US Open Rd 2: Federer def Sela 6-3, 6-2, 6-2, the Twins Make an Appearance

Unfortunately I couldn’t see much of this match since ESPN doesn’t seem to love Roger very much and my connection is too weak for live streams. But it was nice to see Roger get a good clean win anyway. His first serve percentage was a high 72 % and he won 5/11 break points which isn’t bad either. Maybe the fact that he went for his shots more in the first round is paying off and things came together nicely for him against Sela. The fact that it was a day match meant faster conditions, and also the fact that the rallies are shorter against Sela than Giraldo, causing the balls to fluff up less. I always think that faster conditions favor Roger, although the French Open this year suggests otherwise. Anyway Roger will have another day match tomorrow when he faces Cilic. Cilic easily  disposed of rising star Tomic 6-1, 6-0, 6-2.

Roger have played Cilic twice before and won in straights sets on both occasions. This could be a tough match looking at Cilic’s form. Even though Roger had an easy win it is still hard to predict what is going to happen these days. I’d like to think that Cilic will not bother him too much, but we will have to wait and see. Elsewhere in the draw Del Potro had another straight forward win today and I really hope he can go far. You just can’t depend on Murray to make semis, and even if he does he will surely choke against Nadal. Today Murray was two sets to love down against Haase, but came back and took a 4-0 lead in the fifth. Then Haase came back to 4-4 after some heavy choking by Murray. But in the end Haase just isn’t very strong mentally and he handed the win to Murray. It was a lucky escape for Murray.

Murray’s draw is easy for the next two rounds but I won’t be surprised at all if he loses. I’m just hoping Del Potro can find some form and make semis, or else Nadal will have yet another cakewalk into the final. On another note it was nice to see the twins make an appearance to watch their daddy. They are as adorable as ever, and the one on the right does look an awful lot like Roger.



Roger Federer

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  1. Big hitters always makes me nervous, Roger has to skills to beat them sometimes he is just plain stubborn. This is the final GS stretch here, just go for broke Roger!


  2. Poor Dudi Sela, a nice guy, excellent one-handed backhand, too much respect for Federer. This match was nothing more than a practice. Cilic is going to be a different story. I hope Federer is up to the task like in the recent match against Del-Potro (and not like the Berdych match).


  3. Hope Roger will take care to keep ball low.In form Cilic is a tough but he just has no tools to bother Roger. But the same goes for Berdych and for some reasons last two time Roger ended loosing. I still think that against this guys everything is on Roger’s racquet. As for Nadal he could easily fall apart in each match recently so I wouldn’t bet my money on him to make the final.


  4. A pity you didn´t see Roger´s match,I saw it in ESPN,may be is not the same.Roger played brilliantly,he
    has worked on his second service.
    I feel that it´s Roger´s tournament to win. And he´d be the first man to win at least one slam 9 years in a roll.Good luck Roger!!!


  5. Cilic is very agile and powerful, but he is not as explosive as, say, Berdych. Federer can exploit his relative lack of mobility. Federer’s recent difficulty has been with players who both hit hard and move fast, like Tsonga or Davydenko, were he in form.

    Federer will have to be at the top of his game to handle Cilic, who seems very confident. Last year at AO Cilic beat a lot of top players in tough five-setters and this could easily go five if Federer isn’t focused from the get-go.

    Mahut (perhaps unjustly remembered for his defeat to Isner in the longest-ever tennis match) retired against Nadal. The Spaniard is getting a real cakewalk through the early rounds. I think he won’t be troubled till the semis.


    marron Reply:

    The Spaniard may be getting a cakewalk, but Fed and Joker have had some ease fall their way as well. Lots of injuries and retirements going on.

    Seems a bit silly for some around here to be worried about Cilic. Roger’s going to eat him for a snack.


  6. Oh no! Ten Sports here wasn’t showing Roger’s match either – apparently showing the stupid boring Petkovic match was more important. I hope Mirka brings the kids again today, they’re so adorable and I want to see them!!
    As for Roger, from the little bit of the match they showed yesterday, it seems like he played better and more consistently than he did in his first round. Too soon to start hoping for miracles though.


  7. Well, Roger took care of Cilic in 4 sets. He played a very clever strategic match, displaying his full array of shots at just the right moments to throw the big man off balance.
    And how about those twins! Very adorable. It would not surprise me at all if they storm the gates of women’s tennis in fifteen years and outdo the Williams sisters.


  8. Thanks Roger for pulling through. Federer struggled a little in the second set and came back in the third and fourth set. I have much faith in him and even if he doesn’t win, he has more courage than anyone else for putting himself out there. Federer may not be the fastest or the youngest now but he will always be the most accomplished and skilled. I like the way Annacone looked at Federer today like a coach that coudn’t ask for more from a great champion. I’m sorry if I sound dramatic but I’m proud of Roger.


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