him do well on all surfaces.

And judging from this week that will be the case. His backhand is a gift from God and his ground game is big, but he has great skills at the net and touch as well. His serve and movement are good too.

It is unlikely that he is a future Wimbledon champ and he will probably struggle indoors but it doesn’t matter. He is still exciting and good to watch. And he looks like a good kid who is mentally strong.

  • Dubai Disappoints

I guess Dubai was cursed this year because not only did Federer withdraw but Djokovic retired in his quarterfinal match with Lopez with an eye infection after losing the first set 3-6.

It’s a shame because he had a chance to tie Lendl for most consecutive finals at 18 but shit happens. And maybe it’s bad karma for the Dubai crowd because they booed Djokovic off the court.

Since 2011 and especially since 2015 Djokovic has been the epitome of professionalism and I don’t think there is any need for that kind of behavior from the crowd.

Especially since Djokovic is already underappreciated by the tennis establishment in general. Too many people have been brainwashed into believing that Federer and Nadal are the only players who deserve appreciation but they will wake up once Djokovic surpasses both of them.

It’s a shame that this had to happen to Djokovic who had been struggling with the eye infection since he got to Dubai. He did look awfully good in his first two matches however which he both won 6-1, 6-2.


With the amount of winning Djokovic had been doing something like this is inevitably going to happen at some point I guess. But it could have happened at a much worse time for him. It was still only an ATP 500 event.

In the end, Stan was the one who took advantage of the Djoker’s absence as he defeated Baghdatis 6-4, 7-6(13) in the final. I watched the tiebreak and it was pretty low-quality tennis.

Kyrgios also retired in the semis against Stan after trailing 4-6, 0-3 and got booed off the court as well. I was expecting much from that match because Kyrgios had beaten Berdych for a second consecutive week in the quarters.

So yeah, Dubai was pretty much a flop this year. But maybe not the worst thing for the fans who are tired of Djokovic winning every tournament he enters.

  • Federer Withdraws from Indian Wells

Federer ended up withdrawing from Indian Wells as well as he is still in rehabilitation for his knee which I thought was the sensible thing to do. It will be much better to return on clay courts which will be more forgiving on his knees.

There is no need to rush. He will still have the entire clay court season and the grass court season to get ready for Wimbledon which his season is pretty much built around.

I’m sure Djokovic is looking forward to get back to winning titles in Indian Wells too and if he does win the title he will have the record there with five titles. He is currently tied with Federer at four.


Looks like Federer has been enjoying himself 😍 Mirka 😆

Djokovic will also have a shot a tying Agassi for the most titles in Miami at six and he is the only guy so far to do three Indian Wells/Miami doubles. It would be surprising if he doesn’t do it again.

Whatever happens, that’s always a fun stretch in the calendar but this coming weekend it is first Davis Cup where I hear Djokovic will be taking part.

My next post will probably be after the Indian Wells draw comes out so don’t expect much.

The is in your court.


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