Rome Final: Djokovic Loses to Nadal, Falls to nr. 4 in the Rankings

Hardly any surprise today as Djokovic got beaten in straight sets in the Rome final 7-6(2), 6-2. This also means he loses the number 3 spot in the rankings to Andy Murray on May 11. He had to win to hold on to the number 3 spot but he was always going to be up against it. In Monte Carlo Rafa played a bad match by his own high standards and lost a set 6-2 to Djokovic. After that match Djokovic said in the press that he thinks he has a real shot at beating Rafa. So much for arrogance. Today the first set was competitive, but the second set was destruction. Djokovic was broken in the first set but broke back to force a tie break. In the tie break it was one way traffic though, and after that it was all over for Djokovic.

This all comes after Djokovic was banging his chest after getting a fluke win over Roger in the semi-finals. More proof that it was an unnecessary gesture, as the scoreline in the final isn’t exactly something to write home about. Makes me wonder what this Djokovic is made of. I always liked his game and thought his impersonations of other players was funny. I saw a lot of criticism of him on Men’s Tennis Forum but thought these people was exaggerating. But after the way he reacted against Roger I now understand what they were talking about. You obviously don’t have much respect for the game when you beat a tennis legend because he is mentally broken and then bang your chest and act like you are a legend.

One of my readers even suggested I start a Djokovic hate blog. And it’s not like I will be short of material. After Djokovic beat Roger at the Australian Open in 2008 when Roger had monocluosis Djokovic’s mother infamously declared: “The king is dead, long the the (new) king”. Then last year in New York at the US Open Djokovic infuriated the crowd after beating the New York favorite Andy Roddick. Before their quarter final match Roddick made light of the fact that Djokovic kept getting injured and calling the trainer (Djokovic is known for not being up to standard fitness wise). So after beating Roddick he did the whole chest banging thing again and made a sarcastic remark towards the crowd in the post match interview. Not smart.

Anyhow he got clobbered in the next round by Roger so he got what he deserved. It won’t be worth my time to start a Djokovic bashing website but I will leave you with a quote from a poster at Men’s Tennis Forum and you can decide for yourself what to make of it:

this djokovic is the luckiest sook on earth, he gets the easiest drawas, faces an out of form fed, gets help from rain, faces a tired nadal in the final, he trully is a rubbish man, he cleans up trophies through the problemms of others.he is a scavenger, cleans up the dirt when the big boys falter by themselves. djokovic is a mindless, clueless and brainless ballbasher with no talent, he has to rely on injuries, tiredness, choking and out of form play by others to win anything. the guy has no class, no sportsmanship, not a nice cell in his body, extremely arrogant beyond belief, disrespects people that do well like federer and nadal. once he go angry at a baby in the stands for crying between points, i guess when ur a hillbilly redneck having been raised by 2 utterly classless parents, their kid has no hope either of being a decent human being.

class is something roger and rafa have that djokovic will just never ever have.i hope roger and rafa expose this djokovic and his family to the entire sporting world so the sporting world can hate their guts as well. its a real shame for world sport that a good person like roger had to lose to such a nasty person like djokovic, trully a sad day in the sporting world.

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  1. The above quotation from has this Djokovic guy well described. From the beginning when I watched him play tennis, there was something about him I totally disliked, he is an unpolished, arrogant person. No class whatsoever, heaven help us should he become a #1.


  2. I found the quotation to be good comic relief after the way Djokovic reacted after the match actually. I couldn’t help laughing. If you look through that thread you will see the same poster made about 10 other comments insulting Djokovic. It was very insulting posts but I couldn’t help but feel there was so much truth to it.


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