Federer Enters God Mode After Losing First Set to Granollers

Federer Enters God Mode After Losing First Set to Granollers

Not a bad result in the end, was it? Dropping a set was never going to be ideal, unless of course Roger came back to triple bread stick Granollers for a 4-6, 6-1, 6-1, 6-1 victory. This morning I was woken up by my cat at the window wanting to come inside, and that was just after Roger dropped the first set. So my first thought was here we go again. But after seeing the way Roger came back in God mode in the last three sets I was very satisfied. Not that I watched much. My connection was really bad and I had to go to work anyway. Then later I caught the highlights and loved what I saw. This was, of course, a day match and there was a rain delay at 2-5 in the first set. When they stepped back on court Roger lost only four more games. Roger said in his presser that the wind affected him quite a bit and that the conditions slowed down when they stepped back on the court too.

Also, Granollers was playing very well at the start. So I think the combination of Granollers’ high level, the wind, and the fact that it was Roger first day match is what cost Roger the first set. Obviously when they came back on court things changed drastically. Granollers couldn’t keep up his high level from before the break and the wind had died down. Roger lost sets against players who were in the zone when he was in his prime too, so this is not a setback for his US Open chances in any way as far as I’m concerned. If anything his form in the last three sets makes me believe more that he can win the title. But it’s way too early to seriously start thinking about that anyway. The match stats for Roger was very good. I don’t see any weakness there. It is good to see Roger making no double faults again because lately there have been some of those creeping into his game.

I think after the break Roger started using his slice and variation very effectively to make things difficult for Granollers. It was just an overall master class with destructive serving, ground strokes, and net play. I mean to triple bread stick a player like Granollers who is top 50 and who has won four ATP titles takes some serious doing. That right there is enough to believe that Roger is back to his best and a serious threat for this title. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but the early signs are promising. Roger said in his presser afterward that he felt ‘very explosive, quick’. And if you need evidence see the opening point at 1-1 in the second set. Just unbelievable speed and racquet head control from Roger to hit the winner. So everything seems to be working well. I felt like in Toronto and Cincy Roger was playing well, but everything hadn’t clicked yet.

Some days his forehand was slightly off, some days his volleys, and maybe other days his backhand. But I feel the title in Cincy just made everything click, and although I haven’t watched a full match from Roger at the Open yet I sense that everything is working well at the same time. Both the backhand and forehand are looking good to me. That is why I so desperately wanted Roger to win Cincy because it just gave him that winning feeling and edge back right in the nick of time. He also said in his presser that he now feels very comfortable on the hard courts so that should give you another indication. It was an interesting presser overall. Roger gets asked about his level now compared to his peak from 2004-2007 too. He says that his serve and volleys have improved, but that he doesn’t have the same confidence he used to have.

God mode: ON

That confidence aura in his peak, I have talked about before and yes confidence is maybe the single most important thing in professional sport. But either way I think it is just terrific what Roger is still doing at this stage of his career. Never mind if he is a better player or not. To me, that is beside the point. I just find it fascinating how he adapted over his career by relying more on his serve and improving his net play. He is not as quick as he used to be and he doesn’t have the same stamina, so making those changes was smart. Also changing his racquet and hiring Edberg was big. Roger now plays Bautista-Agut who I have probably said enough about by now. I just don’t rate the guy very highly and if the way Roger ended the match against Granollers is anything to go by he will smash Bautista-Agut.

I mean this guy doesn’t even have a zone level like Granollers did in the first set. The only possible way that Roger can drop a set is if he really sucks. Much has been made of Bautista-Agut winning two titles(not three as I’ve been hearing) this year, but they were Mickey Mouse events and the highest ranked player he beat was Fognini who has zero weapons himself and a nutcase. If Bautista-Agut plays someone with serious firepower like we know Roger has, then he stands no chance unless that player has a bad day. We know tennis is an unpredictable thing, but it’s really hard seeing Roger losing this. Elsewhere Dimitrov won after getting bageled in the first set by Goffin. At a set all and 4-4 in the third set, Goffin double faulted on break point and that cost him the match. Dimitrov held serve and bread sticked Goffin in the fourth set.

