Federer Off to Winning Start at Roland Garros Under Controversial Circumstances

Federer Off to Winning Start at Roland Garros Under Controversial Circumstances

It was a first day at Roland Garros which included only one seeded casualty in Garcia-Lopez who lost to Johnson. For once it was not Gulbis who lost. Roger had a good start to his French Open campaign as well by defeating Falla 6-3, 6-3, 6-4. Falla was playing at a high level all the way through, but Roger was playing well himself so a guy like Falla, who lacks any serious weapons didn’t stand much of a chance. Roger’s breakpoint ratio was sub-standard, but he won his first round in straight sets against a player who played well, so it doesn’t matter.


Any thoughts on the outfit?

It was the kind of start he would have looked for if he wants to make a deep run here. He now plays Granollers, who had a straight set victory himself. Karlovic also lost his first match, so Roger’s smooth draw is working out even better. He should easily be able to reach the fourth round without dropping a set. That should leave him with plenty in the tank to make semis at least. As for tomorrow, the highest seed in action will be Murray, who will play against some unknown Argentine. For me, the only match of much interest will be Thiem against Bedene.
  • A Kid Runs onto Centre Court for a Selfie with Federer
The main headline today was probably the kid of who ran on the court for a selfie with Roger to which the security was slow to respond. Roger said afterward that he wasn’t happy about the incident and that he was speaking for all the players. There was also some British idiot cyclist called Chris Froome who tweeted afterward: ‘Harden up @rogerfederer‘ with a photo included of him being harassed by fans at the Tour de France. Stakhovksy replied with a tweet of his own: ‘It’s nice when a doping star compares himself with the pure sport star and offer him to “toughen up=)) . I can’t post the actual tweets because Stakhovsky deleted his tweet, and Froome blocked me along with all the other people who said something about it or even mentioned Stakhovsky(which is what I did). Can you believe that about a guy who won the Tour de France?! I never even mentioned him in a tweet, and yet I got blocked.


Always had a hard time saying no to a selfie :))

So he was sitting at his computer looking for anyone who tweeted something to Stakhovsky and blocked them. Is this guy for real or what? It seems cycling is in worse shape than I thought. I guess if you are that desperate about Stakhovsky’s tweet then you indeed have something to hide. I don’t follow cycling myself, but it seems it is still rampant with doping even after the Armstrong scandal. But who knows. The point is he was out of line with his tweet as tennis is very different from cycling. Monica Seles was stabbed in Germany for instance so these things should not be happening, and it’s not doing the reputation of the French Open any good. It’s not the first time either. A guy ran on the court during the 2009 final too and put something on Roger, and then there was the incident of some fool running on the court during the 2013 final as well. I have seen too many disturbed and obsessed fans on forums for that to be safe. You never know when another Monica Seles incident can happen. Highlights:
  • Match Stats
More about the incident The is in your court.
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    1. To answer your question, Ru-an, about Roger’s outfit he is wearing….think it is great, love the colors. By far better looking than Stan the Man in his outfit….wonder if he sleeps in it? You are quite busy, Ru-an, the next two weeks will keep you out of mischief….ha-ha-ha. Great blog as always! ‘Til next time, Kindly, Dolores
      Ru-an Reply: Thank you, Dolores. Or maybe he swims in it? :-?
      Jiten Reply: Yes Grandma Dolores, Stan really sleeps in it! In fact, the story is slightly different: he loves his blanket so much that he wraps its miniature version around his waist when he is not sleeping. We are now seeing the special version of the miniature version in the tennis court. :))
      Veronica Reply: Even the needy will reject your pjs/blanket shorts if you donated them, Stan! :-q :-)
    1. Great post Ru-an. What do you think about the court? People say it’s slow and low bouncing. Btw Monica Seles was stabbed in Germany, not FO.
      Ru-an Reply: Thank you! The court looked pretty slow in Roger’s match. Not sure about the bounce.
    1. Overall, a decent outing by the Fed. He can to the final or lose as soon as the 4th round or the QF. Something tells not to read too much into the Wawrinka win in Rome. If they meet here. It will be much more difficult. We’ll see. A Final is certainly possible and even expected, but anything more is a mere dream in my personal opinion..
      Veronica Reply: Vily, a rather “subdued” comment from you I must say :-) must have learnt a lesson after USO, eh?! But personally I agree with you. I won’t look beyond each round and especially not beyond Monfils, ie if Monfils makes it. And like you, I wouldn’t read too much into the Stanchoke/Stantank in Rome.
