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I updated my ‘About’ page if you want to check it out. I’m gonna repeat some things I said there because not everyone will be reading it. In my last two posts I have debunked all Roger’s critics, and in this post I will take it a step further by focusing on the media. Personally I don’t pay much attention to what the so called tennis experts write. There are some writers that I respect, and then there are some others for whom I have no respect. But I am aware of the power that the media holds, and I can’t say that I am impressed with how they have used(or abused) that power. Importantly though, the media writes whatever people read the most. Because of that they are not the only guilty ones. If the media writes trash and thousands of people read it, the people are just as guilty.

Take for example Peter Bodo. I haven’t read much of his stuff, maybe one or two articles. But what I saw was quite disappointing after everything I’ve heard about him. The one article I read was his predictions for the French Open. He said that Albert Montanes would make the semi-finals, yet he lost in the first round. He pretty much said Roger was over the hill, and that Djokovic would take him out in the semi’s should he get there. But actually he said Roger would lose before the semi’s to Mathieu or maybe even in the first round! He also said Rafa is the clear favorite. Everyone knows what transpired thereafter of course.  Djokovic lost in the second round, Rafa in the fourth, and Roger won the tournament. LOL! How anyone still reads his rubbish is beyond me. And that is not all.

We are talking about a guy who is a well known tennis writer. He has thousands of readers and gets hundreds of comments after a post like that. Now lets look at me for contrast. In the bracket of the French Open draw that Montanes was, I predicted Gonzalez would make the semi’s, which turned out to be correct. After Roger won Madrid I also predicted he would win the French Open, which again turned out to be correct. I didn’t predict that Rafa and Djokovic would go out as early as they did, but I don’t think anyone foresaw that. I don’t say these things to gloat. I’m trying to make a point, which is that despite all of this I only have a fraction of the amount of readers that Bodo has. And again I couldn’t care less. When it comes to writing trash and getting a lot of gossipy readers or writing the truth and only having a few authentic readers, it’s a very easy choice for me.

I love my readers and I love writing this blog. Another example. As if it wasn’t enough that Bodo got his mouth shut by Roger winning the French, he was once again onto Roger at the start of Wimbledon for the way he dresses. Is this guy a bitter hater or what? Soap opera stuff! Yuck. Yet there are people feasting their eyes on this rubbish, they love the gossip and criticizing someone who is a great champion and a great man. And why does Bodo continue writing this crap? Because people love it! It’s pathetic but it’s true. Another great example is Michael Jackson. The media turned this beautiful soul and fighter for peace into a child molester. So much so that he had to build a thick wall around himself for protection, to the point that even close friends could not reach him anymore, which contributed greatly to his death.

It’s very sad, but this is what the media does. It builds up the false idols and tears down the real ones. The fact that Roger has been the target of so much criticism of late is a clear sign to me that he is doing something right. In a recent poll I took, 16 people said Roger does not get the recognition he deserves and 9 said he does. Also from the comments I received from American readers and reading and listening to some American writers and commentators, I think it’s safe to say that there is definitely a lack of credit given to Roger where it’s due. Why do they fight against the inevitable? It does two things, it reflects badly on them and it means they are in for more pain. It can’t be fun being American and not liking Roger.

He has won the US Open 5 straight times now, something that has never been done in the open era. And he will probably go on to win it again this year. Resistance is futile. Roger will win whatever he wants, wherever he wants, whenever he wants, and he will do so in a graceful and humble fashion. Why not accept it and enjoy? It’s so much more fun! Even if you don’t like Roger himself, which is hard to fathom in itself, why not enjoy what he is doing? It’s something that has never been done and it’s a triumph for humankind. But I guess it’s human nature to lift up the fake idols, and tear down the authentic ones. To come back to Peter Bodo, the guy has one thing in his favor, which is that he writes well.

