Paris Rd 2: Sharperer def Mannarino 6-2, 6-3

Nothing much to say here really, accept that Roger picked up where he left off in the Basel final and obliterated the Frenchman in 55 minutes. He got the break early in the first set and then broke once more for good measure as Mannarino was serving to stay in the set. The second set was almost a copy of the first when Roger held match point on Mannarino’s serve at 5-2. Roger did not convert but had no problem serving it out at 5-3. The first serve percentage was high at 65% and Roger only lost three points on his serve. He breezed through his service games and converted 60% of his break points. It looked all very sharp for his first match and I realy like his chances here. Roger will now play against Gasquet who beat Anderson 6-4, 7-6. The head-to-head stands at 8-2, with Roger having lost their last meeting in Rome.

Gasquet is a talented shot maker and the French always play well in France, but I still like Roger’s chances very much here. It should be a good match to watch anyway. Today the big question was whether Djokovic would play, since he still had a shoulder problem and didn’t need aggravating it before London. On the other hand he would have received a $1.8 million bonus just for showing up. In the end he comfortably beat Dodig 6-4, 6-3.

So I guess his shoulder really was fine. But if he ends up having shoulder problems again in Paris then it really would have been a dumb decision to play, or just plain greed. We will have to see. Judging from how he played against Dodig he could win this event. Murray was also in action today and doesn’t seem to have any injury problems left over from Basel as he easily disposed of Chardy.

The top three seeds are all looking good and Roger’s path to the title could be harder than I first thought. There has been a lot of talk about the court surface in Paris which has apparently slowed down now as well. No surprise there of course as the ATP insists on making everything the same these days, helping base liners like Djokovic, Murray, and Nadal. Roger spoke about it after his match as well saying that it is pretty fast in some ways, but that the surface is rough and therefor the balls fluff up, causing the speed to slow down. This will play in favor of base liners like Djokovic and Murray. But Roger says his slice gets more drag  which will help him. It is a good thing Roger has so much variety at his disposal that he can really adapt to any surface. You can read more here.


Roger Federer

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  1. I have noticed a different tone from Roger in his interviews and i think its for the betterment of his game. Last year he seemed a little defensive and this year he speaks to what he needs to do to do well. What do you think Ruan? I think Roger can do well in Paris but we will see.


  2. I like Roger’s chances in Paris. The courts are faster than other hardcourts. The balls stays low, hence his slice backhand bites. The moonballers cannot expose his one-handed backhand by forcing the King to hit it above shoulder height. I picked Roger to win Paris in the ATP draw challenge. He will beat Murray in the semis and Tsonga in the final :-) . Let’s go!


  3. Sharperer! I like that, Ru-an! Rog sure looks sharp and interested in his game nowadays – no more check outs, hopefully it’s a thing of the past. What’s up with Djoker? One moment wincing and limping in pain, the next sauntering and hitting on court like he’s just been freshly juiced! He’s confusing me, man! Don’t trust the fella. He’s a sneaky one. And Murray is looking menacing; although I think Rog would have too much fire power for him. I agree with Susan that Rog seems to have learnt something from this dismal year. He is less defensive and more focused on what exactly he needs to do and not quite operating in denial mode anymore. I just love it when he said he was going to his next match expecting the best Gasquet to come out and play – the passion, the enthusiasm, the desire, the seriousness, and not taking players too lightly as he has so often been guilty of in the past. Just love this “new” Roger. Have you read his latest comments about his thoughts on the other players intentions to strike? – really very matured, well thought out, sensible comments. NEXT, serve me The Frenchie’s head on a silver platter, Sir Rajah Federuh!!!


    marron Reply:

    What’s up with Djoker? He’s always done that wincing, limping “I’m dying’ thing on court – best not to assume he’s injured, since he usually comes back strong. What did Roger say about the other players? Is there an interview link somewhere?


    Veronica Lee Reply:

    Marron, you can read Fed’s comments at “Federer thinks player power fine just where it is”. Federer against strike idea and prefers a more sensible and professional solution.


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