Hey, dad!

I was actually disappointed because I am not quite sold on Dimitrov yet. I didn’t like the way he celebrated in Toronto after Anderson made a massive choke and I don’t like the fact that he is dating Sharapova. But that’s just me. He now plays Monfils for a place in the quarters against the winner of Roger and that guy with the long name. Monfils made short work of Gasquet who was once again a big disappointment. That should be an interesting match and chances are that it will be a long match and they tire each other out, which, of course, would play into Roger’s hands. Especially if he makes short work of the guy with the long name. Then Berdych won easily against Gabashvili as I expected and he looks to be right back on form out of nowhere. I guess he heard he was in Roger’s half of the draw.

He now plays Thiem who had a very good straight set win over Lopez. I like this Thiem. He has a sweet one-handed backhand and I’d rather support him than Dimitrov. He looks like a humble guy too. The match between him and Berdych should be interesting and I hope Thiem wins for various reasons. The big upset was Simon who defeated Ferrer in four sets. You would think that helps Berdych’s chances to make semis. It’s just crazy how Berdych all of a sudden started playing well now that he is in Roger’s half. But you could also say he was due a good performance. I sure wouldn’t be surprised if he makes semis now, but he still has to deal with Thiem and possibly Cilic, which will be tricky opponents. Anyway, I don’t care if Roger has to go through Berdych and Djokovic to win the title. It would just make victory all the sweeter.

Smilerer, or Autographerer?

So we have reached the round of sixteen and today there will be a blockbuster line up which includes Djokovic vs Kohlschreiber, Murray vs Tsonga, Wawrinka vs Robredo, and Nishikori vs Raonic. A great day to be at the grounds if you are in New York. The match that is creating the most interest is probably Murray vs Tsonga but I think they will all be good. The matches are actually tough to call aside from the first one which you would expect Djokovic to win given the form he has been in. I would like Tsonga to win as he would pose a bigger threat to Djokovic I think. I wouldn’t mind Stan winning either as he could also pose a threat to Djokovic if he catches fire. As for Raonic and Nishikori I’d like to see Nishikori win. I’m getting a bit tired of Raonic’s serve botting. Happy viewing!



The sick speed and control:

Post match interview:

Presser: http://www.usopen.org/en_US/news/interviews/2014-08-31/201409011409544359906.html


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    1. Hi, Ru-an!

      I just read your piece and I’d have to agree to an extent on your view on Dimitrov. Obviously, he’s confident but at times he appears a bit cocky even though he hasn’t won anything important as of yet. He hasn’t even made a Grand Slam Final or even a Masters 1000 Final yet. At the same time, he appears to be in the groove and talk big. A bit like Raonic even though Raonic has been more consistent albeit less talented.

      Dimitrov is 0:4 vs Monfils but at this point I am not sure who to route for in this match. They’ll grind it out from the baseline and possibly play a 5-setter which would be ideal.

      As far as Berdych – yeah the guy is a tough cookie and you have to watch out. Obviously he’s going to be tough to beat, but if Roger beats Agout in straights and Dimitrpb/Monfils in 4 sets then I’d like his chances. obviously I wanna see a Cilic/ Berdych encounter as well to see who’d prevail there. Both are dangerous but Cilic hasn’t beaten Roger in a best of 5 so I’d prefer him. But no easy matches from now on.

      Djokovic is winning yet again as I write this – so this is ridiculous. I expect him to at least drop a set (or two) in the Quarters. This is ridiculous. And I certainly expect Wawrinka to step up to the plate as well.

