Sampras Tips Federer to Win Wimbledon

In the above link you will find the article where Pete Sampras tips Roger to win Wimbledon this year. I don’t know if Sampras is saying this because of Roger’s win over Rafa in Madrid. But either way it is nice to see and Pete has always made it clear that he thinks Roger will break his grand slam record. I recently read somewhere that Pete said Fed will win 19 grand slam titles. I think many people would have considered that as a possibility when Roger was so dominant including myself. I tend to agree with Pete, I think if Roger plays against Rafa anything like the way he did in Madrid he will Wimbledon without any problems. But first the French Open will give us a good indication of what is going on and for me it would be easier to make a prediction based on how Roger fares there.

Update: You can follow Roger on Facebook HERE if you are not already doing so. I just found out about it yesterday and it’s nice because Roger does updates almost every day on what he is up to. For instance he is now in Paris preparing for the French Open and he is playing an exhibition match today against his friend and compatriot Stanislas Wawrinka. It’s really cool! :-)

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