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Hey folks, miss me? I missed you, and tennis of course! I wish you all a happy, prosperous, and healthy new year and that you spent some quality time with your loved ones over Christmas. As for myself I am still having health problems but at least I have finally figured out that it is the dust in my apartment here in Thailand that gives me a dust allergy. So if anyone knows of a place where there is work that is more conducive to health do let me know. But this is not about me this is about Roger’s new 2015 season which should be another very exciting one! Of course he kicks off his 2015 season this coming week in Brisbane where he lost in the final last year to Hewitt. That was a disappointing loss and hopefully he can go one better this year and claim the title. If he does that he will be on 1000 career wins which would be another huge milestone for the GOAT and the ideal way to win his first Brisbane title.

But lets not get too excited too fast. There are many potentially difficult opponents to negate before he can lift the trophy and claim his 83rd career singles title. As a top four seed Roger has a bye in the first round and in the second round he will play the winner of a qualifier and local player Millman, who I don’t know much about. Then Roger could play Simon again who is always a tricky opponent for him. In the semis it looks like there is a good chance of him facing Dimitrov who will be another very tricky opponent. And finally in the final he could face Nishikori who would be the most tricky opponent of them all. So it’s not exactly what you would call an easy draw for an ATP 250 event, but of course that is just his predicted draw and he may not face any of the players I mentioned. Judging from the end of last season you’d like Roger’s chances to win the title here.

He said himself that he is “unbelievably pumped up for this week” which is good to hear at the beginning of 2015. Obviously he wants to get the best start possible to the season and also the best possible preparation for the Australian Open by winning the title. Well it is the beginning of a new season and you are never quite sure what to expect but like I said judging from last year, 2015 could be another big year for the Maestro. With Nadal back I am always a bit hesitant but I have also said that Roger is now better prepared mentally for Nadal. So I am very much looking forward to see what the 2015 season has in store for us. And as usual I am not just referring to Roger but to tennis as a whole. There are many things to look forward to as far as the big four goes alone. As far as Nadal goes he has already kicked off his 2015 season all be it at an exho in Abu Dhabi.

Look who’s back!

There he got bagaled 6-2, 6-0 by Murray in his first match which is always nice to see, but then he beat Stan 7-6(1), 6-3 in the play off for third and fourth place. It is just an exho but I watched the match against Murray and he was giving 100% knowing that it was his first match back after another long layoff, and that he needed to find form fast for Melbourne. He looked rusty as expected but Murray played very well and can be a factor himself in Melbourne. It was nice to see Murray bageling Nadal right after Roger bageled Murray 6-0, 6-1 in London. In the other semi Djokovic schooled Stan 6-1, 6-2 looking mighty impressive himself. He may be the favorite to  reclaim his Australian Open title this year but Roger has a great chance too. Abu Dhabi was just an exho but if it is anything to go by Stan won’t defend his title in Melbourne. I just hope he isn’t back to his poor form after playing so well in London and Lille at the end of last year.

As for Nadal I don’t think he is a favorite in Melbourne but with him you also never know. I have made a decision to stop writing him off because he has proved me wrong so many times in the past. In fact I have him winning two slams this year. I don’t think he will just come back and win the Australian Open, but he will surely win the French again and then probably the US Open too. As far as Roger goes I think his best chances will be at the Australian Open and Wimbledon again to win a slam. Hopefully he can take advantage of the fact that Nadal is not back to his best yet, as well as the inspiration from winning the Davis Cup and go on to win #18 in Melbourne. I would love to see another Djokerer final there. They have never played in the final there and I can imagine that it would be another epic encounter. But first things first. Go win that first title in Brisbane and claim your 1000th match win GOAT!

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  1. First to comment for once!

    On topic: you’re right Ruan, let’s keep it one point at a time just like Roger! I made the mistake during the US Open semis of looking forward and assuming a Novak-Fed final was guaranteed and look what happened. I don’t want to feel disappointed by doing that again.

    Ru-an Reply:
    You are talking about the AO? Already looking too far ahead I see! Haha.
  2. Happy New Year Ru-an and All. Not going to make any predictions but certainly looking forward to the 2015 Season. Wishing Roger a great Tournament and Season. His tennis really is a work of art and genius.

    Ru-an Reply:
    Hi Susan long time since I’ve heard from you. I hope you are well and that 2015 will treat you well. And yes what a privilege to see Roger still delighting us with his magic at age 33.
  3. Ru-an,

    I’ve been thinking about you and I thought – have you tried immigrating to Australia?! It’s one of the best places to live and they have a somewhat very liberal immigration policy. They have a list of professions/ occupations where if you fall in one of those lists you could apply for a permanent residency.. Why don’t you give it a try?

    As far as tennis goes – yeah I am excited. Hopefully Roger can win Brisbane and we’ll go from there! ;-)

    Ru-an Reply:
    Thanks for thinking about me Vily. Yeah I certainly wouldn’t mind living in Australia. In fact it is kind of a goal. Of course the star of my blog Veronica lives in Melbourne too. I certainly wouldn’t mind ending up there and be able to watch the AO every year! And preferably before Roger retires! Haha. I’ll hear what the Ronster has to say about it too.
    Looking forward to another big season from Fed and getting into the trenches of tennis with you guys again. Last year was fun, wasn’t it?
  4. Hey Ru-an!!! Great to hear from you, man! I am also super psyched to get 2015 tennis season started. 2 slams for Rafa this year would be hard to take for me and I hard for him to accomplish. A healthy, confident, attacking Roger has a good chance to battle Djoker for the Aussie. DJoker will be an absolute monster and is DETERMINED to win the French. I think he can do it. US Open is up for grabs for 5 or 6 guys. Wimby is Roger’s. By my count that leaves Rafa with goose eggs. As I have said before I never gamble because I always go with my heart. Sooo, what kind of gig are you looking for? Tell us what to look for. We don’t have a slam here in LA, but Indian Wells is only an hour away and a lot of fun!!! Happy new year. E

