Roger Federer to Face John Isner in Second Round of Shanghai

As expected, Isner won his first round match against Kubot, but he had to save 7 match points in the process, winning 4-6, 7-6(9), 7-6(7). That must have taken around three hours to complete, so maybe that means Isner will be just slightly tired. Either way Roger must be the favorite to win this match. Isner is mostly a big serve so Roger should have too much game for him. Having said that, it’s his first match back since the US Open and it won’t be easy. We’ll just have to wait and see. In the mean time Roger did an interview and answered some fan questions in China. You will see the interview is cut off on the Shanghai website, but you can find it on if you want to read it. The fan questions is in Chinese and the Google translation isn’t very good either, but you can find it on as well, where Scarlett has translated it.

It seems Roger and Annacone isn’t working together on a full time basis. Not yet anyway. Luthi will go to Stockholm, Basil and Paris with Roger. I was hoping Annacone could be with Roger full time now. I just think if he is going to make a change then he may as well do it completely. I doubt Luthi has much more to offer Roger. I think he needs to be with Annacone full time and make a drastic change. One of the Chinese fans asked him about it as well:

Q: As a top world athlete, what kind of change your new coach Annacone brought to you? At your age, perhaps it’s unlikely that you are going to reinvent your strategy, so what type of direction your coach is giving you on stretegy part? And what kind of effect it has on you mentally?

You are already the GOAT, how much motivation of winning a title do you have? Where is that motivation coming from?

回答A:Paul is a very nice guy and he’s very calm and has experience as a player as well as a coach. It is good to hear a different, fresh opinion on how I need to handle myself both from a tactical and a mental standpoint.

Of course, if I did not have the motivation, I would not be playing.


The questioner says that it’s unlikely Roger will reinvent his strategy at his age. But why not? That is the whole idea of getting Annacone. The old wasn’t working anymore and the new must obliterate it. There is no point in going halfway. That is why I think he should do away with Luthi and hire Annacone full time. The old must make way for the new if there is going to be a real change. Sure Roger is older now, but we have already said that he has the ability to transform himself just because he is so talented. Maybe he is working towards a full time thing with Annacone anyway. I hope so. I’d really like to see Roger reinvent himself and reclaim some of his former domination. Maybe he can already do some domination towards the end of the year. If he can win one or two events towards the end of the year or even the Masters Cup, this will still turn out to be a pretty good year.

Any year that you win a slam is not a bad year anyway. Roger friend Stan Wawrinka had a good win yesterday against Giles Simon, and will now play against Nadal. That should be another interesting match up. Stan has been playing well of late so the upset will be a possibility. Both Roger ans Nadal have tough matches then tomorrow. Looking forward to see Roger back in action!


Ps: Federer is different class to Nadal, says Bjorkman – (Thanks Steve)

Roger Federer

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  1. I absolutely agree with Bjorkman,”Federer is a different class to Nadal”.And a great “ambassador”.
    Did you see his success in China?
    Do you really think Isner is a test for Roger? are you sure you are a Fedfan?


    Ru-an Reply:

    No im not a Fedfan, im a Nadalfan.


    INES Reply:

    Nice to hear what I´m thinking from long ago.Great match for Roger GO ROGER,


  2. I agree with your hesitations. I remember when Isner took a set off Federer and it was a hair-raising affair. I don’t think Fed has the same consistency off his ground strokes as the Djoker does, and that can cost him when it comes to having to execute (sans rhythm) against someone like Isner. IF Fed returns Isner’s serve well (something that Djoker did so well this past week), he should be fine.

    I also am curious to see what changes he will bring to his game.


  3. Totally unrelated comment – Nadal seriously needs to buy a comb, he looks like he just got out of bed and walk straight into press room for interview.


    Ru-an Reply:



  4. Fed played fabulous today. 30 winners vs 9 unforced errors against Isner. Really a class act; worth waiting for our hero to be back in action after one month. Hope he could continue this form till the final is over.


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