      That’s about it. Roger is in a decent position but obviously by the quarters and semis we’ll know what the deal is.. :-)

      Ru-an Reply:

      I didn’t mean to put Dimitrov down Vily. I realize you and Eric are fans. I was just giving my point of view. He has a nice game but a bit too much of an imitation of Roger for me. I like both Thiem’s game and personality more. Yeah Djokovic is on his way to the final. Only guy with an outside chance to stop him is Stan, just like Berdych has an outside chance of stopping Roger in the semis. But again looking too far ahead.

    1. Wow! By the way the schedule for tomorrow puts Roger playing at night again!!

      Roger is pretty much playing all night sessions. It’s good for him but I hope that he won’t pay the price later on in the tournament. Therefore, I am not sure if he’ll play his QF match on Thursday evening or during the day. In any case, I have tickets for both the day and night sessions but this is a surprise..

      Ru-an Reply:

      Yeah Roger plays better at night but the disadvantage of it is that when he plays in the day it’s a kind of disadvantage. It’s a double-edged sword.

    1. Sounds like you have it covered Vily. Did you have to pay extra?

      It seems that Murray is sliding past Tsonga – unless he runs out of gas. I think it would be good to see a Djokovic-Tsonga match, so I’m hoping that Tsonga will come through.

      Hey, here’s some trivia I tripped over today. Roger is 73-11 at AO, 73-9 at Wimbledon, and 70-9 at USO. If he wins the tournament this year, he’ll not only have be 74-9 at this tournament, but a higher winning percentage than he has at Wimbledon. I’m just saying…

      And definitely don’t be late on Thursday!

      Ru-an Reply:

      Thanks for the stat Joe. The USO is clearly one of Roger’s better slams. He should have had more titles but there were those two fluke semis to Djokovic and the final vs Delpo. There definitely is unfinished business in NY…

    1. The biggest potential issue facing Roger for the remainder of the tournament is bad luck regarding scheduling. Pray that there are no long rain delays, pray that Roger gets at least 36 hours of rest between matches. If the weather cooperates, I give him a 45% chance of lifting the trophy, which are great odds considering his age. But the Djoker is still the favorite, due to his youth and championship pedigree.

      Ru-an Reply:

      On any given day the odds don’t matter much Balthazar. But too early to start thinking about a Djokerer final.

    1. I am very impressed with Murray. He was able to beat Tsonga in straights and I think that he can push Novak. Not sure if he can beat him but he should be able to push him to 5…

      Ru-an Reply:

      Yeah interesting result there Vily. Never expected Murray to win in straights. I guess Tsonga was not exactly on fire, but well done to Murray. Maybe he can surprise against Djokovic too.

    1. I am so happy for Stan!!! He did so well to finish off Robredo..

      Now, I think that our fortunes are about to turn.. :-)

      Djokovic won today but was struggling against Kohlschreiber and even he himself stated that if he had not saved that set point in the 2nd set, the match would have gone to a different direction.

      I sense that Murray is very hungry and he wants to finally punish someone. He beat Tsonga in straights and will be very confident against the Djoker.

      Also, Stan is moving on and I think that he can make semis or even the final.

      I think that if Murray beats Djokovic, he might get to the final. I’d Djokovic beats Murray, then Stan will beat him.. That’s what I think.

      As far as RFed – let’s see how it goes tomorrow. Hopefully a nice straight set win and hopefully no more breaks on Roger’s serve. Then Roger is going to have two tough matches and then a very tough Final. It will be interesting to see if Novak will be derailed or if he’ll be able to beat those guys who have beaten him at Slams before..

      Ru-an Reply:

      Don’t know about Djokovic struggling Vily. Beating a dangerous opponent like Kohlschreiber in straights without entering a breaker is a good result. Djokovic has looked untouchable so far. Don’t hold your breath about him not making the final. If there is someone who can stop him then it is Stan I think, but Djokovic is likely to make the final.

