Murray Wins Record Fifth Title at Queen’s

Congrats to Murray for making a little history of his own today in Queen’s, London by winning a record fifth title there and surpassing some big names in the process. It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest Murray fan but you have to give credit where it’s due.

Murray was down 6-7(5), 0-3 against Raonic before breaking Raonic for the first time in the tournament I think and doing so a total of four times before prevailing 6-7(5), 6-4, 6-3.

Murray’s returning was special and he was being aggressive in which case he becomes a formidable opponent. Raonic has a massive serve but Murray once again proved that having a big serve, no matter how good it is, is not good enough against the best in tennis.


Murray’s on-court demeanor irritates the hell out of me but today I once again realized how damn talented he is. If his mental fortitude was not such a liability for him he would have won many more slams.

But having Lendl in his corner helps a lot with that I think. It gives him a certain stability and calmness which is so desperately lacking without Lendl. Murray proved to me today that he is a real threat at Wimbledon.

  • Who is Djokovic’s Biggest Challenger/Challengers at Wimbledon?

And since I’m not fanatical about supporting any given player I like that, even though I’m a big Djokovic fan. As a tennis fan, I think it would be boring if Djokovic just gets handed the calendar slam on a silver platter.

You actually want to see him challenged and have some interesting contests along the way. And unlike some tennis fans, I think there have already been some great contests on his way to winning the Djoker slam.

Specifically between him and Federer at Wimbledon and the US Open last year and this year at the Australian Open. But not just between them. There have been several others. Djokovic is not the kind of player who wins slams without dropping sets.


I think there is an element of boredom to players doing that. I find it quite sad and pathetic how whiny and ungrateful tennis fans can be. They will always find a reason why there is something wrong with the game.

And yet we are in a golden era of tennis and have been since Federer and Nadal started dominating. To get back to Murray, I think he is the only guy who can realistically challenge Djokovic at Wimbledon.

Anderson challenged Djokovic last year but I think Djokovic is a better and more confident player now. I think having finally gotten the French Open monkey off his back and taking an extended break will do him the world of good.

  • Concerning Djokovic’s Motivation at Wimbledon

I have heard some people question how motivated he will be which I find astonishing given how driven Djokovic is and how badly he wants to become the GOAT. He will be extremely motivated to win Wimbledon.

How many opportunities do you get to win five consecutive slams anyway? That’s right, Djokovic will be the first player in the open era to have that opportunity.

Laver did not have the opportunity at the 1970 Australian Open after completing the calendar slam in 1969 because he was banned due to signing to the National Tennis League.

With every match Djokovic wins from here on, he is making history. Why wouldn’t he be anything but motivated to the max?! Djokovic is also going for a third straight Wimbledon title and if he wins it he will be within one slam of the calendar slam.

To suggest he may not be motivated is beyond absurd. And having finally completed the career slam don’t be surprised if he is very relaxed and confident. But of course making history creates its own pressure.


And the likes of Murray will be looking to take advantage of that pressure. That said, Murray will be facing his own pressure as he is per custom being hyped up as the favorite for Wimbledon by the British.

As a Djokovic fan, it is great to know you can always depend on the Brits to put maximum pressure on Murray to win the title. But having Lendl in his corner will help him to deal with that pressure better.

So I am looking forward to seeing what happens at Wimbledon this year. Raonic will be dangerous too. I see the bookies are even giving him better odds than Federer at Wimbledon which is not all that surprising given Federer’s current form.

He just lost to Zverev in Halle whose brother he defeated 6-0, 6-0 in 2014 in the same event. Before the semis, I thought Federer was showing improvement but I said we should see what happens in the rest of Halle first.

  • Federer and Thiem Lose in Halle Semis

Well, Federer lost 6-7(4), 7-5, 3-6 to Zverev and it is hard to see him being a serious threat at Wimbledon. Sure you can’t count him out but he is more like a dark horse to me now. It is just hard to see him make a run at Wimbledon this year like he did last year.

But who knows. We will see how it goes in the first few rounds. As for Thiem, he didn’t make the final in Halle either because he lost 6-3, 6-4 to Florian Mayer, who also won the title over Zverev today, 6-2, 5-7, 6-3.