    1. BTW, Ru-an, Great post. Another request – it seems that I can only post from certain locations which are outside of my home IP address. Could you please look into that as well. Otherwise, I can’t post unless I am outside. Thank you so much!
      Ru-an Reply: I did remove your IP addresses from the block list Vily. I will check again.
      Vily Reply: Ok. Thank you! It’s all good now.
    1. BTW, I did see that kid and it was definitely wrong to do by the kid. He was basically getting into Roger’s face and imposing that selfie which clearly Roger didn’t want to do. Not when someone is clearly just roaming on Centre Court freely. The French Open organizers are definitely to blame here. Roland Garros is so much behind the other 3 slams in terms of prize money, organization, venue, etc. but that’s a topic for another conversation. But anyway, I honestly think that it would take a miracle for Roger to win again here. But the draw is certainly perfect for him so – best or not best surface – he should personally get to that final. And from then on – it’s going to take a monumental performance to win. I am pretty confident that Novak will make that final also. And then it will be 70/30 or maybe 60/40 depending on how much Novak will be tired. Anything less will be disappointing in my eyes. But that’s ok. The good news is that if Nadal loses in the QFS, he’ll basically drop to Number 11 in the world (embarrassing) and then Roger can see him as early as the 4th round at Wimbledon. But personally, I think that that is actually GOOD for him because Roger is very good when the grass is still there and not roughed up. But that’s far away I guess.. I just don’t see Nadal beating Novak this year. Not if he lost to the likes of Murray, Stan and Fognini.. Just don’t see it.. ;-)
    1. Ru-an as usual another great post. Like Veronica said recently, you are really traveling like a runaway train these days. Simply unstoppable! Kind getting the Nirvana by liberating yourself from the FEDfan shell. No compulsion. Let me tell you, though I have not been commenting much of late, I really appreciate your efforts. Here is my observation on your blog after its facelift: after every Roger’s match is still ruansfedererblog, not TUTB. After all your are still a Fan of Tennis and though Federer is not TENNIS, nobody epitomizes it better than him. Hoping for a better run than 2014 for our hero. Keep up the good work Ru-an. :-bd
      Veronica Reply: Yeah Jiten! I’ve been huffin’ and puffin’ since the birth of TUTB :-) and yes, Ru-an and all of us are Fed fans and it’s only natural that it reverts momentarily back into Rf blog when Roger’s playing, haha! But that doesn’t take anything away from TUTB being the coolest tennis blog! Don’t wanna be dramatic and say TUTB has been a blood sweat and tears project, but it’s close; right, Ru-an?! Thank you and fully appreciated by your readers ^:)^
      Ru-an Reply: Thank you, Veronica, I appreciate it a lot that you still support my blog. I understand that it is not necessarily what the typical Fedfan appreciates but who wants to be typical? Yeah, I won’t say it’s been a blood, sweat, and tears project. It has taken some work, but it’s been liberating because the Fedfan fanaticism was becoming too much for me. You will remember how I tried to make it clear that this is not a fan blog, but people didn’t get. So I had to start all over.
      Ru-an Reply: Thanks, Jiten. It’s just that I have more time on my hands right now not working. I like the Nirvana part and breaking the Fedfan shell. That is well said. It is liberating, but people don’t necessarily appreciate where you are coming from. Sometimes they don’t want to hear about Roger instead of the game as a whole. I am still very much a Fedfan. I guess I just need a break from all that fanaticism. It gets boring and tiring. #:-S
    1. Good start for Roger. He looked a bit stressed out there to me I thought. Fantastic stat for winners and good serving day. But the bp conversion, as often is the case, is woeful. But important is the win as you say, Ru- an so doesn’t really matter. But I can’t help thinking that this has become a serious weakness in Roger’s game today. Ok he has always not been good in bp conversion even in his peak. But those days other parts of his game were more than enough to make up for it. I think now he should make a point of playing the bp well, just for practice’s sake – that every bp is a rare opportunity and as if the win depends on it. He’s sometimes too casual with bp. He must up the intensity and practise them well in every opportunity so that when he meets the top players, he is better prepared to play them well. These are the important moments that let him down, where he makes poor decisions, where he isn’t confident how to play them and which ultimately deny him the trophy. Having said that, I can’t ask for more than this great start. Love the colour of his outfit individually but overall I’m not sure it is one of his best. Shame on the French security. Thanks for sharing this with us, Ru-an. I missed the incident. But what a cavalier attitude the Director. He should be sacked. I would be very worried if I were Roger. Hope this will not affect him adversely. Thumbs up to Starkovsky. :-bd And Tour de France? It’s not legitimate as far as I’m concerned! :-q
      Ru-an Reply: :)) @ your last comment.