      Alex Reply:

      I believe that Murray looks in the form to actually push Novak to at least 4 maybe 5 grueling sets. Djokovic may be seeded number 1 but his draw is tough. It could be that should he get to the final he’ll be tired out from the previous 2 matches which could be murray and wawrinka. Looking at the previous matches between djoko and wawrinka they usually always go the distance – good news for Roger. But having said all the above, I am now reminding myself that djoko plays a day before Roger so he will have an extra day to recover which could be just what he needs – not so good news for Roger.

    1. I think for RF to have to win the tournament, I believe the following match up is best for him provided he get past Roberto:-
      1) Quarter to play Monfils & he has to have long match in the quarter. His endurance is suspect.
      2) Semi to play Cilic. He is a bit inconsistent & mentally not that tough.
      3) Final to play either Andy or Milos. The person I most worried about is Stan. If he beat Milos or Kei, I think he will beat Andy or Novak on Saturday.This year Roger has problem with Stan. Loss to him in Monte Carlo & if Stan wasn’t sick or injured in Wimby he could have beaten him there.

      Ru-an Reply:

      Well if Stan makes the final and Roger is there I’d like Roger’s chances. It’s hard to believe Stan will win two slams while sucking everywhere else aside from MC.

      Vily Reply:

      At this point I’ve seen the game of Murray and Wawrinka and I think that one of them CAN take out Djokovic.. I don’t know. Time will tell.. Btw what an impressive effort from Nishikori. The guy was “supposedly sick” and just wanted to give it a try at the US Open and he just beat Raonic last night in 5.. The guy is for real and a tough guy to beat unless you are on top of his throat and not let go.. That Wawrinka – Nishikori match can go either way as well. Pretty much all matches from now on can go either way. I hope Roger’s match tonight is the only “predictable” result left… It truly is wide open this year.

      Ru-an Reply:

      Yeah I like Nishikori. I always thought he is too small to become a serious danger but he is talented and hits the call hard. Great bh. Gotta like Stan’s chances after Nishikori’s marathon with Raonic though.

    1. Agreed with you either Andy or Stan has a good chance to take Novak out. I hope Kei can knock Stan out to increase Roger chances. So far Stan is flying under the radar; he has the easiest quarter with a bonus of a walkover. He has an up & down year but end of the day, like all sports, it is just the matter of peaking at the right time. Just like Roger did in 2008 US Open finals.

    1. I have a weird feeling that Murray will beat Novak and that we’ll have an exciting Murray Wawrinka Semi-Final. Roger will play either Monfils/ Dimitrov (still haven’t made my mind on who is winning that one) in the QFs and then most likely play Berdych/ Cilic with my preference of Cilic… Then the Final will be Federer vs. Murray or Wawrinka and I see Roger winning it either way. I will be SHOCKED if Novak reaches the final…

      Ru-an Reply:

      ‘I will be SHOCKED if Novak reaches the final…’


      Joe Reply:

      Djokovic’s form seems to be pretty good right now… maybe his conditioning isn’t, though, post-Wimbledon and post-wedding, etc.

      Since Murray got through in straights against Tsonga, I hope he can have a nice long fight against Djokovic next round. And I hope Stan can do the same in the following round if necessary (not assuming too much there I hope – I’d be almost as glad if Nishikori is in his path, as long as he fights like a tiger, which he probably would).

      But I have to admit that I won’t be ‘too’ surprised if Djokovic wins his way to the final at this point … I’d be very pleased if his path to the final weren’t too easy though. :-)

      Vily Reply:

      I don’t know. “Shocked” should really replaced with ANGRY! I mean he wasn’t showing any form after Wimbledon and all of a sudden he turns it on goes on to the final and wins it. Please!

      It could very much still happen but I am putting my money on Murrat. He’s been close and his games suits against Novak especially on faster courts so we’ll see. We should not underestimate Myrray. He’s been close – QFs at Australia – losing to Federer. Semis in Paris – losing to Nadal. QFs at Wimbledon – losing to confident Dimitrov (who lost to Monfils as I actually expected him to) and QFs here so far. I think that if he steals the first set, he can take it. Sooner or later he’ll start to win matches that he has been losing. I still think that if he beats Djokovic, he may still lose to Wawrinka or Federer but I think that he can take Novak. If Novak beats him – I’ll be pretty upset. He has to crack at some point. Wawrinka pushed him to 5 last year so he may beat him too but Murray desperately wants a big win also… I’ll wonder how will Djokovic respond if he goes a set and a break down. I don’t think that he’ll fight his way back..

