Murray Becomes First British Man in 77 Years to Win Wimbledon

It was meant to be. I saw this one coming from miles away. Of course when Roger won Halle and Nadal lost in the first round I was always gonna back my man, but this was always going to be Murray’s title to win. It just felt right. Murray had lost in the final last year but gave a good account of himself against Roger. It was a positive loss back then I felt. In the preceding two slam finals against Roger he lost in straight sets. In the first one at the 2008 US Open he was totally outplayed 6-2, 7-5, 6-2. The next time they met in a slam was the 2010 Australian Open final where Roger beat him 6-3, 6-4, 7-6(11) in a much closer match. And finally in last year’s Wimbledon final Roger dropped the first set before winning 4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4. Murray was getting closer all the time and right after Wimbledon his biggest breakthrough yet came at the Olympics, where he beat Roger 6-2, 6-1, 6-4 to win the gold medal.

He was ready for his first slam title which he won after defeating Djokovic in 5 sets in the US Open final. Murray had made the big breakthrough at long last. People had pretty much written him off for good, most of all me. But what we didn’t realize was that he was getting closer all the time. At least at the beginning of 2012 when he called in the services of Lendl I started believing in him. I was at a point in my life where something had to change too, and I had to start believing in myself and others more. So for me it has been a nice story to follow and I can draw parallels to Murray with my own life, because I have made a lot of changes for the better since then myself. Yet if you win one slam it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a permanent threat at slams. There have been other slam winners who never really came close to winning a slam again.

Murray has always been good enough to be right at the top of the sport and be a constant threat at the slams. Roger himself predicted that Murray would win multiple slams, and Roger’s words become true without fail. I didn’t think Murray was a one slam wonder after he defeated the world #1 in the US Open final. In this era slams are hard to come by. No one has ‘fluked’ a slam since the rise of the GOAT. Del Potro is the only guy who won a slam other than the big 4, and that was thoroughly deserved after he beat Fedal on his way to the title. And I believe Del Potro will win more slams as well. Not everyone was convinced that Murray was going to win multiple slams. I’m not sure why. After the US Open he continued his good form at slams when he beat Roger in the final before the final. That match probably took it’s toll on Murray and he succumbed to Djokovic in the title match.

Murray also won Miami. After that it was the clay court season and he didn’t appear interested. Probably he was already thinking about the grass court season and he decided to miss the French Open. It was a wise decision because he could focus all his energies on winning the title that would once and for all convince people that he is the real deal. If winning the US Open was Murray’s big breakthrough, then winning Wimbledon would be the title that firmly puts Murray on the map as one of the great players of our time. There is no doubt that Djokovic is an all time great and Murray has now twice defeated him in a slam final. And this time it wasn’t even close, Murray winning 6-4, 7-5, 6-4. Djokovic has been the dominant one in the head-to-head up until today. He lead the head-to-head 11-7 and had won 3 of their 4 slam meetings.

Is Murray starting to turn around the head-to-head? Will he keep this up and become #1? Definitely this win will give him a lot of confidence and he may start racking up the slams from here on. He  has now achieved the two most difficult things, winning his first slam and winning Wimbledon for Great Britain. From here on the pressure gets considerably less. I can see something similar happen to Murray that happened with Lendl who also lost his first 4 slam finals. It has been a very successful partnership for the two of them and I can see Murray following a similar career trajectory than Lendl. The Djokoray era is now well and truly here. Fedal lost before the 3rd round and Murray just won his 2nd slam. I know you don’t want to hear that the Fedal era is over, but it had to end at some point.

It doesn’t mean they can’t win slams anymore, but Djokoray will be the dominant couple from here on. Djokovic have already been dominating since 2011, and now Murray has joined him. But like I said Fedal will still be there as a big threat to them. As far as the match goes it was pretty boring stuff. It was 40 degrees out there. Just brutal conditions and the rallies were brutal as expected. Murray won the first set and I sensed this was going to be his day. I fell asleep half way through the 2nd set, expecting to wake up in the 4th or 5th set, but when I woke up Murray won match point and it was all over in 3 sets. I definitely expected a much closer match, but it became clear to me that the match against Del Potro had taken a toll on Djokovic, very much like Del Potro took a toll on Roger in the semis of the Olympic Games.

