Paris Rd 3: JesusFed Routines Gasquet 6-2, 6-4

That was another flawless performance from the GOAT. Roger broke in the opening game of the match and once more to take a 5-2 lead. During the first set he dropped only two points on serve, holding serve to love twice. Gasquet just couldn’t get a sniff. In the second set Roger got the break again to go ahead 2-1, but Gasquet broke right back as he came up with some screaming winners off his weaker forehand side. It wasn’t so much Roger’s level dropping as it was Gasquet lifting his. However Gasquet just couldn’t stay with JesusFed as Roger broke again in the seventh game. At 5-4 Roger served out the match with yet another love hold. It was a virtuoso serving performance from Roger as he finished with a 75% first serve percentage. He also converted 67% of break points. It’s pretty safe to say that this was JesusFed.

It is just great to see Roger playing like this in full flow again. And of course the indoor courts have a lot to do with it. If only there were more indoor courts and more fast, low bouncing surfaces, Roger would be doing a lot better at this stage of his career. You can just see what a difference the indoor courts makes to the consistency of his backhand. You hardly see any shanks and players can’t attack it much. Also Roger’s attacking and volleying abilities really pays off in these conditions. We all know Roger can play on slow, high bouncing surfaces, but given his attacking game style these conditions is just that much better for him. Roger will now play against Monaco who beat Fish after Fish withdrew in the third set. The score was 1-6, 7-6(6), 1-2 when Fish withdrew. I think Fish may have had a match point or two in the second set.

Monaco has been showing some good from of late, making the final of Valencia and now being in the quarters of a Masters Series. However, he will get utterly destroyed tomorrow by a far superior player. Monaco has nothing to hurt Roger with, certainly less than Gasquet, and I can already smell some bakery goods being cooked up by Bakerer. Roger leads Monaco 3-0 in the head-to-head, having won their last meeting at this year’s US Open 6-1, 6-2, 6-0. Roger was in similar form then and you can expect a similar scoreline tomorrow. Today Murray also destroyed Roddick 6-2, 6-2, looking in promising form himself. Murray will play Berdych next, who qualified for the Masters Cup today when he beat Tipsarevic. It does very much look like Roger and Murray will face off in the semis now, unless Berdych can pull off something special.

In the other half of the draw Djokovic was let off the hook by his countryman Troicki as is usually the case, and now comes up against Tsonga. Tsonga leads the head-to-head 5-4 and I think he has a good chance tomorrow. Djokovic still doesn’t look in prime shape and said he felt his shoulder again against Troicki. He may even aggravate the injury against Tsonga. I don’t think Djokovic should have played in Paris, but I guess he just couldn’t say no to $1.6 m. The last semi-final spot will be taken by the winner of Isner and Ferrer.


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  1. Wonderful to see Federer so fired up and enthusiastic. Not that he’s ever really unenthusiastic about the game, but he seems especially keen at the moment.

    He is playing amazing tennis. The indoor courts really allow him to express himself beautifully and use all his shots.

    Gasquet can be a tough customer and has beautiful shots himself but on this surface, he has no time to drag the rallies out, waiting for a chance to unload on his backhand. Or more precisely, Federer is an expert at taking away that time.

    Hopefully he can win the title but, more importantly, his game is on and he’s enjoying himself on the court.


    Veronica Lee Reply:

    Yah, Steve, it’s so nice to see Roger enjoying his game again; being in the present. Just to see that in him makes me very happy for him. I think, for a while, after all the close and tough losses, he must have suffered and maybe little doubts may have crept in whether he would ever be able to win again. When he got Basel, it brought back his confidence that he could do it again and he must have missed carrying and kissing a trophy. But he looks so fresh and rejuvenated and at peace and I dare hope maybe this signals the beginning of the last glorious surge by the mighty Fed towards the end of his career like what we have been talking about and hoping for on this blog. Keep happy, Roger, your fans are all happy for you.


  2. Hats off to Roger so relaxed,with nice mix and just cruised all the way.
    Tomorrow will be Roger´s 800th win.Goes to show how consistently well Roger has played over the last 8 seasons.What a legendary career!
    It was funny a banner in Roger´s match:”Roger if you win you can sleep with my wife.She´s hot.”


    Mirka Reply:

    I’m Furious!!


  3. Thanks for the lovely feast, Sir Roger! I’m getting greedy; Sir, can I please have .. some…more?! MOOORRE?!! (roars Sir Roger). From Sharperer to Bakerer, to Murderer to Djokerer, common Federer!! What did I say about Djoker?! Something definitely fishy about him. Couldn’t think and play in the first set and like tanking the match making all sorts of silly and desperate shot selections; then miraculously got incrementally better and better in the 2nd set after the deuce tussle at 2-2 and then took flight in 3rd set. Of course Troicki helped him along; such lame play with zero conviction, Troicki should be ashamed of himself. But it’s pretence and asking for sympathy vote that’s what Djoker’s about. Think he would be more at home in Hollywood than on the tennis court where he is found out. Fed better not give the drama queen an ounce of pity should both of them make it.


  4. I’m excited about Roger’s performance in Paris.
    His current level really exceeds my highest expectations.
    He seems really on a roll and will probably steamroll his next opponent. Poor Juan, what will it feel like to be schooled by Roger? It can’t be a very pleasant feeling I guess; it must be really frustrating to play JesusFed,as most of the time Roger doesn’t give you the time to return the balls properly.
    Anyway, Murray will be probably waiting in the next round.
    Waiting for Godot? I doubt it, because Roger will show up, and will be very eager to beat him. But it won’t be as easy as it was in the former rounds, because Andy sure will try to prevent Roger from playing his attacking tennis by copying Nadal and returning deep loopy shots to Roger’s backhand. Andy is not stupid, he knows he can’t beat Roger in his own game when Roger is on. Andy will try to break Roger’s rhythm and mix things up the way he is able to do it.
    I’m looking forward for this contest. For me the match against Murray it’s the real barometer, the real test. I hope Roger will pass the test “with distinction”.


  5. Well, well, well…. The mighty Fed just disposed of his quarterfinal opponent in a rather pedestrian manner, the Djoker has withdrawn once again (oh what great consistency the Serb has!), and the much over-hyped Murray has lost to Berdych. So it’s Roger vs. the Czech tomorrow, with Tsonga probably awaiting the victor in the finals. Thus, if Roger wants to win the championship, he must defeat the two power hitters who recently have haunted him. This is a good test, for Fed needs to employ his full array of shots to keep these musclemen at bay. I think he can do it….

    On a glorious career note, Roger has just attained his 800th match victory. Only six other male players have done this: Connors, Lendl, Vilas, McEnroe, and Edberg. The Swede, with 806 match victories, is now clearly in Roger’s sights, and should be passed very soon. Onward and upward, Roger!


  6. Here’s a little more on the career match victories derby:
    Connors – 1242
    Lendl – 1071
    Vilas – 923
    McEnroe – 875
    Agassi – 870
    Edberg – 806
    Federer – 800
    So, if Roger plays 2 or 3 more years, he has a realistic shot at passing Vilas at #3. Breaking into the 1,000 victory club will be much harder though.


  7. Federer is the man, alright. He has the talent and a great personality. Good Luck, all the way. I am quite new here and would like to understand the meaning of JesusFed. His that part of his name or what? Isk Youyousova


  8. Federer is the man, alright. He has the talent and a great personality. Good Luck, all the way. I am quite new here and would like to understand the meaning of JesusFed. His that part of his name or what? Isk Youyousova


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