      As far as Monfils – again I’ve been saying that he’s dangerous. He pushed Novak to a 3rd set tie-break in Toronto and also pushed Roger to 3 sets in Cincy. Obviously fitness is an issue but he’s redlining a lot of shoes and is very good at serving and at returning / a bit like Berdych. So Roger’s gonna have his work cut out for him anyway but I think that if he wants to win the title, he has to beat to those types if players if he’s serious about it.. We’ll see. Hopefully tonight goes smooth as well..

    1. As expected, Cilic went into the fifth set against Simon. It’s a hard matchup for him because he relies much more on placement of his groundstrokes rather than mobility, and Simon is a clever counterpuncher who really punishes you if you put the ball anywhere but exactly in the right spot. Still he came through for his first win in five meetings with Simon. Would love to see him down Berdych, but the Czech is a tough customer. (Although who knows, Thiem could win).

      The Monf bested Dimitrov in straights, I think he’s the only one left in his half of the draw who hasn’t dropped a set. I’ve never seen him play so well–he’s being smart rather than flashy. If Federer comes through, it’ll be a tough match.

      Djokovic-Murray is a hard one to call. Remember, when Murray beat Djokovic here it took five sets and Murray very nearly blew a two-set lead. Murray is surely hungry to win this tournament and if he beats Djokovic he’ll be very confident. But I think Djokovic also has something to prove after his two early losses and he’ll give his all to win. Still I have a feeling Murray might edge it.

      Wawrinka is playing really well and I think he might be back to the form he was in at the beginning of the year. He did well on these courts last year and who knows, he might be able to match or even better his performance.

      But before all that, our man needs to come through his match. So go Roger!

    1. I like your spirit Vily. And I also think it’s odd that Djokovic is suddenly playing so well. He looks as strong as ever – all of a sudden. I’m worried about him in this tournament, and I won’t pretend otherwise. I won’t throw stones, but I’m tempted.

      In any event, Roger came from behind to beat him this year, and I know he can beat him again.

      In the meantime, I hope you’ll have a great time at the Quarters!

      Ru-an Reply:

      Well Djokovic is a classy player Joe. I’m not surprised by his resurgence. Toronto and Cincy was just his wake up call, and he didn’t expend much energy either.

      Joe Reply:

      Hey Ruan,

      In a hurry last night, I still need to send a longer answer to your observation.

      First of all, I’ve never seen Djokovic lack class! Of course I may simply not have seen but I think he has a lot.

      He seems very objective, is always complimentary to his opponent when he loses, and seems to be in tune with himself. Hey – he doesn’t make excuses! He’s one of my three favorite players, along with Roger and DelPo, and maybe in my top two.

      My only issue with Djokovic is something I can’t prove, a suspicion that during AO ’12 he was running like no other tennis player in history. I love how Djokovic goes at Nadal full bore, and if he had some ‘help’ in that tournament I wouldn’t have an issue, because of my firm belief about the other guy.

      But it’s different to think about that when he’s playing Roger, you know?

      But Djokovic is one of the greats, has a lot of class, and is good for the game of tennis. And I hope he has a good result in this tournament – but not the best result!

    1. By the way, Roger looked awesome with the MJ shoes again. I don’t know what it is, but:

      Roger looked OK with the Darth Fed Outfit and the MJ shoes and the white socks.

      He looked better with the Darth Fed Outfit and the black shoes and the black socks.

      Today, I think he looked the best and simply awesome with the Darth Fed Outfit, MJ shoes and the Black Socks.