    1. Actually another testament of the cult-like following that Roger has. He has like, how many these kind of incidents already? The other top,players have NONE as far as I know! GOAT for being the most fan obsessed sports figure!
      Marron Reply: Well I do recall the 2009 USO, a fan ran out on court and kissed Rafa. I think it’s very lax of the FO security to allow this. I don’t blame Fed at all for being upset. Cycling is different, you’re out on open roads amongst the public anyway. The court should be a safe place where players can concentrate solely on their game, not on who’s going to come at them unexpectedly.
      Ru-an Reply: Yeah, what happened itself was not a big deal. It is about standards and what the players are used to. No one likes surprises. The same standards should be kept everywhere. In hindsight, Froome had a point and maybe Roger reacted too strongly. I just found Stakhovsky’s tweet funny as well as the photo I posted with Roger smiling for the selfie. Guess I saw the humor in it all.
      Veronica Reply: Yes, Ru-an, it’s about the standard, the security; not about the harmless act of a fan wanting a selfie per se. Gosh, unauthorised ppl being able to get onto court serves to confirm only one thing – that your security is not up to acceptable standard. Roger is absolutely right to react strongly and he also has the absolute right to demand for better security, especially as it happened to him before in 2009 and ESPECIALLY as there has ALREADY been a case in tennis!! (Seles). What do they expect from Roger? To laugh it off, “oh Jimmy meant no harm in 2009; oh, it’s just over zealous fans this year; oh it’s no big deal, your security is fine……”!!! Gosh, if this had happened here in Australia, we would have been SO embarrassed, the apologies would have been profusely done and the security system would definitely be reviewed and tightened. And I’m pretty sure this kind of thing would never happen in Wimbledon or the USO. Shame FO!!! I’m disappointed with how cool the reactions have been, especially the players. And Ru-an, Froome does NOT have a point. Only a kid, a jealous person, an insecure person would react like he did. Ppl who laugh at other ppl’s manhood are often not man enough themselves and need to put others down in order to affirm their own manhood. Just shows how man he is sitting at his computer and blocking tweets!!! Bravo Starks! Is he the only player to have stood up for Roger?!!
      Ru-an Reply: Right, Veronica. I can understand that Fed was pissed off after what already happened in 2009. But why did he allow the guy to put a flag on him? He could have held him off. Same with the selfie. He could have told the guy off, but he posed for the selfie. As for Froome, he sounds like a douche but in all honesty those guys deal with much worse than tennis players. Broken bones and all kinds of crap due to the spectators running on the track.
      Veronica Reply: Coulda, shoulda, :-) Whether Roger punched the guy or not, doesn’t change the fact that the security is not up to standard :-q although I do agree Roger should have reacted tougher to the intruders. Yeah, guys like Froome have dealt with much worse than privileged tennis players fretting over a selfie! I totally get that! :-) Broken bones and crap happen in cycling, not tennis. Tennis players would be tossing and turning in their beds if you left a pea under their mattresses! :-) Ah, isn’t it great to be tough; like some cyclists; especially at “all” costs……….incredible what remarkable feats they can achieve…….. :-)
      Katyani Reply: TAKE A BOW SWEET RONNIE, TAKE A BOW. COMMENT +++ 1 :-) :-) :-) Let us all, including his fellow players and the tour management act like Roger is overreacting, until…. something real happens (touch wood that it never does). Then lets see how ashamed and sorry they are. It is so easy to judge Roger. Were they in his position?? Here in Holland we had an incident a couple of years ago. A soccermatch. The goalkeeper had his back against the goal. Suddenly a grown man a fan came up on the grass to him from behind. Maybe to hug him or touch him. The goalkeeper saw him in the last seconds and kicked him in his stomach. The referee gave him a red card !!! Which sounds maybe reasonable, but to the goalkeeper this stupid fan was a danger !!! How was he suppose to know what the fan wanted?? He also could have had a knife. That is why it is so easy to judge afterwords. Ps: The coach of the team backed up the goalkeeper and all the team left the grass TOGETHER when the goalkeeper got a red card. I was so proud of the coach and the entire team. Roger had every right to be pissed off, if something would have happened then what?? I am not Rafa’s biggest fan, but that situation last year during the final?? That man with the burning flag. My God, what if he had thrown it on Rafa?? So dangerous situation. And look… RG still hasn’t learned from it….
