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Hi guys. It’s ironic how I’m trying to make up for missing posts over the last couple of months and then I lose a post. I was making a draw and preview to the US Open post and just as I was about to finish it somehow all got erased on my Ipad. And it’s not even something I could have avoided. So believe me I’m not happy about it but I am not doing it over as it took me two hours to do. I thought it was a pretty good post as well. Oh well, at least I ordered a TV now and it should be here from Monday-Wednesday. Then I should be able to watch some of the tennis with you guys for a change and blog about it.

Since my post got lost I will now leave the floor open for you where you can discuss the draw. I will also give my input. There is a lot to discuss. The main thing is that Murray is in Roger’s half and with Stupid Saturday that could be a factor. However there is a long time to go before next weekend and a lot can happen. The main thing for Roger is to win his matches before the final as easily as possible and conserve energy that way. I think he can do that. His first rounds should be easy. From the fourth round onwards it gets harder. Here is the draw again:


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  1. The draw doesnt seem as easy as i though it would be..
    Verdasco, fish maybe berdych in the quarters and then murray.. means hes got a tough journey. if murray was on the other side of the draw it would pretty much have been a walkover for federer into the final but it isnt as easy now.
    Though we all know if he plays well the draw wont matter too much. But there are a few players in his half who could give him trouble.
    Djokovic will now practically be in the final making htis open all the more intresting.
    hope rogers on his game and we witness yet another two weeks of greatness


  2. Ru-an, feel for you losing your post you worked on for hours then to only have it erased. Very frustrating, indeed. I like the photo of Roger’s Mercedes US Open bus, cool! Thank you for posting it, Ru-an. Also, thank you for your very kind words, I treasure them.
    Agree with your statement for Roger to conserve energy as much as possible before the opponents across the net become harder to defeat.
    Good luck, Roger.


  3. Sharks! Ruan! What can be worse than losing something you have been working on for two hours! All my sympathies, Ruan! Hehehe! But I am over the moon that you have Internet, iPad and tv all at your disposal now! No waiting for internet, computer breakdown (remember the last time yr computer broke down and you “sent it to China” to get it repaired?! Your family here nearly died of waiting! lol!). So happy you are back with us “full time”! Haha! I cringe when I saw Fed’s draw. Isn’t it ironic that he worked so hard to get back no 1 but gets a draw now that is as hard as if he were no. 3?!! What hard luck. I read somewhere about Neil Harmon questioning the draw. Maybe we should get Rich, our “Detective” here to do some “investigation” and let us know the real situation, eh?! Presuming those that can give Fed a fair fight goes through, it would mean Verdasco, Fish, Berdych, Murray, Djoko as Anchit commented above. It’s gonna be a long hard road. But as all of us agree here, if Fed is in form and plays smart and efficiently not allowing matches to drag on unnecessarily, we are sure he can make it. Also you never can know what’s gonna happen in these two weeks; injuries, upsets, etc. I really hope though that players in Djoko’s draw would step up and give Djoko some fight. I read from some source that Delpo has withdrawn. Seems he has not as he is in Djoko’s half. But he is injured. What a joke of a draw Djoko has. I am pretty upset but if Fed can win this, it would be one of his greatest victories as he has to beat so many quality players enroute. Common Fed! All the way!!!


  4. After winning Cinci, I think Roger is super confident now. Just read Roger’s last interview, “I think I felt good last year, but probably felt that maybe at times the matches were not always in my racquet, whereas maybe this time around I feel like if I’m playing well I can dictate who’s going to win or lose. It’s going to take something special from my opponent to win. That’s kind of how it feels right now.”

    In my opinion, it’s very good. I’ve always think that Roger’s nemesis are not in ATP list, it’s in himself. IMO, if he can mantain his A+ game all the way to the final, nobody can stop him, even if all players from Laver time to Sampras era all play at their best. It’s because he’s a truly genius, he plays like noone else ever play. Like from another planet. I kind a have feeling that he finally find a way to keep his game in A form, or at least increase it when he need it the most.

    However, this time, at the age of 31 his experience really play a role, he’s really believe in himself, what he’s capable of, but he’s not over confident.

    “Then again, I might walk away from Monday and lost the first round. You have to always be very careful how you say it and how you then play. I will take it one match at a time. There’s no doubt about that. I will never ever underestimate an opponent ever again. I did that enough when I was a teenager. Those times are long gone.”

    So, if I should bet on US Open champ, I’ll put all my money on Fed. Go GOAT!!!


  5. Nothing is more frustrating to lose all your work. I think is a fair draw for Roger, pretty easy path until rd4 onwards. I hope it will be a monday final, super saturdays is the silliest idea for sports, crazy american trying to squeeze 2 men semis and ladies final. They need to give players at least 1 day rest. Roger has a fair chance to win here after 2 years of heart break. Go Rog!!!


  6. Ru-an, don’t worry too much about the lost post; whatever you can bring us is great. I am glad you are getting settled.

    I don’t think the draw matters too much until the semis; even a journeyman can give him difficulty if he has an off-day and if he doesn’t have an off-day, then no one is going to stop him.

    He’s playing tennis superior to what he displayed in 2006 and he has a great chance this year.

    Of the Grand Slams, I particularly like the USO because of the atmosphere, the crazy fans, the night matches, and the faster hard courts which favor aggressive tennis. Our favorite Swiss has had great success there and I hope he can battle through to his seventh final and then capture his sixth title!


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks Steve, you remain one of the most loyal readers of this blog as well as most valuable.


  7. Ru-an,

    I think that Roger is taking the right attitude towards the US Open. He is taking it one step or match at a time. He needs to get into the tournament. He is more relaxed now but he still feels that he can win this title. It won’t be easy but at the same time Roger can definitely do it.

    I am sure that he’ll make the semis and possibly the final and then it will be all about how he does then. He did lovely in Cincy and if he plays like that he will be fine. He has achieved so much but the hunger has to still be there in order for him to pull it off. He is the master so I trust that he’ll find a way to get it done…

    Go Roger!!!


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