The Anti-Federer

I found this video thanks to Dootsiez on Twitter, and I couldn’t resist making it into a post. Andy Murray has all the qualities of the anti-Federer(or anti-Christ?). He is arrogant, insensitive, childish and egotistic, all the opposite qualities we have come to admire about Roger. I know some have said that Roger is arrogant, but these people are mostly blinded by their hate and they don’t see that honesty and confidence is not the same thing as arrogance. So for anyone who was still having any doubts, the following video nicely differentiates between arrogance and confidence. Murray ignores the ball boy and makes sure that he feels like less than nothing. Can you imagine Roger doing such a thing? I didn’t think so…

Ps. There is something funny about this video no doubt, but that doesn’t make what Murray did right.

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  1. Terrible. I never even expected Murray , or any other player to behave this way. I remember Agassi and Federer as the most courteous players when it comes to behaving.


  2. Oh, c’mon. It was deuce in the second set and he was focusing on on getting a break. Why was the ball boy standing there when Murray didn’t go for the towel?

    Just because Fed-haters are irrational, it doesn’t mean Fed-lovers need to get that way as well.


    kc Reply:

    Just goes to show that he is grumpy!


  3. I don’t like murray at all but in this video, there is no reason to hate from him. he had concentrated to the game.


    Ru-an Reply:

    I guess its perception then.


  4. Federer lost to Davydenko .Man this is BAD .Rogers dip in form i am hoping its not the back again.I saw the match and it was close in the end.Roger had a break at 5-6 30-40 on davy’s serve but failed to convert.Is roger in decline


    denise Reply:

    few losses doesn’t mean someone is in decline…..he had a rough 2008 and was demoted to nos 2….yes 2!’s not as if he was demoted outside the top ten!Then he came back on top this year and is nos 1 again where he really belongs.SO if and whenever Roger will be in decline, rest assured that he wont fall out of the top spot just like that.Nadal,Djokovic,Murray ,Roddick and Davydenko maintained their rankings for many years so i dont think Rogers ranking is in any danger.


    Irock Reply:

    Sorry i might have been wrong.rafa is in decline(having lost all matches in straight sets .At least roger didn’t lose in straight sets.But he’s not getting the 1st set which puts pressure on him.I hope he bounces back


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