      Veronica Reply: Thanks for sharing about the soccer match, Kat! Well done to the team! Maybe Roger should boycott FO, eh?!! ;-) I hope the Seles incident stays fresh in everyone’s mind and tennis stays safe. I only know about the Seles incident after I became a serious Roger fan, ie 2009. Gosh! How absolutely completely heartbreaking it must have been for Seles and her fans! I read that the rivalry with Graf was coming up nicely and Seles was set to take over Graf when the tragedy happened. I cannot imagine the heartbreak, I simply cannot!! Seles was never the same although she recovered. Now just imagine if such a thing happened to Roger…….I shudder! Swallow your pride, FO security, and Just.Do.It!!
      Katyani Reply: Yep sweet girl, Roger should boycot RG next year, but… someone has to win it next year right, so Roger has to be there haha \\:D/
      Veronica Reply: Thanks Marron! Yah, actually there have been other incidents with other players as well. All the more urgent the FO security gotta clean up its act!
    1. Over all it was good first round match for Roger. Break point conversion is low, Should convert more in upcoming rounds. Good start to kick of RG. Outfit doesn’t look good. RG 2011 outfit was best i think so.
      Veronica Reply: Yes FO 2011 and Wimby 2008, the best Roger outfit of all time
      Ru-an Reply: Darth Fed baby \\m/
      Veronica Reply: Yup I would include Darth Fed as well
      Katyani Reply: In my opinion, the best is “Half Darth Fed” :-) His outfit during Rotterdam and Dubai 2012. White shorts and black shirt :-)
    1. That’s pretty funny it’s Stahkovsky who backs up Federer there. The guy who caused Fed’s greatest upset, still has the greatest respect . About the break points, I saw a few of them and Falla would play well on them. I don’t know if Fed takes them too easily, but his opponents will always aim the serve to his backhand and he’s already scrambling and the point is gone. So given his relatively poor conversion rate I think he should just run around the backhand every time. Maybe 1/5 times he will look like an idiot if the guy serves to his FH. But better than just dumping a slice BH into the net or a short ball. I have been disappointed many times the last few years with unrealistic expectations, and so even with this great draw I would not think of getting past Monfils, who for whatever reason plays out of his mind against Federer. Taht will not be a straightforward match if it happens.
      Ru-an Reply: It’s not like it’s the first time it’s happened Bharata. How many times have we seen Roger with a poor bp conversion rate early on in a tournament and improving as he goes along? He’s not supposed to peak in the first round!
      Veronica Reply: Still, Ru-an, he gotta improve on this whether first round or last round. He got to switch his mind set from “creating” bp to “converting” them. Especially if he is so used to creating lots of bp but hardly converting them, what typically happens when he meets a top player is he could only create a few and of course he blows them and then maybe later realise he has no more to spare! Ha! As Bharata said, maybe run around the bh as quite often players go there on bp. If he misses too bad. But at least you are trying something and putting some pressure on opponents.
      Ru-an Reply: That’s the way he always was. I doubt he’s gonna change that ever Veronica. I mean I agree that he should but I don’t see it happening. :-??
      Veronica Reply: Yeah, true Ru-an, don’t see him about to change either. And that’s one of the things that make me sad about Roger. Given all his talent and all that he is still capable of, in some ways, he himself is the one blocking his own path….. :-??
      Katyani Reply: Unfortunately…. very true comment….. :-(
    1. Nice post Ru-an. I have been super busy lately so haven’t commented but I read everything and am loving the new energy and diversity of the blog. Roger also said that the day before his match, three fans walked onto his practice court and approached him with no security there at all. Not cool.