    Ru-an Reply:
    Hey Eric, great to hear from you too man. Happy new year. 2015 promises to be one hell of a season with Fed, Djoker, and Nadal all gunning big time for slams. I am not saying Nadal will win two slams but he could. I just learned not to underestimate him because he always proved me wrong. It would be very daft indeed to just keep underestimating him even though he keeps proving me wrong. You are right Djokovic could win the French but after what happened the last few ears and last year especially there is just no way I can back him again. I hope you are right of course but I think this is an especially difficult year to make any predictions.
    As far as work goes I’m not sure myself. Just whatever there is I guess. And yeah I know California is another great place to live. I certainly wouldn’t mind living there either. We could always hook up and go watch IW together. That would be just as epic as watching the AO!
    Ru-an Reply:
    By the way you were right about the air here. There is so much dust and crap in the air that I am sick 24/7. I’m not actually sure how people can live here.

    Eric Reply:
    You’re right, this will be an especially difficult year to make predictions. Might even get Delpo back in the mix. Yep, I am not built for that air either, that’s for sure. Took me two months to fully recoup after the China trip – no kidding. I want to challenge you to voice what kind of gig, job, career, would genuinely excite you. If you go for that and fall short, it’s still pretty damn good. There’s lots of folks that love you here. Maybe if you say something specific it will trigger a helpful thought. Pretty clear you’re a great teacher, does that turn you on? My thing is still going and I have not left the pressure cooker for months. Just trying to stay healthy so I can keep kicking ass, but let me tell you, the big leagues are tough. Trying my very best to be up to the task.

    Ru-an Reply:
    Yeah I thought about it. I’m not sure what my passion is yet. I’m just doing a lot of meditation and spiritual practice and trust that I’ll be shown the way. I’m accessing deeper intelligence because from the ego standpoint I’m pretty helpless. I’m a lot into spiritual stuff if you want to call understanding the nature of reality spiritual stuff. Far as I’m concerned reality can only be expressed in negative terms anyway, as in not this or not that. But I wouldn’t want to be a spiritual teacher or anything before I have become reality myself. I know that I have a lot of knowledge on the subject and that I could probably teach people a lot but like I said I wana live it before I teach it.
    So anyway my options are basically in tennis and English teaching at this point, and I figured they definitely won’t need me as an English teacher in the states. I could probably get back into tennis I dunno. Or maybe I should try English teaching in Japan, as I hear that is pretty good living conditions.
    I was wondering how your thing was doing. Yeah the big leagues are tough. That’s why I don’t worry about outer reality because I believe that is just a projection of your inner reality anyway. When I take care of my inner reality the outer reality will reflect it.
    Ru-an Reply:
    And btw I know you are not really into spiritual stuff so don’t feel like I was trying to give you advice or anything. You work hard and I’m sure it will pay off in some form.
  5. Ruan, I am quite happy for you to give me advice anytime! I can use all the help I can get – haha. And while I grew up in a spirituality-less home, I have great appreciation for what it brings into people’s lives and I continue to make baby steps at deepening my own ability to embrace spirituality. I think it’s no mistake that I married a non-religious but deeply spiritual woman who leads me by example down her beautiful path. Anyway, I certainly believe in taking care of the inside and the outside will manifest itself. And… I do have some good relationships at one local tennis club and will ask if there are any openings. Cheers!

    Ru-an Reply:
    Your wife sounds cool. I consider myself non-religious but deeply spiritual. I also believe in the law of attraction and that you attract into your life what you think about, and that you can create anything you can imagine. But to what end? In the end we lose whatever we gained in life. Therefor my primary concern is finding that which is not transient beyond time and space. Once I wake up into reality then I can still play around in duality, but I won’t lose myself in it.
    The people who read this on a tennis blog will probably think I’m crazy haha. But that’s ok as long as me and you understand each other. As for the tennis club that sounds good. Teaching English here would have helped with teaching tennis as well so maybe I can now kind of combine the two. Let me know.
  6. Ruan, nice to read from you again. Happy new year to you and your readers.
    I read an interview in German and one point might be interesting for you. Roger said that his focus 2015 clearly lies on Wimbledon and the US Open. His further schedule aims to play the best tennis at these 2 majors. If he has a shot at No. 1 again he will see after the Australien Open. Then he will also plan his whole season.
    As for Nadal, you never know as you say. I think that Djokovic will win the missing French Open this year but we better be prepared that Nadal wins 2 slams this year. But since last year I don’t care how many slams Nadal will win in the end because he will NEVER reach Rogers status.

    Ru-an Reply:
    Hi Florian nice to hear from you too. Interesting to hear about Wimby and the USO which makes sense of course since it is the two faster slams and Roger has geared his game toward that a lot of late. I am happy to hear that he is gunning for those two. Even though I said I like his chances at the AO and Wimby his best chances are still probably at Wimby and the USO. As far as Nadal never reaching Roger’s status goes I tend to agree but I’d like to see Roger win another slam.
  7. Hey everyone, Happy New Year!

    2015 has started with a bang. A shock (not so shocking) defeat for Dull in his first competitve match in Doha.

    Logic of course suggests that he is not yet ready to be challenging for the Australian open and if I’m being honest I expect Nadal to be defeated during the early rounds of the Australian open.

    But as we have learned, when it comes to Nadal, we can never write him off. And I certainly won’t.

  8. Personally I would love to see another Djokerer Final in Australia. Knowing history, it probably won’t happen but I would love it if it did with winner takes all! ;-) )) $

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