RF vs RF: Interview with Rio Ferdinand

The football star from Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand, did an hour long interview with Roger as arranged by Nike. I found out about it on Roger’s facebook profile, where there is a trailer. The full interview is not out yet but I found a part of it on youtube. Ferdinand seems like quite a cool guy, and funny as well. Enjoy:

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  1. Hello Ruan
    I’m glad you referred to the article in the Mirror. I wrote back and this is what I said

    My goodness, what has his clothes got to do with winning. What was so funny about the jacket?
    I’d like to know how long you’ve been covering tennis. Did you see the 1989 French Open final where Michael Chang brought out a prepared speech after winning the title? Afterwards they asked him why, he said he had prepared two speeches, one for winning, one for losing. In a final, there are two outcomes – a winner and a loser. Nike knew Roger would either win GS No 15 or he would not. They prepared for his win with the No 15 jacket and he wore it. If he had lost, he would not have worn it. Surely that is obvious.
    Nadal wears 4RG, 1W, 1AO on his shoes. Do you see anything arrogant in that. I bet you do not.
    What is it about journalists that they write such negative articles thinking it would give them a wider readership. It doesn’t. It makes people question your knowledge of what you are writing about.
    Visit Roger Federer facebook page, you’ll see his growing legion of fans of over 2 million. Visit his website you will see he has almost 260,000 fans and growing.
    No, sir, you make a mistake. Roger Federer is not arrogant or ‘crassly vain’ in the eyes of the world, he has not become over bloated and self important in the eyes of his fans. He is voted the fan favourite every year and the most popular player by his fellow pros.
    I’d like to know, what are you trying to say here.
    I tell you writing to fill up your page does NOT make good reading.
    8/7/2009 11:58 AM BST

    There are so many negative comments about Roger especially in British media. The Brits have never been able to relate to success. It is something they have no experience with!


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