      Ru-an Reply: No worries Eric. Glad you like the new blog :-bd
    1. Nice post Ru-an. I think both Roger’s and Edberg’s indifferent attitude towards the clay court season cost him last year. I remember distinctly Edberg saying something on the lines of – “”French Open may not be the highest priority for us, but with a bit of luck in the draw, Roger has a good chance at Wimbledon and US Open.” His words turned out to be so true. Losing early in Paris and coming so close to winning both USO and Wimby. Hopefully and it looks like Roger has taken the clay court season more seriously this time, and at this point although it’s better to look at one match at a time, making SF should be a good result for him, especially with the kind of draw that he has got. By the way, talking about the outfit, Roger joked in the presser about it. He said something like – ” Let’s see for how many matches I’ll be able to wear this. Hopefully it’s going to be 7 matches” $-)
      Ru-an Reply: Well, Roger wanted to be present at the birth of his twins which affected his FO prep. I seriously doubt he regrets any of it. But yeah especially after the AO result he would want to go deep at the FO and take advantage of his draw. That would put him in good stead for Wimby and the USO like you say.
    1. I have that feeling again….
      Ru-an Reply: I removed your link Fedal. I guess it hasn’t occurred to you yet that no one on this blog wants to see the thug moonballer win a 10th FO. Now you know.
      Katyani Reply: Hey Ru-an, you are right. No one wants to see Dull win a 10th RG. But if it happens… so what?? He will NEVER OUTDO Roger. Never. Ever. Having 15 GS of which 10 are RG?? Yeah right… that will definitely make him the Goat. To me, it makes Roger more the Goat. And if Dull wins a 15 GS, trust me.. 16th will NEVER come. His body is breaking down quicker. He is aging faster than others. He is getting more tired. His confidence gets up and down and the THREE most important ones: 1) His lockerroom effect is getting less and less. 2) Others are on to him on how to beat him and…. 3) Rafa and his uncle and his team ALL know very well, Roger is NOT out, it IS likely that Roger can also win another slam. I know you guys don’t want to hear this…. but I can see a Roger/Rafa-Final. Novak will not be able to stop Rafa, not even Murray. Just hope they will “tire” him out. The guy won 9 RG. He won’t give that up. Not even with such a draw. Rafa lost one match in 10 years and it looks like he has “clay” and “5-setters on clay” running through his body instead of blood. Rafa will make the final… but he won’t win it. And guys… lets not all just fear Monfils… somehow I think Jo Willy is the one to be scared off. The guy is too much under the radar and he is too quiet….
      Ru-an Reply: ‘I can see a Roger/Rafa-Final’ ‘Rafa will make the final… but he won’t win it.’ =))
      Katyani Reply: I am sorry Ru-an, I won’t underestimate Dull. Last year he also lost some clay-matches before RG and what happened?? He ended up winning RG. So you can laugh…… but I honestly see Rafa making the final. You don’t end up winning RG 9 times if you won’t find a way to get through, even with low confidence…..
      Veronica Reply: Kat, I think Ru- an is laughing at your “Rafa won’t win it…” If it is a Rafa/Roger final!
      Ru-an Reply: :-??
      Ru-an Reply: :-j
      Veronica Reply: Ok, smart guy! What ARE you laughing at?! :-)
      Ru-an Reply: I’m laughing at exactly what you said! Katyani living in her own world as usual.
      Katyani Reply: Hmm, we’ll see :-) God did not put Roger on earth to lose to Rafa all the time :-) He will beat him :-)
      FeDaL Reply: Rename the blog back to Federer/Djokovic fan blog / Nadal hate blog, and all will be well. 8-> I guess a bit of humor on this blog isn’t welcomed, unless its about bashing Nadal.
      Ru-an Reply: Come on Fedal you can do better than that. There was nothing funny about posting a photo of Nadal with the FO trophy. Not even if you worship Nadal.
      Veronica Reply: =)) Ru-an, Fedal, freaking hilarious, both of you!!!! Keep it up guys!! :-)
      FeDaL Reply: You only have the fun you make yourself :-P
      Veronica Reply: :-?? What do you mean, Fedal? You may have misunderstood me. I meant you and Ru-an had provided some really funny moments – you leaving a pic of Nadal for Ru-an to print (as if he would) with a provocative comment along with it and Ru-an maybe freaking out when he saw the pic and immediately banned it!!! Haha! Peace, Fedal. I like you despite your displeasure with some things going on here. At least you are consistent and true to your name!