      I am telling you if Roger wins I’m buying these.

      It accentuated the MJ shoes more and it looked pretty cool actually.

      Another thing that makes me VERY Confident that Roger is getting to the FINAL now is this:

      Regarding Monfils:

      “[After my win in Cincinnati] I know exactly how I need to play him,” Federer told ESPN of the looming Monfils clash. It’s going to be more or less the same conditions. “It’s very clear cut in my opinion. I know I’ll be coming in; he knows he’ll be defending. He’ll be wanting to serve well and play big as well. So we both know what to expect going in.”

      I like that. Now, there is a small chance that they may play during the day in humid conditions but that may actually play in Roger’s hands because Monfils will be exhausted if he loses the first couple of sets and will just throw the towel.

      Also, I was extremely happy about Cilic prevailing today. I think that he can beat Berdych. He did beat him at Wimbledon. Here it will definitely be a long match but if Cilic wins, Roger is in the Final. If Berdych prevails, I think that Roger will win that match also.

      The reason why I believe that to be the case is the following:

      Ever since Roger lost that set to Granollers, he’s playing AWESOME – I mean ultra aggressive and coming to the net. He’s just on fire and “UNHINGED” at the moment. Yes, he’s getting broken but so what. He breaks with ease. He’s creating chances and he closes sets when he needs to with relative ease. He’s playing a lot more care-free.

      And finally, the great conqueror Alexander once said: “Conquer your FEAR and you WILL CONQUER Death!!!

      I think that Roger is playing FEARLESS tennis right now. He’s coming in, aggressive on pretty much every ball with great success. At times, he’s playing out of this world. At times he misses and gets broken. But so what, I LOVE that version Roger right now (Roger 4.0) – I know it won’t last forever but I think that if he plays like this for the remainder of the tournament, he’s winning it No matter who’s across the net.

      Monfils will fall, then Berdych/Cilic and finally Djokovic/Wawrinka/Nishikori/Murray.

      There are only 2 (TWO players) in the world that are capable of taming Roger when he plays like this – NADAL (who’s obviously not playing here) and SIMON (who just lost today). So, I feel awfully good after today.

      I mean just look at how Roger’s moving. Even John McEnroe was in AWE and said that Roger was playing fantastic and he can’t remember seeing him playing so well in years.


      Jiten Reply:

      No, Fed’s quarterfinal match is at night again (why should the TV channels let go this opportunity to maximize their prime-time viewership in US?). Brad Gilbert himself told Federer about the timing of his quarterfinal match during the court-side interview after his match against Agut. So Vily, all the best and I hope you will get to see Fed at his ruthless best in his Darth Fed attire :-) :-) .

      Vily Reply:

      I guess even better then! ;-) Night session! Awesome! Will love to see Roger again! :-)

      veronica Reply:

      Hey Jiten! I know you are a computer wizard! (right?!), hehe! Clouds are rolling in and Sunshine would like a bit of Roger comfort. I can’t find an interview with Hannah Storm where Roger talks about his goals of winning another Wimby and… getting back to no. 1!! Have you seen it, bro? Where can I find it?!! Thanks!

      Jiten Reply:

      It is here:

      veronica Reply:

      Always can count on you, bro!!! Thanks a zillion!

    1. Another great performance from Darth Fed! Sweet! Gosh, Vily, you must be bursting over waiting to watch Roger on Thursday night! Love your run down on how Roger WILL win the tournament, haha! I wouldn’t be too confident about Birdshit though. It’s annoying how his belief goes up few notches when he faces Roger. Roger seems to have a bit of problem handling his pace. He, along with Nadal and Gulbis find Roger’s backhand so well, pin him there and then swoosh a giant forehand. But it would be intriguing how the new Ultra Aggressive and Explosive Roger will play the Shit now! Have never been sold on Grigor. Not surprised he lost. Well, it seems Roger may have to deal with 3 REJUVENATED players if he is to win : Monfils, Berdych and Djoker. These 3 musketeers have chosen the perfect time to wake up from their slumber, don’t they?! Meanwhile, we have enough on our hands already with the first clown on Thurs night. C’mon Darth Fed, may the Force ALWAYS be with you!!!!

