Federer Dispells Silly Rumours via Facebook

Federer Dispells Silly Rumours via Facebook


Above you will find a rumour that was started today about Roger possibly taking off the rest of 2009. I found out about this nonsense earlier today, and although I told myself it was just a rumour, I couldn’t help remembering that Roger’s withdrawal from Shanghai and Tokyo was also just a ‘rumour’ at first. So I was kind of holding my breath until I knew the truth. Bless you Roger for quashing this rumour almost as soon as it was started, I for one appreciate it. And shame on you Yahoo for starting this propaganda! I hate it when the media starts a rumour just to get exposure, while at the same time they just show how little they really care about their readers. After this I would be surprised if any Fedfan pays Yahoo sports any attention again.

Today I didn’t have anything specific I wanted to write about, and for a moment I thought I would write about this rumour. But what would be the point of that? It would just help these people get more exposure and it would put doubt in my readers’ minds. So I am happy to share with you that Roger dispelled this nonsense on his Facebook profile today:

I have been back practicing and training now for some time and all is going well. I feel much better. I am looking forward to playing my hometown tournament in Basel . I have also had a chance to spend some amazing time with my family. Myla and Charlene are doing great. After training yesterday, Mirka and I took them for a walk along Lake Zurich. I am always excited to be back in Switzerland!


How cool is it to be a fan of someone that communicates so well with his fans?! Roger will be back in full force in his hometown tournament, and ain’t nothing stopping him! From what I have heard the Roger Federer Arena will also be done in time for him to be the first to play on it this year in Basel. It must be pretty cool playing in an arena which is named after you while you are still on tour, and it is symbolic of how he has owned that tournament as well. Watch out all other title contenders! It’s nice to see that Roger has spent some quality time with his family, and that should put him in good stead for his three remaining tournaments this season. Other info that I have gotten is that Roger has been back to his usual training spot in Dubai, and a Fedfan on rogerfederer.com actually spotted him in a shopping mall in Dubai with Mirka and the twins.

The fan was respectful enough of Roger not to invade his privacy and just politely said hello. I think that was nice, and it is what I would have done as well. Like we have seen today, Roger is considerate of his fans even when he is not on the tour, and he deserves the same consideration when he is spending time with his family. We excitedly await your return, champ! Ps. Thanks for Doots from AllINeedIsAPicketFence for making me aware of Roger’s facebook post.
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    1. Hey Ru-an, it´s not about tennis but I want to share with you that I´m emancipated,I´m 21 (free from judge´s decisions), it´s great for me. The same day of the month-birth of Roger´s baby twins.Sorry but let me tell you this ,just to enjoy.


      Ru-an Reply: Yay! :D I didnt know how old you were. Really happy for you :D


    1. Rafa seems to have closed in on Rog.Does the Atp masters carry points?and rg cant get points in basel i suppose.So paris and London to look forward to.But Rafa will definitely lose both



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