Zverev saved two match points at *4-5 and 15-40 in the second set but, in the end, the wily veteran Mayer prevailed with his unique style. That doesn’t bode well for Federer because Mayer isn’t even fit and looked exhausted in the third set.

Federer desperately lacks match practice and even though he had more time to prepare on grass than the others the grass court season is not long enough for him to play himself into form. But like I said you can’t write him off.

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  1. Things are getting interesting. Murray is clearly pumped up to compete with Djokovic. I like his trash talk “champagne on ice waiting to be consumed on 10th July”. I also like Federer’s statement “Yes, Djokovic 100 percent deserves to be where he is. But, he’s absolutely beatable. I beat him last year three times.” Taking into consideration that Djokovic is 8K points ahead of No2, statement that he does not deserve where he is would be indeed interesting. From my limited knowledge of Serbian mentality I believe that Vajda and Becker will not have any problems motivating Djokovic for Wimbledon.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Murray and Federer said that? Haha that’s great. Poor Federer has to go back to last year to find a victory over Djokovic, and all of them were rather meaningless. This kind of talk only motivates Djokovic. If I was them I’d just keep quiet and let my racquet do the talking.


    Robles Reply:

    The only loss I found of any consequence was Cincinatti. Obviously it’s nothing compared to RG, but I feel like that’s an important piece to REALLY call his resume complete (and being the only player to win all the Masters, another major goat data point).

    To me, it’s close to the Olympic Gold. Obviously I’d rather him win the gold medal, but that’s only because of how other people perceive it. To me the legacy is really an accumulation of ATP achievements.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Totally agree, Robles. Yes, Cincy was important but I was thinking as opposed to the USO title it was rather insignificant. Obviously, if I had the choice I’d rather he loses Cincy and win the USO than the other way round. He can’t win everything.

    I’m sure he’ll win Cincy this year or some other year. And I’d rather he gets that than the OG too. The Olympics is still rather meaningless to me because of its history. I don’t care about how others perceive it. It’s like Davis Cup. If he gets it it’s a nice bonus but none of Laver, Borg, Sampras, Federer, Connors, Mcenroe, Lendl etc won OG so who cares.


  2. I support Murray in theory – he seems like a genuinely good guy and is classy in victory and defeat – but watching him play a tennis match is one of the more unpleasant experiences in tennis for me. I guess it’s just personal preference as I’ve always loved Djoker’s antics, from his more immature days to now, while Murray’s behaviour just makes me cringe. Having said that, if he made that champagne comment I think that is awesome, good for him. A little fire in the rivalry would be exciting.

    As usual however, I find Federer’s remarks arrogant and simply unnecessary. It feels like there is almost always some backhandedness (no pun intended) when he is required to compliment Djokovic. It wsa in fact Federer’s USO 2011 press conference that solidified my obsession with Djokovic (previously he was just my favorite player), and a strong distaste for Federer.

    I can’t wait for Wimbledon. I think Andy will be a real challenge. If they meet in the final and the odds are long against Murray as they were in the FO final, I may place a wager on Murray (small enough that I hope I lose though!)


    Ru-an Reply:

    Hey Robles, I don’t think any of them are really bad guys but yeah Murray is tough to watch. It is true that Federer finds it hard to give Djokovic a compliment which I don’t mind as it makes it more fun when Djokovic beats him.

    As far as being a Djokovic fan goes he caught my attention early on when he beat Federer in the 2007 Canada Masters final but then he kind of struggled and I wasn’t a big fan. I started liking him more in 2011 when he beat Nadal like a drum and then I became a serious fan during the FO last year. It was gradual with him. He has matured a lot over the years.


  3. I like watching Murray; for me beauty of tennis is in different ways to win a point. I also don’t mind his language (knowing that “fuck” in Dunblane means “good day to you”). Final Djokovic-Murray in W2016 would be awesome.


    Ru-an Reply:

    I liked watching him better against Raonic in Queen’s. He looked more confident and offensive. It’s when he plays that defensive counter-punching garbage that I don’t like watching him. Fuck really means that in Dunblane?


  4. To understand a player you have to know his cultural background. Not all “fucks” are created equal. It means one thing when it is said by Henman, the other thing when said by Murray. In Murray’s case it is a form of greeting/statement of wonder/neutral comment, in Henman’s case it is a sign of being seriously upset/at the edge.


    Ru-an Reply:



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