Djokovic was in sparkling form throughout Wimbledon and to go down in straight sets in the final doesn’t make much sense unless the Del Potro match took a toll on him. And from what I hear(surprisingly there are no highlights on Youtube) Djokovic looked flat throughout. In the last game when Murray served for the match he was 0-40 down on his serve which was the only semi-dramatic moment in the match. I hear Djokovic yet again missed an overhead on one of those break back points and he was also breaks up in the 2nd and 3rd sets. Djokovic really has a shocking overhead for a world #1. He missed several against Nadal in the French Open semi or couldn’t put the ball away when he should have. He must have the worst overhead of any #1 ever. But the fact remains he was not himself today, just like Roger was not himself in the Olympics final.

It was a very underwhelming final and I don’t regret falling asleep. The Djokoray rivalry just isn’t very interesting because both are basically defensive base liners. Anyway I am happy for Murray and the whole of Great Britain. It has been a long wait, but Murray will remain a Scotsman. It’s been a great story. This player who everyone thought was a choker and will never have the balls to become a slam winner proved everyone wrong. I hope you all find that as inspiring as I do. Murray taught me not to settle for the limits others set for you and to be totally self determined. The only limits we have are the ones we set for ourselves. And I’m tired of setting limits for myself. It is now only a week before Hamburg starts and I bet you are looking forward. Roger still needs a lot of matches and confidence if he wants to be a serious contender at the US Open.

I’m optimistic about the rest of Roger’s season and the best lies ahead.

Update: Finally found highlights. Crazy last game. I had it wrong in my post. Murray was 40-0 up, not 0-40 down. He wasted 3 match points and then Djokovic had 3 break points of his own. On the final deuce Djokovic again couldn’t put away an overhead and Murray then got it done. Murray almost threw away a 2 set lead at the US Open so he wasn’t gonna go that route again here. Like I said he improves all the time. Lahyani made two shocking calls again. Not sure why they still let him do finals.

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  1. Hey, Ru-an!!!

    I am also happy for Andy. He deserved it. Just to correct you on an important point.

    Murray was actually 40:0 up in the final game and had basically 3 match points. He choked on all three in typical Murray fashion. Then he was facing break point. Then it went back and forth between a break point and deuce until finally he got another match point and he finally won.

    I believe that had he CHOKED it would have been the biggest Choke if his life and it was gonna go to 5 sets. The reason for that Dhokovic was up in both the 2nd and 3rd sets. And when Murray was serving for it and he had that 40:0 up he had to just close it out.

    It had that feeling if the US Open 2011 semi where Roger CHOKED also.

    At least Murray managed to get it done. Anyway!!

    As far as Roger is concerned we’ll have to wait and see. That Wimbledon loss will be hard to forget.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks for that correction Vily. Very interesting comment. Someone gave me the wrong info.


  2. Seems like destiny for Murray. Last year all four slams were split between the big four. Called it last year that Roger and Murray would swap with Andy getting Wimbledon and US Open belonging to Roger. Fulfill my words Roger please.

    Congratulations to Andy, hopefully this silences British media for a while. Expecting good things from the HC season and no doubt Murray will be a contender for year end number 1 now. Anyway, poor Wimbledon but it is what it is, that’s sports for you.

    Roger needs confidence as you said. These clay masters should make him ready for Canada and Cincy. Although masters are misleading, last year Roger blew Djokovic out of the water and Murray lost early at Cincy. We all know how that ended.

    I personally believe, Murray will be emotionally drained from winning Wimbledon by the time New York comes around. I think Djokovic and Federer will share spoils for the rest of the year with Nadal being a major threat.


