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Here is some more post Wimbledon articles and videos that I found interesting and enjoyable. I’m sure you might have read or watched some of these, but I thought I’d bring it all together for you in one place.  This is of course not all of them and I may add some more in the future.

The New York Times

The Independent

Athens Exchange

Wimbledon Website

This next video is called “Letter to Little Federer” done by NBC. I thought it was very nicely done.

Here is a tribute to Roger video made by the ATP Tour. Includes a highlight from every one of the 15 grand slam titles he won. Respect!

The half century of aces he served in the final against Roddick. If you pay attention you will see that he spreads his aces evenly to every corner of the service box, whereas Roddick served about 90% of his aces down the tee on the deuce court! It was an awesome serving display from Roger and judging by this match he has a better serve then Roddick. If you can remember Roger out aced Roddick by 50-27. I get the feeling with Roger does well on the day whatever he has to do well. He knew it was very important to hold serve against Roddick and served exceptionally well. It’s obvious from this video that power is not everything in serving, but placement and disguise are just as important. I think a case can easily be made for Roger having a better serve then Roddick, although he may not rely as heavily on his serve as Roddick.

And last but not least, the Federer genius at it’s best. I think I’m gonna watch this one whenever I need inspiration. Fedtastic!

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