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Djokovic Bagels Wawrinka to Equal Federer and Edberg for Most Australian Open Finals

Well, it went to five sets as I thought it would but in the end it didn’t meet the expectations. I couldn’t watch the match because the Internet in Thailand was too poor, but looking at the match stats the quality was not what was expected. For both players, the unforced errors by far exceeded the winners. And, of course, Stan faded away in the final set as he got bageled 7-6(1), 3-6, 6-4, 4-6, 6-0 by Djokovic. In a way, I am glad this happened because I would have been even more frustrated with the internet here if it turned out to be another classic. This means the Australian Open, which is my favorite slam these days, turned out to be a bit of a disappointment this year. I’m trying to stay positive, but first Roger lost in the third round, Nadal’s form was poor(not necessarily a bad thing but it kills some of the suspense), neither of the semi-finals was particularly interesting, and now we have a poor match up in the final.

I am trying to believe that the final can be a good match, but since Djokovic and Murray play similar games you have an uninteresting match up. Basically, they just rally from the baseline and run every ball down until someone makes an error or hits a winner. The interesting match ups are always the ones where the opponents have very different games styles, like Roger and Djokovic, Sampras and Agassi, or Borg and Mcenroe. I’m not saying it can’t be a watchable match, and I will watch it myself if my connection allows it. Their 2012 Australian Open semi-final was a good match and their 2012 US Open final went to five sets as well. But it’s not a classic match up. On Sunday Djokovic will, of course, try to win a record fifth Australian Open title which I find kind of exciting by itself. I’m sure that is not the case for most Fedfans, but I think it’s always interesting when a player breaks a big record(unless it’s Nadal).

In fact if Djokovic does it he will have done something that Roger have not done himself, which is to win the most titles at any given slam. Roger is tied for the most slams at three different slams, but he doesn’t hold the record by himself at any of those. And he has come awfully close at holding the record himself at all of them. In Australia, he should have won that final against Nadal in 2009. At Wimbledon, he lost two epic five setters against Nadal and Djokovic. And finally at the US Open he should have won that 2009 final against Del Potro after he was a set and a break up. But if you are Roger you are not gonna complain about having the joint record at three out of the four slams. And maybe he can still get that record by himself at Wimbledon or the US Open which would be the ideal final big achievement. But if Djokovic wins on Sunday he will not hold the record in Melbourne anymore.

Personally I am not too bothered about that but yes I wouldn’t mind if Roger gets the record by himself in London or New York. I think Djokovic is the best player on medium to slow hard court anyway. Roger is the best on hard court overall because he has nine slams on the surface as well as six World Tour Finals titles. I don’t think Djokovic will ever surpass those records but who knows. He still has a long way to go. But I think he will get the record in Melbourne whether this year or not. And let’s face it he deserves it after the way he heroically defeated Nadal in the 2012 final, and in doing so he succeeded in slaying the monster where Roger failed in the 2009 final. I think Murray has a shot tomorrow, but Djokovic is the favorite. Murray has already done well to make the final after a tough year for him, but I think Sunday we will see the emergence of the Australian Open king.