Paris SF: Goderer def Berdych 6-4, 6-3 to Become First Man to Reach All 9 Masters Series Finals

…and yet another record crumbles under the weight of the one and only GOAT. Roger became the first man in history today to reach the final of all the Masters Series finals as he reached his first final in Paris. And what a performance it was. I actually missed the first seven games, but I quickly gathered that Roger was in God mode. After yesterday’s ‘off’ match I predicted that Roger would be back today, and it was nice to see that I was right. These days Roger needs about one’off match per tournament when he is playing well. I also told you that Berdych is nothing special and that he is no match for Roger when he is on. Roger needed to prove that fact today as he has been struggling with Berdych of late. And he got just the start he wanted as he broke in the opening game. He continued putting on a master class as he wrapped up the opening set.

In the second set it was the same story as Roger broke in the opening game. He hit some amazing shots in the second set as well, including a blistering backhand pass and a sublime backhand flick pass. This was Federer at his best. After the first set you could be excused for worrying that Roger would take a vacation again, but there was no such thing going on. He even broke Berdych to love in the final game to rub it in. This was indeed a sweet victory. There is just something about Berdych which makes him hard to bare for many a Fedfan. It is not just the fact that he has beaten Roger three out of four times before this match. He is just a very annoying character. I knew Berdych has been having success against Roger of late simply because Roger has declined and played some very average tennis. There simply isn’t any other reason.

And how sweet it was to see Roger prove that today. I think Roger had enough of Berdych himself and was extra motivated today. What has Berdych achieved this year? It blows my mind that he even made the Masters Cup. Hopefully he is in Roger’s group so that Roger can give him another severe beating. Roger’s match stats was incredible. He made 70% first serves, had a winner to unforced error ratio of 34/13, he won 6/6 points at the net, and he converted 3/6 break points. That is God like. This goes down as one of Roger’s best performances of 2011, if not the best. Only the Roland Garros semi can rival it. And it is no surprise that it happened indoors. If there were more indoor events Roger would be winning more. It is that simple. With indoor tennis the natural conditions is taken out of the equation and therefor it makes for the cleanest, most attractive tennis.

Personally it is my favorite conditions to watch tennis in, and it’s a huge shame that there aren’t more indoor events. There is no possibility of having rain delays and wind and sun does not affect the players. Clearly the ATP Tour can to with more indoor events, if only it is to offset the grinding base line junk that Nadal and Djokovic has brought to the sport. Nothing these two players can come up with is even close to as watchable as the clinic Roger put on today. It is just the ultimate in tennis entertainment. Roger is now looking like he did last year this time when he went on a tear and won three indoor events. I think the same could happen this year. Only this year he had more rest and it is all happening in a shorter time frame. Roger will face the local favorite Tsonga in tomorrow’s final. Tsonga had a very tough semi against Isner which he won 3-6, 7-6(1). 7-6(3).

It was an entertaining affair as Tsonga saved three match points at 5-6 in the final set. I doubt fatigue will be a factor as Tsonga had a day off yesterday when Djokovic withdrew. But either way I think Roger is the big favorite. I think Roger will be all business tomorrow and win his first titles in Bercy. Of course you can never tell for certain, but I find it hard to believe that Roger will not show up tomorrow. He had his one off match against Monaco and has locked back into the zone. If he plays anything like today, Tsonga will be in for another fast beat down. Roger was in similar form this year at the US Open and beat Tsonga 6-4, 6-3, 6-3. Of course Roger lost to Tsonga at Wimbledon and Montreal this year, so another reminder of who is the boss would be just what the doctor ordered.

The head-to-head stands at 5-3 and Roger has to put distance between him and other players while he is indoors. I am now very excited for tomorrow. If Roger bags this title then suddenly 2011 looks a whole lot better, and he will go into London as the clear favorite. He will have a week to rest before London and something similar as last year would be on the cards. But the job isn’t done. Tsonga has got some serious weapons and the French crowd will be right behind him. I just think Roger will relish this opportunity to win a big tournament that he has never won before and come up with the goods once again tomorrow. Good luck GOAT!



Roger Federer

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  1. I am so happy you were able to see Roger play Ruan. This was a spectacular match for us Fed Fans, near perfection. If Roger plays like he did today and Tsonga plays like he did today, Tsonga will lose. Good Luck Champ, can’t wait until tomorrow.Im not worried about the crowd tomorrow, the French love Roger even though he’s playing one of their own. They were good to Isner today.


  2. Incredible performance, surgical striking from the very first point. When he plays like that the opponent can’t do anything but watch the ball fly past him.

    Roger didn’t allow many rallies on his serve, which made it hard for Berdych to get anything going. And he was on the offensive all the time, getting on every ball and finishing the points at the first chance.

    Credit to Berdych, he realized exactly what hit him:

    “I’m pretty confident to say, that that’s the old Roger,” said Berdych. “You know, the years that he was really winning everything. We can count the unforced errors that he hit, like maybe, on the fingers on one hand, which is incredible. He started every set really great and just didn’t give me any chance at all.””

    The final should be some fantastic tennis, a great atmosphere and a flamboyant, charismatic opponent. Federer’s the only player who could walk on court against a Frenchman and get as much or even more applause from the home crowd.

    C’mon Roger!


