US Open Rd 1: Federer def Young 6-3, 6-2, 6-4

As expected a routine win for the GOAT. I expected Roger to open the bakery against Young actually, but it was just the first round and he did what needed to be done. I didn’t get to watch the match but I now have cable and should be able to see some tennis for a change. But from what I heard Roger was sweating quite a lot, something you don’t see often from him. And of course like clockwork some Fedfans would claim that he is sick. Probably it was just humid. Where I live in the US Monday was a particularly humid day since we had a lot of rain over the weekend. So probably it was the same in New York.

Roger made a high 70% of first serves. He continued his impressive net play by winning 19/23 points in the fore court. Attacking the net is something that pays off on the faster courts of Cincy, but Roger needs to keep it up in New York. I’m not sure what the court speed is like, but being offensive sure won’t hurt his chances to win the title. Roger’s winner to unforced error ratio was 27-24, which shows that he wasn’t quite at his best. He didn’t need to be. There are six matches left if he wants to win the title and he needs to peak at the right time, which of course he is a master at. Roger next faces Phau, who he leads 2-1 in the head-to-head and lost his first match against.

That first match was all the way back in 1999 though, and doesn’t have any baring on their next match. Roger should win easily in straight sets. Djokovic was pretty impressive as he only allowed Lorenzi two games. He did the same thing against Lorenzi at the Australian Open though, and obviously Lorenzi doesn’t have much faith in himself against Djokovic after that match. Murray beat Bogomolov easily but from what I hear it was terrible tennis. Murray is already showing signs of weakness it seems. I don’t think he will make semis. He plays against Dodig tonight which could be interesting if Dodig plays well.

Berdych also won in straight sets and I think him and Roger is on course for a quarter final meeting. We know how dangerous Berdych can be. He has been struggling of late but made the final of Winston Salem and lost in the third set breaker to Isner. He may just have found some form right in time for the final slam of the year. But before that Roger has Fish to deal with in the fourth round. Roger should get through his first three matches without dropping a set. He has to try and do the same against Fish. Berdych at his best is a tough customer and can take a set off Roger for sure. The main goal is to conserve energy for a possible meeting with Murray in the semis.

Because of Stupid Saturday Roger can’t afford to be drained for the final on Sunday. Murray may not make semis but Roger needs to conserve energy anyway. At age 31 he will make it difficult for himself if he plays five sets in the semis against Murray and then have to face Djokovic in the final. One match at a time though.

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  1. It’s a good match for Roger, he did enough to win. As usual, he is pacing himself, conserving energy for 2nd week. I am still scratching my head why Americans liked the idea super sat. As for Mugray, will be interesting to watch how far he can go…still not impressive enough.


  2. Thanks Ruan, good post, short but very informative. I have a lot of new perspectives about Fed and US open 2012. I also think Murray won’t be able to reach semis, and I really sick to read over and over again about how his win over Fed in Olympic semis was become such a big deal (Man, it took Del Porto and stupid Olympic no-5th-set-tie-break and Murray to beat Fed in Olympic stupid final).

    I think if Fed meet Fish in the 4th round, he will lose at least one set. Fish play very solid in Cinci especially in 2nd set again Fed, that I had strange feeling that if Fish win the 2nd set tie break, the outcome of the match would be entirely different. But if Roger can manage to win, I don’t think Berdych would not be a problem should Fed meet him in QF.

    Yes, the stupid Saturday could be his worst enemy. I’m afraid what happen in Olympic could repeat if Fed was exhausted in semis. But I hope Fed will win his 18th GS title, and I think he had a very good chance with his performance lately (especially in Cinci).

    Keep the good work Ruan, waiting for your next post.


  3. Hi Ruan.Good post as usual.Roger did what he needed to do so a satisfying performance from the SWISS MAESTRO.Can you or anyone plse tell me why the USOPEN is scheduling absurdly.David Ferrer did not have a day to rest between his first and second round matches while Federer gets a useless 2 day break at the start when he needs to have all the energy at the fag end of the tournament.Why did Ferrer play outside his bracket(the bottom half should play on even days right?)


    Vasco Reply:


    don’t know for sure but I’m guessing the Ferrer case has something to due with the rain that messed up even more the already messy schedule… I agree with you about the 2 days of rest Fed had… totally pointless…. This has to be the worst slam when it comes to shceduling… 2 days rest between 1st and 2nd round but no rest day between semis and the final… WTF!! a totally brainless, money/TV audience driven schedule…


  4. I think if Roger gets to the semis with only dropping a set, he’ll have plenty left in the tank for Murray and Djokovic. He beat them both at Wimbledon after he went through two straight exhausting matches vs Benneteau and Malisse. I don’t think a semi with Andy would be over 4 hours, but that is just because I think if they meet, Fed wins in 4 sets, much like the 2008 semi vs Djokovic (almost same circumstances too, as then Nole beat Fed at the AO).
    We must remember that the Olympics was a unique situation. Fed played 4 and a half hours, which yes, could happen vs Andy, but mentally and emotionally is where he got drained the most. He had to hold serve so many times just to stay in the match and once he won it, he knew a medal was guaranteed. This will be an entirely different situation as he wants his 18th major right here in a week and a half and if he must go through Murray and Djokovic, he will.


  5. Nice summation, Ruan. Yeah, I really don’t think Roger is sick, it’s just extremely humid in NY. As for play, I think Roger is in great form. Obviously he hasn’t been in JesusFed mode yet, but there’s no need to go for all your shots in the opening rounds. He was broken against Young in the 1st round, but eh, it was just a little loss of focus. He’s also made some pretty entertaining shots, which is great for the NY crowd, and especially at night. He also hasn’t lost a set, so a completely different story from the RG opening rounds, and it’s looking promising for Roger, I’d say.

    As for the other players, Djokovic and Berdych look good. Murray wasn’t consistent in his opening round, but he hasn’t been consistent since the Olympic Games, so I really don’t expect much from him. He’ll probably play Raonic in the round of 16, and I really think he’s going to lose energy over that, so if he doesn’t lose to Raonic, he might lose in the quarters from lack of consistency and fatigue. But, Tsonga also lost today, so he won’t meet with him in the quarters.

    It’s going to be pretty interesting to see how it plays out. So many surprises, for sure.


  6. On a sad note, Andy Roddick is retiring at the conclusion of his current US Open campaign. I just hope that in this US Open, he can go deep and make this a memorable tournament.

    I always love his blunt honesty and acid sense of humor. He always puts everything out, total honesty that sometimes sound quite naive, his emotions, never pretends what he feels about something and just say it outloud, be it ridiculous or fun… such an entertaining player. I always hoped he could win one more slam, but it wasn’t meant to be.

    It’s worth pointing out that all players of his generation bar Roger have all faded/retired. Safin gone in 2009, Hewitt no longer a top competitor. This just highlights how lucky we are as Fedfans.

    So long, Andy… you will be missed and will always be remembered!


    Kyle Reply:

    Yep, most of Fed’s contemporaries are retired or nearing the end. Safin, Moya, Ljubicic, Gonzalez, Roddick … and soon Blake, Hewitt, Haas, Nalbandian, Davydenko….


  7. So I’m just watching the match last night, and the backhand flying smash got me out of my seat. Just awesome. Goodness, he’s on. G


    Kyle Reply:

    And there were two of them!


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