      Vily Reply:

      Well, I can see Roger beating Monfils in straights or in 4 sets… after today’s display I grow more confident that he can actually lift the title.

      Berdych is the epitome of the POWER game. However, with the new racquet and the improved serve and volley game Roger is just on another level. I just checked the tournament stats and guess what: Roger is leading the 1st Serve Return Points Won – WhAT?! That means that his return game is peaking right now. That means that Roger can serve a bit more freely because even if he gets broken he can break himself as well.

      In the final, I am not certain that Djokovic will make it. He has to go through both Murray and Wawrinka who are playing great tennis right now. Nishikori is not too shabby either. But if Novak makes it to the final. Great! Roger will slay him also! Enough is enough already! :-) )

      veronica Reply:

      Lol, “enough is enough already”!I am with you on that, Vily; the unfinished business in USO that you and Ru-an were talking about in earlier posts; 2010/2011 semis, 2009 final, 2012 semis and 2013 4th round. I dearly would love one more USO title just to close the chapter of that unfinished business, ha! Roger leading 1st serve return points won, What?! Wow! That definitely is another big reason to believe he can win it all. Djoker’s treacherous path starts now. Murray at least would soften him if not beat him and then Stan (who should win against a tired Kei) most probably would finish him off. But if Djoker could hold off these two, then he’s gonna be tough to beat. Nobody’s talking about it but an All Swiss final is also a probability too! Meanwhile some insane heat is needed from Hot Cilic Pepper to smoke the Big Bird. I will sleep much much better if that happens, haha! And we’ll be waiting with bated breath for your account on the Monfils match!! We are all green with envy, Vily! Enjoy yourself!

    1. Another good win for Fed, but I wish he’d get a day match otherwise it will be Toronto all over again! Good to see Monfis playing tennis and not fooling around. I am not a Dimitrov fan for me although I know he’s a good player it was almost as though he was a copycat of Roger (although I think he’s changed a bit now). I used to think that he must have watched hundreds of Federer matches on Youtube to perfect his play…even to the raquet twirling! But then again so have I and I don’t play tennis. So looking forward to Roger’s next match and hope he will be all in black, C’mon Roger x

      veronica Reply:

      Me too, Elizabeth. I worry about the day transition. But Roger sounded confident and said it would be no problem for him. Fingers crossed! You nervous about Clownfils, Elizabeth?!!

    1. Federer is playing pretty well in every department, but this Monfils will be a test for his ambitions… A much bigger test will wait the swiss in the semifinal, as i predicted Berdych regained his top form out of nowhere, Cilic is playing well but the 4 hours plus battle with Simon is a problem, even with a day rest… Ferrer and Simon were more dangerous players for the czech… Federer hasn’t beat the czech in a slam/best of 5 since ages, he suffers him mentally, of course he can do it, but he needs to avoid his stubborness in trying to beat him with his same power game… Djokovic seems a safe bet for the final as of now, for a 33yo Federer going through both Berdych and Djokovic is one of the most difficult task of his unmatched career…

      Vily Reply:

      For some reason I am not worried about fatigue. If Roger continues to play like this – there are so many possibilities. I mean – he’s attacking and taking the ball so early – in the air! Moving in beautifully, covering the court – I mean even better than at Wimbledon. Maybe his serving was better at Wimbledon but all other aspects of his game are better here… So when Roger plays like this he throws caution and logic out of the window. I know it won’t last forever – but enjoy Roger SuperCharged while it lasts! I was actually shocked when Roger was asked about his goals and he said he wanted to win Wimbledon again. RF – how about the US Open?! Maybe he’s playing it smart until he reaches the semis/ final prior to announcing he wants to take the tournament. :-) But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! ;-)


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