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Djokovic Cruises Into Monte Carlo Semis, Nadal Battles Past Ferrer

Today’s tennis began with Raonic withdrawing in his match against Berdych after trailing 2-5 in the opening set. Next up was Roger’s conquerer Monfils against Dimitrov. It was yet another poor showing from Dimitrov after getting through the early rounds, getting schooled 6-1, 6-3 by the Frenchman. Monfils is clearly playing well but losing 1 and 3? Pathetic really.

  • Djokovic vs Cilic

Following that disappointing match was the top seed and world number one Djokovic against US Open champion Cilic. The Djoker was looking as sharp and fresh as ever as he served another bagel in the opening set. This looks more like the 2011 version of Djokovic who you may remember served bakery products left and right in a devastating opening run to the season where he went on a 41-match winning streak. In the second set Cilic put up a bit more resistance as Djokovic wrapped it up 6-3.

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It was another impressive display from the world number one who still looks unstoppable. Bageling Cilic would also be the kind of message he wanted to send Nadal before a possible semi-final encounter.

  • Nadal vs Ferrer

This replay of last year’s quarter final was always going to be the match of the day. In the first set it looked like the Nadal of old who had Ferrer on a string as he won it 6-4. In the second set he raced to a 4-1 lead with two breaks and it looked like it would be another short match. Fortunately for the spectators no one fights harder than Ferrer. He clawed his way back to 4-5 and with Nadal serving for the match he broke serve again. He then broke Nadal for a third time in the set as he turned the second set around 7-5.


There is simply no surrender in Ferrer’s vocabulary and for that you have to respect the guy. I get mad at him when he doesn’t have the weapons to defeat Nadal but that is just silly because he gives everything and you can’t expect more than that. Nadal has more powerful ground strokes and the ability to make difficult shots at important junctures, which is what sets him apart from Ferrer. The third set was anything but a schooling because Ferrer kept fighting hard, but Nadal took it 6-2.

  • The Djokodal semi-final

I don’t care about the bottom half. I don’t care about either player and I don’t care who wins. As far as I’m concerned the real final is being played tomorrow between the Djoker and Nadal. The head-to-head is currently 23-19 in Nadal’s favor but Djokovic is on another dominating run in the rivalry as he won 4 of the last 5 five meetings(and 12 of the last 19). So hopefully he can just continue the domination and prevent Nadal from winning a ninth Monte Carlo Masters. Already 19 of his record 27 Masters titles are on clay and that has to stop.

Not to mention that there should be at least one grass Masters to replace a clay Masters. Anyway it should be another interesting encounter. Djokovic must stop Nadal or he almost instantly becomes the favorite to win the French Open again. In fact he probably is already after the Ferrer win. He looked ominous and only Ferrer’s stern refusal to surrender prevented a straight set drubbing. Nadal may still be slightly vulnerable though and if that is the case Djokovic must take full advantage.

Should be a cracker!

The fact that Nadal did not put Ferrer away after being two breaks up in the second set may suggest vulnerability, but like I said Ferrer also deserves a lot of credit for the way he refused to surrender. Djokovic is of course an altogether different animal though. Defeating Nadal on clay is nothing new to him and he is showing no signs of fatigue whatsoever. He possesses the weapons, defense, and mental fortitude that Ferrer does not have. But the main thing is that he does not fear Nadal at all.

When he steps on the court with the Spaniard he backs his own chances. His backhand is so damn solid that Nadal cannot exploit it with his vicious forehand cyclones of death. He also has the serve and forehand to keep Nadal on the back foot on his own serve. And not to be forgotten is his exceptional returns of serve which can put Nadal on the defensive on Nadal’s serve. Djokovic possesses all the tools necessary to disarm and destroy the monster. He is the anti-Nadal like Nadal is the anti-Federer.




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