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It’s time to vote for your favorite photo of Roger of 2009! I know the season is not quite over, and if Roger gets handed the trophy for being year end number one or for winning the Masters Cup, it would make for some more good pics. But I figured since it’s still two weeks before Roger is in action again, and we are starting to get seriously bored, that we might as well do this now. I think this should be a lot of fun and keep us busy for a while. I’m gonna do a poll and after a while I will announce a winner. Most of these pictures are from previous posts of mine and they are courtesy of Zimbio, so thanks to them for their great pictures.


Roger hitting what he called afterwards “The greatest shot I ever hit” against Djokovic in the US Open semi-finals. It wasn’t only a nearly impossible shot that was hit with astonishing pace, but it also brought up match point for Roger. By beating Djokovic Roger took revenge over him for the second time in a short space of time, not to mention that it was in a major. This after Djokovic beat him in devastating fashion in both Miami and Rome earlier in 2009.


This year Darth Fed was back at the US Open in his all black outfit. He may have come up just short in his attempt to win a sixth straight US Open title, but he was looking as intimidating and stylish as ever. Not to mention he has the most beautiful service motion in history…


After losing in disappointing fashion to Tsonga in Montreal, Roger once again silenced the critics by winning his second Masters Series title of the year. In the process he made short work of two players who had given him a big headache this year, Murray and Djokovic.


Awww, this was the first and only photo I am aware of that was taken of Roger, Mirka, and their two twin daughters. After a monumental year this was another monumental moment in Roger’s life.


This photo I have called ‘On the brink of history‘, as it shows Roger playing a forehand return with the scoreboard in the background in the final game of the match. Roger would go on to break Roddick after a titanic struggle to become the first man in history to win fifteen grand slam titles.


The big moment arrives, with the eyes of the whole tennis world looking on. Roddick mishits a forehand after a base line rally and Roger can hardly believe himself what has just happened.


Roger kissing the most coveted trophy in tennis, for the sixth time. It is particularly sweet for several reasons. He lost the trophy the previous year to his arch rival Rafa, and how fitting to break the record of majors titles at his favorite grand slam.

8 )

I like this photo with Sampras now finally in Roger’s background. And I say that with all due respect. I liked the way Sampras handled himself and by his own admittance Roger was now the GOAT.


Roger with the legends, Borg, Sampras and Laver. It was nice to see them all there celebrating this historical day in tennis. When one looks at a GOAT contender one is pretty much looking at these four guys, so nice to see them all together with Roger doing something none of them ever did.


The French Open win was huge for Roger, because after it he would have a very legitimate claim to be the best ever. As long as he did not win the French Open, the critics could always point to that fact. Therefor it was no surprise that he was featured on the cover of probably the most important sports magazine in the world.


Roger is totally overcome with emotion after an epic French Open run. After the exit of the big favorite in the fourth round, Roger had a chance which he simply could not afford to miss out on. This didn’t mean it would be easy. To the contrary, he was virtually a point away from defeat against Tommy Haas in the fourth round, and again in the semi-finals he was under the gun, being down two sets to one at one point against Del Potro. It was a very emotional time, and Roger came through those difficult times in legendary fashion. Therefor when he finally clinched match point, he could not hold back the emotion. On of my favorites.


Even though Roger had won Madrid coming into the French Open, most people felt he still needed a small miracle to ever win the French Open. In 2008 Roger has his worst year since his accent to the top of the game, and 2009 didn’t exactly start very well for him either. Many people was wondering if he would ever win a grand slam again, let alone the French Open. Literally no one expected it, but once Rafa was upset there was always going to be the possibility. This win really confirmed Roger’s return to the top of the game, after he reached a turning point in Madrid. I love this picture. Roger have this big smile on his face with a few drops of rain starting to come down as well, as of to say something really special just happened.


I really like this picture as well. Since the start of 2008 Roger had gone into a slump, and at times he seemed almost like a broken man. After the Wimbledon loss to Rafa in 2008, the Australian Open loss to him in 2009 felt like the final nail in the coffin. After that Roger suffered a series of heart wrenching losses to Djokovic and Murray. It seemed like he had fallen into some dark abyss from which he would not emerge again. For months I was talking about a turning point which Roger needed to reach. For a while I thought it could be when Roger smashed his racket into the ground in Miami, but it wasn’t the case. But when Roger won Madrid, and more importantly beating Rafa in the final, I knew something had changed. It was just the way he played.

He was under big pressure with the crowd acting like a football crowd in support of Rafa, not to mention that it was Rafa’s favorite surface. For the first time in a long time he played with total self belief, and he put in a clinical performance. I loved the way he raised his finger after the match as if to say “I’m back, y’all”. I also like the photo with the dark background and Roger emerging out of it into the light. There is something very symbolic and special about that. As you can see there are many great pictures, and many historic moments. Remember it is not only about the moment that the picture represents, but also the quality of the picture that counts and the way it captured the moment.

It’s a toss up between nr. 11.  nr. 12 and nr. 13 for me, but my vote goes for nr. 12, where Roger holds the French Open trophy. Nr. 13 captures the moment better for me and is more symbolic, while nr.11 is the most emotional. But since the moment is more historical in nr. 12 with the cup, I guess I will go for that. I just like the smile on his face and as I said the rain that started coming down was symbolic of something special as well. It was one of those defining moments, and the picture itself couldn’t be more peRFect. Now it’s your turn. I hope to see many votes for many different pictures. Have fun!

What is your favorite photo of Roger?

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  1. Most will like the earlier pics the most. Very likely, “the shot” photo. But somehow I like the last picture from Madrid the best. The pic has Roger walking from the shades into the sunlight. It pretty much embodies his 2009 season. 2008-early 2009 was the dark times of his career. Madrid was his career turning point. Curiously, this pic is taken in Madrid.


  2. No. 13 is probably my favourite picture of Roger EVER. It totally encapsulates who he is and the fact that he comes out on top all the time despite challenges. It was very appropriate that it was taken during Madrid.


  3. Its hard to pick, all are really good pics. Pic 12 & 13 are my favourite. I love pic 8 too. Thanks again for helping us to recap this wonderful season :-)


  4. Had a hard time, too, picking just one as the favorite….loved Nr. 4 which I picked but must say Nr. 13 is a smash hit, it shows drama in many ways. Phantastic shot.


    Ru-an Reply:

    I agree, 13 is an awesome shot and so is 4. Its close between 12 and 13.


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