But since when is writing well more important then writing sense? Doesn’t integrity mean anything in journalism? I guess this points to a fundamental flaw in society. It seems to me that in society fame and fortune comes before integrity and happiness. It doesn’t matter how you gain those things, but as long as you do, everything will be OK. Or so you tell yourself. But you couldn’t be more wrong. In the end you have to live with yourself, and if you can’t do so with happiness and integrity you are nothing. Your whole life is a meaningless farce. This is where the media and society have gotten things so wrong. Instead of going for the objective first, they go after the things which they think will provide them with the objective.

They think by gaining fame and fortune they will be happy and have integrity, but it’s the other way around. First you have happiness and integrity inside, and then you gain all those outer things. The outer things are not what matter in the end, but being happy and having certain values does. And no one is a better example of this then Roger himself. When asked if he will have problems with motivation after all the fame and fortune he has achieved, he simply said that he was never in it for those things in the first place. He plays tennis for the love of the game, so motivation will never be a problem for him as long as he enjoys the game. He has strong values and he does not get sidetracked by breaking records, fame and fortune. He doesn’t need any more money, he doesn’t need any more fame, he has it all.

He continues because he loves the game and it makes him happy to play tennis. Clearly he has a huge amount of integrity and values. And I love him for it. In a world full of so much shallowness and false idols, here is a guy that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Here is a guy with class and integrity. His genius is undeniable, and so is his authenticity as a human being. Lets celebrate this remarkable individual, and stop this meaningless gossip and criticism once and for all.

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  1. Since I was a lit major when I went to college, Peter Bodo is OK as a writer. He can be wordy at times, but it seems like all bloggers are TOO WORDY (me included). Blogs give too much freedom to ANYONE to say their opinion. In the case of Roger, the media just seem to go “all out” with their opinion. It is worst enough that I notice that they try to look into their crystal balls and predict who will win EVERY match and every tournament, but they realize that the sports biggest star does not have a “rock and roll” lifestyle or image. He’s respectful, humble and a family man, and has a good image. Here in America, athletes are seen as “pop stars” living this fabolous life, but are either “good guys” or “thugs”. Some of the most popular athletes here are Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods and Tom Brady. In tennis, the top guys who gets all the coverage is Andy Roddick (since he married a supermodel, even more play from biased media), Rafael Nadal (hard-working and his girlfiend is pretty too), Djokovic (funny and talented) and Andy Murray (the US/UK are basically cousins). It is sad that the media and society in particular loves to see the “DETHRONING OF THE KING”. It seems like in people’s nature to bring someone down due to their emptyness. Sports are vital to life, and supposed to be enjoyed (It doesn’t hurt to succeed and profit from it though)


    Ru-an Reply:

    Well what do you think about my writing style? I guess i keep it pretty basic since i am not actually english. But i am also an analyst and not a storyteller. Maybe i am not wordy enough? Either way maybe i dont get as much readers as some of the oher blogs since i mostly write about just one tennis player. For me its well worth it though, and considering he is one of the biggest sport stars ever i should be able to get a lot of readers. But quantity of readers is not everything, like i said its more about integrity and honesty. I enjoy my writing and i sure wouldnt enjoy spreading gossip for more readers. Its not me.

    About the rock star image, that is fine, but i actually like the fact that Roger for instance dont date a supermodel or actress. To me going against the norm is in a way being a rock star. It would be boring if he was like Roddick who dates a model, i wouldnt like him as much.

    What is your blog link?


    Denise Reply:

    Oh, I don’t have a blog (yet). I am new to blogs. This is the first time that I am really expressing my thoughts and feelings.


  2. There is no doubt in my mind that Roger´s victory at Wimbledon cemented him as the greatest player of this generation. In spite of having won more slam titles than anyone else, this should silence the critics and naysayers hopefully for once and for all.
    The media still find it rather hard to digest the reality.
    As a reader i enjoy your blog and you are a good tennis analyst, be sure, you have to believe in yourself…


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks, thats true :-)


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