Nishikori and Raonic Eliminated at French Open

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Today there were two big upsets at the French Open but let me get back to the top half first where Djokovic and Thiem advanced as I hoped for. Djokovic defeated Bedene 6-2, 6-3, 6-3 while Thiem defeated Zverev 6-7(4), 6-3, 6-3, 6-3.

The seeds Bautista Agut, Ferrer, Berdych, and Goffin also survived while Tsonga withdrew in the first set against Gulbis. Djokovic improved from his match on Lenglen against Darcis which you would have expected.

I didn’t get the feeling that he enjoyed playing on Lenglen and although he wasn’t at his best against Bedene either it was definitely a better performance and Bedene played well. I would have liked to see Djokovic score at least one bakery product but got the break at 5-3 in the third to get off the court before it was dark.

There were more rain delays on Saturday which meant that Djokovic was in a race against time to finish his match. I’ve read accusations of gamesmanship but it’s perfectly understandable that Djokovic did not want to come back the next day.

The more important thing was that the crowd seems to have finally warmed up to Djokovic after what happened last year in the final. During the concluding ceremony, the crowd gave Djokovic a long standing ovation which had him in tears.

That is what I mean when I talk about ‘having done his dues’. There must have been a tremendous amount of anger and frustration after all the years of being cursed at the French but Djokovic didn’t show it.


To the contrary, he was very gracious in defeat and didn’t attract any attention to himself until the crowd almost pulled the emotion out of him. The whole thing was very touching and emotional because Stan was also very gracious in victory.

Against Bedene, the crowd started chanting Djokovic’s name at the end from what I read. Somehow it escaped my ears. So that is good to know and will only help him to finally win that elusive French Open this year.

He is now in a good position and still the favorite to win the title but, of course, there is still a long way to go. Bautista Agut is dangerous as we saw last year at the US Open when he gave Djokovic a very tough four-set match.

He can hit big with those flat ground strokes and as a Spaniard, he is very at home on clay. Looking forward to that match tomorrow.

Then two old foes in Berdych and Ferrer will face off in a matchup which Ferrer leads 8-6. Thiem continued his good form and will face Granollers who got a walkover over Nadal. Finally, Goffin will play Gulbis after defeating Almagro in five sets.

Goffin has been solid of late and I expect a quarterfinal between him and Thiem which would be a good match.

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Now to today’s action where Raonic lost in straight set to Ramos-Vinolas and Nishikori lost in four sets to Gasquet. The lost generation disappoints again. Dimitrov is also part of that generation but he is hardly worth mentioning nowadays.

The real deals Stan and Murray at least won with respective victories over Troicki and Isner. To get back to the physical tiredness of Stan after winning Geneva I don’t think that should be a problem anymore since he didn’t play much during the rest of the clay court season.


He should still be quite fresh. He dropped another set against Troicki and now plays Ramos-Vinolas. Stan should have too much firepower for Ramos-Vinolas while Murray usually beats Gasquet.

So I think we are now looking at a Stan vs Murray semi-final in the bottom half which should be a great match if Stan is at his best.

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  1. Hi Ruan, again another issue similar to earlier one I reported to u. The issue is…
    As usual I received email notification on ur latest post. I was surprised to see a older post title in email “nadal pulls out…”. When I clicked the link, it led to the below URL apparently of the latest post…
    But even the above URL resulted in “Page not found” error and that means the URL is wrong as well.
    All in all, had a tough time accessing ur latest post…
    –Vivek Dhayaal


    Ru-an Reply:

    What are you using, a phone?


    Vivek Dhayaal Reply:

    This happened on phone as well as laptop Ruan.


    Ru-an Reply:

    It works fine for me so I don’t know what to tell you. The problem could be with you.


    Vivek Dhayaal Reply:

    Never mind Ruan :-) Thanks! I’ve managed a workaround.
    The problem is, If I open “”, I always see a older post and not the latest post. But if I open a non-existent page, it leads to “page not found” error page which also contains a list of links to the “recent posts” which is what I want. So, whenever I get your email notification about your latest post, I open the below non-existent page and ultimately access your latest post.


  2. So much for the fair scheduling, even as a Federer fan I have to say Novak got massively screwed over today. Firstly they didn’t play yesterday. Then they went out today in absolutely shit conditions and Novak lost the first set. He came back and was playing better and then play gets stopped again for the day with him only half-way through the third set. RBA may regroup and present a bigger challenge tomorrow like he did in the first set. Regardless, despite my belief that Djokovic deserves the FO for all his hard work, just like Federer did, it looks like everything is conspiring against him. If he wins the tournament now I will seriously tip my metaphorical hat to him after all the bullshit he has had to deal with over the years at this tournament.

    Anyway Guy Forget gave an interview which was shown on ITV4 where he said that it’s the planning permission, apparently things are very slow in France in that department. Supposedly it’s due to ‘local objections’ – in other words, millionaires who don’t want their swimming pools overlooked by an expanded FO despite the hundreds or thousands of jobs that would be created in building and staffing. Oh wait I forgot, these guys are millionaires, they don’t need jobs, screw ordinary people who could use it. Reminds me of our current government here in the UK. Only looks after the rich. We had our manufacturing trashed in the 80’s and since then everywhere except the South of England has gone to shit basically.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Hey, Charlie. Congrats on being objective. Not many Fedfans would have said what you did. Yes, Djokovic got screwed over at the FO again but it doesn’t mean he can’t win the title. He already had a good break with Nadal withdrawing. It sure won’t help to look at things in a negative, pessimistic way.

    Interesting what Forget said. Yes, that’s what rich people are like. Greedy, selfish, entitled. They have destroyed the middle class and the economy in the US for their own benefit as well. They think it is morally right that the top 1% own more wealth than the rest put together so they can have their second private jet.

    But even more astonishing is that the bottom 99% allow it. You know what Einstein said about humanity: ‘Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.’


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