Wimbledon 2016 Draw Analysis


Sela-[13] Ferrer

Almagro-Dutra Silva






Bottom Half:

[8]Thiem-F. Mayer
Tursunov –[31]Sousa



Young-L. Mayer
Robert-Del Potro



Del Bonis-Fognini


Hi, everyone. I hope you are as excited as me about the upcoming Championships. The first thing I was looking for in the draw is in whose half Federer fell as he is the third seed and he fell in the top half with Djokovic.

That means we could have a Djokovic vs Federer semi-final as opposed to last year when we had a Murray vs Federer semi-final. Federer’s draw until the semis looks quite easy too but who knows if he will make it given his recent form.

I am also not sure if his back is recovered again. It looks like that has become a big problem for him again recently. We will see how it goes in the first few rounds. Maybe he can gain some momentum and make a strong run to the semis but that seems doubtful at this point.

I wouldn’t mind him making semis because Djokovic vs Federer matches are always entertaining. But, of course, there is no guarantee Djokovic will make semis either. He’s got a pretty tough draw with Kohlschreiber in the fourth round and Raonic in the quarters.

He has the toughest draw of the top four seeds on paper because Raonic is the toughest guy to get in the quarters for a top four seed but fortunately for Djokovic he has only lost one set in seven meetings to Raonic.

He also has Kohlschreiber in the fourth round who is a good grass courter and Federer is a tough draw in the semis but like I said we will have to see what kind of form Federer is in first.

Usually, you would expect Federer to cruise into the semis with this kind of draw but he has not exactly been on fire of late and who knows about the back problem.


In the third quarter, Thiem and Stan are together but Thiem already plays Mayer in the first round who he lost to in Halle. Berdych and Tomic are also there with them who can both do damage on grass.

It’s tough to call what will happen in that quarter. In the fourth quarter, you expect Murray to come through but he has some potential tricky opponents in Kyrgios especially. Gasquet or Tsonga won’t be easy either.

In the end, Djokovic has to be the favorite as he won the last four slams but let’s say he had to play Raonic, an in-form Federer, and Murray in succession then that is a tough draw. As tough as it gets on grass.

But there are question marks around Federer and even if he makes semis it is very doubtful that he will be in top form. We will see. It is too early to predict what will happen. Draws seldom work out the way you expect them too.

And the fact that we don’t know what to expect from Federer adds some suspense to it all as well. You know if he makes it to the semis and is fit then he will be dangerous, so Djokovic’s draw can still be difficult.

That said, he will be on a high after finally silencing the doubters at the French and he will be very difficult to stop on a surface where he now feels very comfortable. He already has three Wimbledon titles under his belt.

  • Federer’s Window to Save His GOAT Claim is Closing

He would love to make it four and close in within one slam of the calendar slam. If that happens we will have an epic conclusion to the slam year at the US Open this year. But let’s face it five slams in a row would already be sick and a new record in any era for tennis.

Djokovic is already the first player in history to hold all four slam titles on three different surfaces and here is yet another chance for him to make history and set himself apart from the other GOAT contenders.

If ever Federer needed to protect his legacy and stop Djokovic it is now. He couldn’t do it the last two years at Wimbledon or at the US Open and Australian Open but he has another shot here.


Djokovic is already in the GOAT debate after completing the career slam and Djoker slam in Paris. If he becomes the first man to win five consecutive slams he will be one step closer. If he wins the calendar slam he will be the GOAT in many people’s book already.

And he would still have many years to justify that status. I think if Djokovic wins the calendar slam and six slams in a row it is going to be hard to deny him the GOAT title. What he is currently doing is already unheard of.

At the current rate, he will be the undisputed GOAT in no time and if Federer ever wanted to save his GOAT claim(which is not undisputed) he must do it now.

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  1. Good read. Good analyzing with full respection to all players. As a Nole fan I wouldn’t think much about YGS. I w’d like Novak totally focus on the Tournament just to win the Wimby Trophy ! No any debat needed.


  2. I don’t think that Federer is happy with so many people jumping on Djokovic’s bandwagon claiming that Djokovic is GOAT and/or BOAT (Sampras, Lloyd etc.). I would love Djokovic-Federer semi.


  3. First thing, winning 5 in a row is not a record in any Era is it? I thought Don Budge won six in a row in the amateur Era right?

    If the Fed-Djokovic semi would materialise it would be interesting to say the least. Fed played 10 semis at Wimbledon and won them all, 10-0 record.


    Ru-an Reply:

    That is correct Eren Don Budge won 6 in a row from 1937-38 in the amateur era. I’m hoping for a Djokerer SF myself. Federer should make it he’s got an easy draw till then.


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