My Take on the Agassi ‘Scandal’ Part II…

Since my last post about Agassi taking meth in ’97, I have gotten some interesting new information. For one thing it seems Agassi was using chrystal meth for an extended period of time. Clearly there is a lot more to be said about this issue, as I previously had information that he only used it once. Another interesting piece of information that I got is that he didn’t win any titles that year. And what is more is that meth does not enhance performance. It is not a steroid, it is a recreational drug that actually has the opposite effect of a performance enhancer. So the people that says he should hand back any titles should get a life, because in the first place he did not win any titles in the period that he used it, and in fact it made him play worse.

People who say silly things like that strike me as jealous people who are looking for media attention themselves. I don’t have time for BS. Why would Agassi take meth when he is trying to make a comeback on tour? I have no idea whatsoever. But what is more disturbing is that people are being way more judgemental of Agassi than the ATP, who actually allowed this to happen. I think it is because the ATP is an organization, so people have no one specific to aim their judgements at. But since Agassi is one individual, people like to judge and point the finger, while they are probably holding a crack pipe in the other hand. This is just the way people are I guess. So Agassi did meth. Hundreds of thousands of people do drugs all over the world every day. Again I don’t know why. Personally I don’t touch drugs.

But because Agassi was man enough to admit he did it, and because he has been idolized by insecure people, he is now being judged for it. Seriously, I am sick and tired of people judging each other. I have been judged by people all my life, and I know how deeply it can scar a person. Who are people to judge anyway? And what is there to judge? People make their own decisions and they live with the consequences. Why anyone wants to make those consequences even worse by judging someone blows my mind. Moreover, judgement is an illusion. In the end we are all humans that makes mistakes, and only when we learn that there is no such thing as failure or being wrong, we will stop fucking up. It is this lie that failure and being wrong actually exist that is destroying humanity.

Why can’t we all just live in peace and leave each other be? I don’t care if Agassi worshipped Satan(which is another myth btw). I’m not gonna judge him for what he did, because the simple truth is I can’t. We are all on a life journey, figuring out what is right for us and what is not. It is not our job to decide what is right or wrong for others, we only need to look after ourselves. Ultimately there is no right or wrong, we are simply on a journey of discovery. I know this post have gone in a different direction now and I am not preaching to  anyone. I am just saying what is on my mind, and I think I have made myself ‘chystal’ clear. Peace.

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