My Apologies

I am sorry that my blog has been offline of late, but after a monumental struggle I have finally been able to get it back online. As you know I started a new job and some days I am working 14 hour shifts. So I havn’t been able to go to the bank to fund my account in order to pay for my domain hosting. I hope I didn’t lose any readers because of this, but it was beyond my control. There has been some interesting things happening in the tennis world, like Andre Agassi admitting to taking chrystal meth and waring a wig. I would like to write more about this subject, because I think people have been way too judgemental of Agassi about this, but for now I don’t have the time. Also Roger has played two matches in Basel so far, beating Olivier Rochus and Andreas Seppi fairly easily in the first two rounds.

He next faces Evgeny Korolev, and he looks to be on his way to a fourth title in Basel. The second best player in the draw is Djokovic, and I don’t see him stopping Roger. I’m looking forward to see Roger giving him yet another good spanking after he has won their last two meetings in Cincinnati and the US Open in straight sets. From what I hear, Roger looks fresh and ready to claim his fifth year end number one spot. Ever since the last time I have written a post I have missed following Roger and I realized that this blog is important to me. So I don’t plan on quitting this blog for a long time, but I am still getting in the routine of working and I have to still figure out a way to combine my blogging and job successfully. So please stay patient and don’t give up on me!

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  1. Oh, so glad to see you are back, Ru-an, have missed you greatly. There is no one that writes about tennis as well and beautifully as you do. Keep up the good work.


  2. Dear dear Ru-an, WHAT HAPPENED to you????!! I almost went crazy trying to access you everyday. Thank God I had Picket fence and ramblings of a RF fan to go to. But nobody writes SENSIBLE tennis like you do. Although Picket fence is a very good and creative writer with the most gorgeous vids and pics, I’m not into some of the coarse language she uses. Welcome back, Ru-an, you have been missed!! Hope and pray that your work and blog time would work out well. Wish you all the best.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thank you Veronica and thank you all for the comments. I love you all and i will never quit this blog for as long as Roger lives! You just made my day!!!


  3. So sorry you’ve been having to work so much, Ru-an! I wish this blog could become your job, so your job would be to watch Federer play and then write about it. lol Maybe someday! Anyway, thanks for getting your blog back up, so I can once again get my daily Ru-an’s Federer Blog fix!! =D


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