    Fedfan Reply:

    Also two more things I forgot about:
    1. Roger will be world number 5. If he is to get back to number 4, he needs to win both these clay tournaments and a masters 1000. I wouldn’t be confident about Fed being a serious contender in the US open if he has to beat three of the big four to get the slam, just not going to happen at this stage.
    2. I was very impressed with Djokovic’s sportsmanship. He has followed in Federer’s footsteps and grown as a played in being the world number 1 to be an excellent ambassador for this sport, such a positive attitude in everything he does- he is fulfilling the role well, something I think Murray will fall short of. Hopefully Djokovic bounces back well, he did good after the FO so no reason why he can’t do it here. Him and Andy are good friends so he will take comfort in that.


    V Reply:

    Yeah Djokovic is a really good sportsman and great ambassodor for the game.I think it was all written for murray this time.And you could see that djokovic played unlike himself for the whole of the match where he should have finished points with winners he wen for drop shots and murray ran them down easily all the time.I have never seen djokovic use the drop shot to such non effect in the past.he is in my opinione one of the great exponents fo the drop shots and yesterday he just went drop,drop and drop.And murrays succes recipe was perfect-play to your best,use variety,win the first set,a not so 100% djokovic and boom congrats andy.But I doubt this will do anything to damage novak mentally except feel happy for his good friend because he is just a mental machine.He showed what the real djoker does only in the final game and I think murray even though he deserved the win,was greatly helped by djokovic not at his best.


    Fedfan Reply:

    Delpotro was a factor for sure in terms of Novak’s condition on the court but he had chances in second and third sets to go 2 sets to 1 up. I think the first set was key. Novak doesn’t like battling against the crowd and they were a tough ask yesterday. You could tell Novak was frustrated with them after they screamed at every shot Murray played that he wasn’t able to hear the line call. The last game was a particular terrible showing by the crowd, Novak had chances in that game as well but doesn’t matter now. Djokovic will bounce back and will cement his place at the top, I’m sure of it.


    V Reply:

    Yeah sure Delpo was a factor and as well as the crowd.It was definitely visible as you said that he was frustrated with a few shocking calls(not surprised here) and you could feel he almost gave on a few points in the final set which was very unlike the djokovic we know,one who never gives up thats was one thing which stood out and the unforced errors were a plenty and that did not help djokovic either.He played one drop shot too many you think in some points where he could have easily pushed the ball into the open court.So yeah a combination of things led to novaks defeat but as you said,he is not one who is gonna be kept down so easily and now that we are entering his area ie the hard courts, he will definitely come back and for me its gonna be very tough for andy,roger and rafa together to keep novak away from that no1 position.He may not dominate 3 slams like what roger did(plainly because grass his not his best surface but FO,he may as well clinch it next year),but i can see something similar to roger and djokovic in terms of handling the pressures of no1 and novak is probably the toughest to beat over 5 sets just because he never gives up and is probably the fastest tennis player on tour right now.yes murray outdjokoviched him in the final,but i still think that djokovic cant be denied too much in other slams.His recovery after a slide is just mind boggling.He probably is the best slider ever in tennis and so very difficult to stop him right now.I think its gonna be very interesting from now on.Djokovic-clear favourtie for slams other than wimby(FO almost) with murray being the favourite for wimby and rafa and roger there to share the spoils whenever they can and delpotro too is in the fray.So interesting times ahead and as a roger fan,theres plenty to look forward to in the upcoming months.On wards and upwards.


  3. Congrats Andy. In the meantime, 16 year old Swiss junior Belinda Bencic followed her recent junior Grand Slam win in Paris with a second junior Grand Slam win in Wimbledon. Looking good for Swiss tennis out there…


  4. This match proved Andy is no longer a mental feeble. That notion is completely gone. Whether he’s as strong mentally as Djokovic or Nadal is debatable, but mental feeble is he no more. He really played his hearts out and his level rose by leaps and bounds from the previous matches. That level of consistency in groundstrokes is just insane. 20+ shot rallies after 20+ shot rallies.

    In a manner, yes this match is boring. But I try to view it from another angle. Sometimes you watch a movie where the characters are fully developed and have significant depth, the storyline just awesome, the acting is impeccable, and the visuals great…a perfect movie. I would analogize this to prime Roger.

