1. Dear Ruan
    Thank you for the link to Christopher McIntosh of Athens Exchange.
    Odd that we have to go all the way to Greece to find a writer who recognises Roger’s brilliance and not his clothes or the No 15 on his jacket!
    Personally, I find everything Roger does just fine. As I said he would look elegant in rags and the No 15? Why not, he just made history.
    And let’s not kid ourselves. Roddick would have gone over the top if he had won. And no one will blame him. But he did not win.I have never liked him. He is arrogant and untidy in his habits and he is brutish on court. Have you ever noticed how he often hits the ball directly at his opponent? Very Ivan Lendl-like.
    Nobody thought anything of Nadal sprawling on the ground and biting the trophy.
    Why is it always when Roger wins people have to pick faults instead of acknowledging his victory?
    Personally, whatever colour Roger wears will be fine. He carries everything so well. But do you know there were grumbles when he wore black at the 2007 US Open?


    Ru-an Reply:

    Hi Ibiyinka, your welcome for the link! The 15 on in his jacket has been much debated but im like you, why focus on that when there is much better things to focus on? I agree about Roddick, ive never liked his on court manners much, typical yank lol! But i do appreciate the fighting spirit he brings to the court and how he has transformed his game. Its tough for him as well playing in the Roger era. I think people are over critical of Roger because of the success he has had, it has put him very much in the spotlight and you know how people are :roll:


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