Nadal is only Human-Federer

In the link you will find an article in which Roger exclusively tells CNN that Rafa is after all just human. I know, it’s hard to believe at times! But it’s true nonetheless. And I for one have no problem with Roger talking like this. I know there is people who think Roger should just keep quiet and get on with the job, but that is not his personality. And besides, the contrast between him and Rafa is what keeps the rivalry interesting. Roger always underrates his opponents, while Rafa overrates them. It’s just their separate natures. Roger has always been confident and positive and I don’t see any reason he should change. In fact I’m glad to see him giving Rafa less respect. At times I have thought he gives him too much respect. All in all it is was an encouraging article to read.

Roger seems to have shaken off his losses since the Australian Open and everything seems to be coming together nicely just at the right time. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad idea to show the world his intentions and put some more pressure on Rafa. Not many people have been giving Roger a chance at the French Open, saying that Rafa is unstoppable. Rubbish! If anything Rafa is the one that’s been looking shaky and Roger has been the confident one, so no need for Roger to take these people seriously. If you want to be the best and break records you have to believe in yourself no matter what. To anyone who thinks Roger is arrogant I just say look at Mohammad Ali. Probably the most arrogant sportsman ever, yet a great man and maybe the greatest athlete of all time.

Not to mention Ivan Lendl who used to tell his opponents in the locker room before a match by which score he will beat them…

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  1. Roger has got every chance to win this year’s Roland Garros and i am sure he will.But sometimes I feel really sad and depressed when I listen to the media persons and columnists.But thanks to your blogs,it gives me a positive vibe.
    This year,Roland Garros trophy will be in Roger’s hands!


    Ru-an Reply:

    Hi Monisha! Yes im trying to be positive but i do believe Roger has a very good chance this year! Thanks for the comment :D


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