    Other times, you get a full action bang-bang movie with so-so storyline, some plot holes, and the characters don’t have to be that well developed/possess some depth, but all the visuals are great. This is what I would analogize that match to.

    You just have to enjoy it in a different way. You won’t get emotionally touched, but there will always be “oh shit, did they just do that?”, “holy mother f***er”, etc.

    It is a crazy match. 3 sets with no tiebreaks run for more than 3 hours, you just have to have something real sick there.


  5. Here I am, still happy for Murray, clicking on Eurosport UK, and after 20 seconds of reading the headlines I wish he had lost. Human intelligence on this planet seems a constant, while the population is growing quickly… dammit. So Mr. Cameron thinks that Mr. Murray deserves to become a knight! But then, they still believe in Queens and Princes and all that retarded BS. Loosing faith in humanity :-(


    rahan Reply:

    “Human intelligence on this planet seems a constant, while the population is growing quickly… “


  6. I am totally underwhelmed by the Murray win, and this whole new era. Federer was the one player that kept my interest. I know, it’s wrong, but it’s what I felt. His game, and his game alone, seemed to buck the tide of power over grace. Murray has neither and is not much more to me than a skilled robot employing an army of trainers, coaches, assistants and other hired help so that he eats exactly the right, scientifically measured calories, on match day and does the precise number of crunches. (And God knows what else, I remain suspicious of sudden improvements in stamina, usually coming conveniently at the arrival of a new coach which is useful to mask the effect.)

    Also, the triumphalism of the British is a bit nauseating as is Murray’s and his mother’s general demeanor. I mean he has two slams and he’s going to be a knight already. He has hardly dominated his era. We shall see if he can lift more trophies, but I remain unconvinced.


    Chris Reply:

    I totally agree with your comments Chris. I have never been a fan of Murray and his mother annoys me. She will probably put a crown on her head if Andy gets knighted! I love Roger’s style of play and while he hasn’t been in top form lately I am still hoping he can win another slam. Wimbledon lost its magic without Roger being in the final. Once he retires I will probably stop watching tennis altogether.


  7. I think the British media are way over the top. Murray won a tennis tournament. He didn’t find the cure for cancer, for crying out loud.


  8. Hey guys, I will stick to my story.

    This was Olympic Final all over again. Only Roger was replaced by Novak. They both took way too long to defeat their opponent (both time Delpo !!!) in the SF and therefor did not have energy left for the Final. Resulting in Andy winning Olympic Gold and Wimby, both things he did not deserve. He played really great, but not unbeatable.

    I felt sorry for Novak, but I was also a little disappointed in him. How can he run out of energy and how can he of all people get tired?? He is Marathon Man who plays so many 5 setters back to back. He is not old or has played over 1100 matches.
    But it was not meant to be.

    Discusting how England is treating Andy, but they will get bored with him (like at WTF 2012) and get back to rooting for Roger.

    This I have to say though. Roger gets the crowds attention everywhere but seriously everywhere.
    But…. the way the crowd was rooting for Andy the last three games….. that is not even how much Roger gets. It was so discusting and so undeserved and most of all so unprofessional towards Novak.


  9. Happy for Murray he deserved it.. But must say that Djokovic was totally flat after his long win vs Del Potro. He softened up our GOAT too in that epic Olympic semi final last year!!
    The final was pretty boring and I felt really sad in the beginning and missed our RF in the final sorely! But things have to move on! We wish our GOAT all the very best for the upcoming tourneys and the US Open of course!!

    Here’s something for a read:


  10. At Wimbledon, Andy was in a similar position to Nadal at Roland Garros and at both times Djokovic was the loser. But as a Fedfan, loss of Djokovic at Roland Garros was far more painful, since Nadal is closing the gap with Federer and more importantly Nadal has been getting undue soft corner from all quarters, including the media, time and again and no interest is seen in the concerned authorities to tame this bull.


  11. Djokovic couldn’t use his superior footwork because of no grip behind the baseline, in the heat, so he went for dropshots as a countermeasure

    Murray was scripted to win it…won on 7/7 and 77 years since last GB winner

    Just like last year Federer was scripted to win it with the roof closing semis and finals


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