Stockholm F: Roger Federer def Florian Mayer 6-4, 6-3 to Win 64th Career Title!

Congrats GOAT! Really happy Roger won this title. He was always going to be the favorite to win this, which adds extra pressure. Roger is now tied with Sampras on 64 career titles and 4th on the all time list. As long as he passes Sampras I’m happy. Passing Mcenroe, Lendl, and Connors is not important since Roger is so much better than any of those players anyway. Roger may even pass Sampras before the end of the year. You would think there is a good chance with Basel, Paris, and London coming up. I don’t know which of the other top players will be at Basel, but Roger will have an excellent chance of reclaiming his title there nonetheless. Hopefully Djokovic will be there in the final again so Roger can take revenge for last year. Since Wimbledon Roger’s results looks like this: final, win, semi-final, final, win.

That is a 22-3 win/loss record. Not bad at all since he started working with Annacone. When the US hard court season started I would have taken the results up until now any day. The Stockholm title may have been a small one, but it is another step for Roger towards getting back to where he was at the Australian Open this year. He now has a week off after which he will be a big favorite to win Basel. It would also be great if he can make a deep run in Paris and the Masters Cup. As far as the match today goes, it was a pretty good one. As per custom Roger dropped serve in the opening set when missing two regulation forehands at 3-3. At least he broke right back and broke Mayer again in the 10th game with some very nice chip-and-charge play, something I’m sure him and Annacone has worked on.

Bite that Rafa (Source)

In the opening game of the second set he held serve to win a 4th consecutive game. Those four games were pretty much the key to the match. He broke serve again in the 6th game of the second set, and held on for a for a famous win. Mayer played an unorthodox style which reminded me a lot of Fabrice Santoro. He changed the pace and spins up a lot and hit several drop shots and volleys. It made for good viewing because we all know Roger can play that game too. He responded with some brilliant drop shots and touches of his own. In the end Roger was always going to have too much game for Mayer, who has no substantial weapons of his own aside from his court craft. This takes Roger to three title for 2010 now, and one would think that he will add at the very least one more title. But I hope he can add two more, which would give him five titles for the season and a very strong finish to the year. Who knows, he may even win three more titles.

“Early on, I think that feeling of wanting to prove yourself to the world and all the doubters is a very strong one, so you’re very aggressive in your ways of winning and not enjoying them,” Federer said. “Today it’s much more of the enjoyment part because I don’t need to prove myself to anyone anymore, except to myself.”


Roger Federer

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  1. Really a competitive match.It was a lovely tournament with great matches.Roger becoming the fifth man and the first since Sampras to win 50 matches in nine straight
    years, impressive record.
    The media can play whatever games they like but they aren´t reflecting what people think.Roger is beloved and true ambassador.All was so organized so nice the ceremony and how much the Swedes loves Roger.He deserves all the love he receives in return.
    The sweedes have great love for his stars, last year I
    went to Stock. and in the airport there are big pictures of Borg and Wilanders, their idols, not the same for Roger in Swizerland.
    Congratulations for Thomas and Jonas, way to go Roger!!!


  2. Congrats to Federer! Good to see him so cheerful and relaxed during the award ceremony.

    Like he said, you never know when it’s going to be your last title, so you have to savor it when you have the opportunity. (Not that this one will be the last, but still it’s important to take time and appreciate things while they last).


  3. Congrats Rog! Well done, champ! How we miss seeing you lift silverware! Mayer is a very good player. Good match. Good atmosphere. Very well organised. Like the commentator too. The Swedes adore Rog. It is so good that after 10 year absence, Rog felt he owed it to the Swedes, he made a last minute decision (which not many fans support the decision) and he won the tournament! Can’t get any more perfect! I love the quote where he said he has no one to prove to anymore except himself. Wins to Rog mean more now than before and he savours every win. So good to see him have a chance at truly enjoying a win. I’m dreaming Rog holding WTF cup in his hands already! Thanks Ru-an for posting all the matches.


  4. Ruan, this is off topic but I would just want to ask for your comments. I bought quite a few dvd’s of Rog’s old matches. I just finished watching the round of 16, 2001 Wimbledon championships where Rog defeated Pete Sampras. I was shocked to see Rog serving and volleying all the way! I’m a late Rog fan so I don’t know much about his game when he first started. For the whole of that match, Pete and Rog were basically serving and volleying or passing each other! There were hardly any rallies. It’s so strange to see Rog playing this type of game. So,Ru-an, was Rog a serve and volley player initially?


    Ru-an Reply:

    No, this was just the way the Wimbledon courts used to play. Since then it has considerably slowed down which is why there arent any serve-and-volley specialists around anymore. Its a bit sad because its doubtful whether Nadal would have won anything on those courts. That match shows what a competent volleyer Roger really is, which is why i thought he neglected his net game since those days.


    Veronica Reply:

    Thanks Ru-an for the explanation. Yah, its kinda really sad that the courts are so different now and we hardly see serve and volley anymore. Yah, Rog has definitely neglected his net game and lost a lot of his competency at it. Although he’s a much better volleyer than most players, he is definitely not as competent, as quick and as confident approaching the net as before. I can’t help thinking if he had kept in touch with this part of his game despite the game evolving into baseline rallies, he maybe would have been even more formidable, dominating and intimidating. Agree also that Nadal would have found it quite a challenge if the courts were like before.


  5. An interesting story:

    In an interview with Belgian newspaper La Derniere Heure, the retiring Christophe Rochus has said he believes doping takes place in tennis and that he “would not be against” the legalization of performance-enhancing drugs.

    “There’s a lot of cheating. Simply, people don’t like to talk about it,” he said. “I simply would like to stop the pretending. This hypocrisy is exasperating…”

    “…I’ve seen things like everyone else. For me, it’s inconceivable to play for five hours in the sun and come back like a rabbit the next day,” he said.

    …Rochus also addressed past speculation that some sort of doping suspension was behind Justine Henin’s sudden retirement in May 2008, from which she returned approximately 18 months. A standard doping suspension is two years.

    “I heard [the rumours] like you,” he said. All I can say is, I found it surprising, her sudden stop without apparent reason. Usually, champions like this announce several months in advance and do a sort of farewell tour.”


    Ru-an Reply:

    Yes i saw that.


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