  3. Ruan, thanks for a great post. i really enjoyed reading it.

    missed the match today and wont be able to watch the one tomorrow… hope TMF will show up in all his glory


    Ru-an Reply:

    You’re welcome :-)


  4. Such pleasant match to watch.So focused and confident performance from Roger.All the match was looking to take the control.Nothing more beautiful in
    tennis than Roger in full flight!
    Roger´s got another chance to show some French fries-
    making skills.
    Go Roger and get your first Bercy title!!!


  5. “This goes down as one of Roger’s best performances of 2011, if not the best. Only the Roland Garros semi can rival it.”

    Exactly , as soon as the match finished i was like ‘Gosh!! this has to be the best match he has played after that semis in FO’

    Todays match against Jo should be a good one, if he can play as well as he did against Berdych then he should easily win in two.. Allez Roger!!


  6. Thanks Ru-an for another wonderful post and so quick too! Goderer! Amen! Gosh, what a strangle, Rog! The Gasquet match was already spectacular but this one against Berdych, Fed could do NOTHING wrong!! Berdych had no where to go. Fed was firing from both forehand and backhand. And his defence was exceptional(he was unusually more eager to defend in this match). Look at the stats. My God. PeRFect. If you don’t have good movement, don’t even think about challenging the mighty Fed, he will expose your clumsiness. Poor Berdych was pouring sweat, scampering, scrambling, squatting to get the ball; and so was Gasquet. It just shows how so far ahead Fed is in playing the game of tennis. No other player possess Rog’s skills and can make a good player look so pedestrian. Murray must now be thanking his lucky stars he lost to Berdych!! It’s such a pity that Fed in such ominous form was denied the chance to school both Murray and Djoker back to back. Anyway, Rog, we are in the mood for some French Fries tomorrow, one more match and you can rest easy for a week, ALLEZ Roger!!!


  7. Hey! Just struck me that Rog had 3 Frenchies in this tournament! 3 out of 5! What is it with Rog and the French?! It will be interesting to see the torn loyalty the French crowd would find themselves in : to cheer for one’s own or to cheer for the GOAT who is the ONLY non-French player the French crowd(who are the most notorious and difficult to please) adore. I look forward to the roar of the crowd when the players come out and see which is louder. I think Rog will get the louder cheer. Can’t wait. 2 more (long)hours to go. I’m sweating and salivating just anticipating what the GOAT would bring to the platter! We want French fries! We want French fries! Common Roger!!!


  8. To everyone who has will be given, and he will have abundance, but from him who has not, even that which he has will be taken away.
    Those words were spoken long ago…

    Roger has got it, he’s blessed with the gifts of playing peRFect tennis and is taking it away from those who don’t have the same amount of talent, who don’t have the same dedication, the same love for the game. He is never neither underachieving nor overachieving, just achieving what he should and is able to do, because he is wise and not afraid of entering unknown territory. His tennis is by moments heavenly. He’s moving ahead step by step, without fear.

    Roger doesn’t want to keep all this for himself. He is sharing it with us, with those who are able to appreciate him for what he is doing, and is taking it away from those who don’t like him, who hate him for whom he is. Let’s be grateful for all of this and enjoy it as long he is still playing.


  9. Praise where it’s due, and Roger played a great match yesterday, but (as he would be the first to acknowledge) there is still one more to go. Berdych is only the semi – as Djokovic was at the French Open. Celebrations are on hold until the final is played – and he wins.


  10. Well, now we can celebrate. Roger did have me worried for a while in the second set, when his first serve temporarily deserted him and Tsonga had break-points. The Frenchman, however, had little to offer outside his own service delivery – he is an erratic and bludgeoning player, much like many of the modern breed (Berdych et al), who at times simply appear to close their eyes, swing, and hope for the lines. Champagne for Roger and on to London.


  11. Congratulation to Federer, I’m very happy for him. The first set was amazing and the second set was nerve-wracking due to Roger dipping a little bit on his level and Tsonga raising his. Nonetheless Federer got back in the match and won in the tie-break. Good match. I’m very proud of Federer, off to the World Finals. It’s great to be Fed Fan on days like today.


  12. Hi Ruan and All. I am not very savy on the computer and can’t find Rogers interview after his win today in Paris. If anyone can direct me to a link i would appreciate it. Thank You


  13. Bravo, Roger. What a glorious resurgence. I knew the Maestro would not go gently into that good night of retirement. Somehow this Masters win is sweeter (or at least as sweet) as many of his Grand Slam victories. And the fact that he woke up to tend to his sick child at 4 am the night before shows was a human champion he is, unlike his robotic, victory-at-all-costs (eggs, steroids, etc.), competitors.


    Susan Reply:

    Thank you Jim for the knowledge of Roger tending his sick child. I thought he looked tired and now know why. This speaks volumes to me about his all ready stellar character. Rogers heart and mind are clear. He loves tennis and wants to continue playing and winning. He is also a husband and father and this is what matters most to him. He is and can do it all. Just when i think i could not respect him more a story like this happens and i do. Tended his sick child and then wins Paris. It’s just so easy to be his fan.


  14. Hail the King! And how sweet this victory is! Musclemen like Tsonga and Berdych are so one-dimensional when compared to the Maestro. Roger has played beautifully for two tournaments in a row now. He is the clear favorite to win in London. And I completely agree with Susan’s sentiments regarding his loving, fatherly duties at 4 a.m. this morning. It makes his Paris championship all the more impressive…. On another note, does anyone know if this victory lifts him past Murray to #3 in the rankings?


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