Results: Your Favorite Federer Photo 2009

You may remember I did a post a while back about Roger’s best photo of 2009, which you can view HERE .If you want to see all the pictures with all the results, you can just go back to the original post, but here I will only post the top three pictures and the amount of votes they got. There was 131 voters, and here are the results:


39 votes(30%). I was glad to see that you all did not change your mind at the last moment like me. At first I thought this was the best picture, but then for some silly reason I chose the picture where Roger was holding the French Open Cup. This picture of Roger stepping out of the darkness into the light, is the clear and deserved winner. I don’t think I have ever seen a better, more symbolic picture of Roger. Before this point it was doubtful to everyone, including myself, whether Roger would ever fulfill the potential I always knew he had. He had his worst season in 2008 since his ascension to the top of the tennis world, and lost his beloved Wimbledon crown to his arch rival Rafa. Then at the start of 2009 things got even worse, when he lost in devastating fashion to that man Rafa in the Australian Open final again.

It was not a nice time for Fedfanatics, and with this win in Madrid, Roger once and for all stepped out of the dark abyss he seemed to be in. This picture captures that moment perfectly, with Roger emerging from the dark into the light, holding his finger in the air as if to say “The true number one is back”. From this point on Roger never looked back, completing the career grand slam by winning his first French Open title, and winning the most major titles in history when he reclaimed his Wimbledon crown. I just love this picture.


28 votes(21%). This is the photo I voted for(mistakenly), but it is nonetheless a very nice picture and takes a deserved second place. Roger winning his first French Open after being in the final three times before, and thereby completing the career grand slam, is indeed a special moment, and this picture does that moment justice. Not surprisingly Roger has a big smile on his face, and in the background the rain was just slowly starting to drip down, as if something special just happened. It was indeed a special moment, and I can’t wait to watch him defend his title in 2010.


21 votes(16%). What a beautiful picture this is. Roger and Mirka became the proud parents of twin baby girls somewhere between Wimbledon and the US Open this year, and it was yet another monumental moment in a monumental year for Roger. It was fitting that Roger achieved the most important records in his career just before the twins were born, thereby starting a new phase in his life. I am glad that this picture made the top 3, because life is certainly not just about tennis, not even for Roger Federer. In the picture Mirka looks very comfortable with the new additions to the family, while Roger looks kind of naughty and inquisitive. Really nice pic.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Your Favorite Federer Photo, and next year I plan on doing the same thing. Can 2010 top this year? That’s hard to imagine, but with Roger you just don’t ever know…

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