      Ru-an Reply: Lol. Looks like you are enjoying the emoticons, Veronica. :-bd
      Veronica Reply: Yes! Ru-an!! One of the best things you have added in TUTB!!! They are so spot on and much more interesting than mere words!! You deserve this :-* Ru-an just for the emoticons!! :-)
      Ru-an Reply: ;;) Lol, your finger wag is still the best L-) =))
      Veronica Reply: =)) Hey! Maybe PROPHETIC, Ru-an!!! :-)
      Ru-an Reply: OK let’s make some fun then. ‘I made Bernardes and offer he couldn’t refuse. He won’t be umpiring your matches anymore. You are free to take as much time between points as you want again and no one shall interfere.’
      Gordon Reply: Haha I just read about that. Totally REDiculous, but not surprising.
    1. Take a bow Chris Froome. You got your 15 minutes of fame (something you obviously couldn’t get by doing YOUR sport). Unfortunately you had to do it over the back of the greatest (or as Stakho says the pure sport star). As if that was not enough Ru-an…. he blocked, literally blocked Fedfans !!! Seriously, how sad and how old can you be?? :-) I guess he had enough of people mistaking him for Bradley Wiggens :-) Nope, I know nothing about cycling, my collegue is just a diehard fan (he follows tennis for me, I try to follow the Tour for him). Did you see that when the kid ran up to Roger, Roger had to TELL the security to come and take him away? They were still standing. Can you believe that?? When Roger stepped out of a car in Rome to do an interview in the studio, 7 or 8 securitymen held each others hand to form a half circle so that no fan could reach him. And that was a 1000 Tour. THIS is RG. Did you guys read what the TD said? Roger was right to complain, but it was not the end of the world. Sooooooo sad of him. Will he do something when someone is stabbed?? Last year even with Rafa. Do you know HOW dangerous such a situation can be?? This was a kid. And then some people had the nerve to say Roger should have aloud him the selfie… ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Reward him?? Actually reward him?? What if the next kid or adult or lunatic thinks, well, he did it and got away with it, so can I?? And then I read some other players were also joking about that. Well…. lets see what they will do when they have fans who run up to them. Roger could not know that he wasn’t dangerous?? SO PATHETIC, this happening again at RG. Almost want to say to Roger, please skip RG next year and let them see how “full” their stadiums will be. Also, I read a great tweet where someone was telling Froome to tell Roger in his face to “toughen up” or better yet… tell it right in Monica Seles face. Let Froome do that !!! RANT OVER. Oh wait…. not yet. Stakho, you played the perfect match at Wimby 2013, you totally deserved the win…. still… I was a bit upset that you won that day…. but take a REAL bow Sergey…. you rock :-) Oh and Ru-an and guys about the outfit… well…. the shorts should have been white or black. Now… he looks like a cupcake or a my little pony. You know what it is… Roger is ALWAYS the only one wearing something of a color. When the girls and guys are wearing green and blue, Roger is wearing yellow. When all the others are wearing red or white, Roger is wearing orange. Now… he is wearing pink and purple….but so are the boys and believe it or not… 9 different girls are also wearing pink and purple !!! Too bad Nike. That is a big no no. Atleast Berdy got it right…. damn…. his outfit looks good :-)
      Ru-an Reply: But Roger did allow him the selfie? Did you not see the photo on my blog? :-?
      Nakul Reply: Apparently the security guard deleted the selfie from the kid’s phone later.
      Ru-an Reply: Right, the security guard did.
      Jiten Reply: \\:D/ \\:D/ Hi Katyani, so Berdy has already started giving you those secrete winks? I am just wondering how the QF in Fed’s quarter would turn out to be: the war of Mini blanket VS pinkpony. It will be a matter of who can distract the other more with their new weapons. Whenever the opponent is at the net, a slight leap with these pants on would be good enough to make the other missing a volley. ~x( :D
      Katyani Reply: Haha Jiten, who could have thought that there would be a day when Berdych would be dressed better than Roger?? Can you remember last year his outfit with H&M with big big blue white flowers?? Yikes. Now look at Berdy. Sigh :-) I know Roger’s draw is easier, but is it really?? Stan the Man, dangerous Nishikori, crazy but “always playing in the zone against Roger” Monfils and Jo Willy?? That guy is wayyyy to quiet for me. Roger also faces difficulties
      Veronica Reply: :))
    1. Nadal’s draw has opened up a little with Dimitrov losing. Almagro will still be a test as will Sock if he gets that far. Djokovic still looks like a lock for the title to me.
      Ru-an Reply: Dimitrov was never a factor to begin with Ajay. You just have to look at what happened to him today to realize this.

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