Montreal Roundup and Cincinnati Draw

Hi. Well it’s been another mind boggling performance by Nadal in Montreal this week. Not only did a break a deadlock of 12 consecutive matches where he could not beat Djokovic off of clay, but he won his second Masters Series event on hard court this year and remains unbeatable on hard court since his comeback. After not winning a hard court title since 2010 in Tokyo, Nadal has come back from a ‘career threatening’ injury and an 8 month lay off to destroy anyone in his way on hard courts. Unreal. But then again nothing should surprise us about ‘Superman’ anymore. He is surely capable of winning 20+ slams and playing at the highest level into his late 30’s, even though he has the most taxing game style in the history of the sport and plays on shattered knees. It’s becoming hilarious folks. Check out this article.

In it Michael Emmet, a respected and knowledgeable figure in tennis, draws a parallel between Nadal and Armstrong and says it as it is. Like Emmet, Nadal’s use of banned substances is something I am very sure of, and I believe Nadal and Armstrong have an awful lot in common. Armstrong missed 5 years of competitive racing and came 3rd in the Tour De France on his comeback. He did not admit to doping at the time but no one believes anything he says now. You can be sure he was doping at the time. Whenever something super human is done in sports it is because of doping. This has been proven over and over in the past by drug cheats who got caught. And both Armstrong and Nadal have done many super human things in their respective sports. One of these super human things is Nadal coming back from an 8 month break and dominating the tennis world.

Aside from his first round loss at Wimbledon Nadal has been just about untouchable. Any player, no matter how good they are, takes time to get back into things after the amount of time Nadal was out of the sport. But Nadal has dominated both clay and hard court since his comeback. Look at this forum post about Nadal’s absence from injuries during his career as well. It’s unbelievable how much time he has missed from the game and how much he has been able to achieve, especially given that he was missing all this tennis due to chronic injuries. How can a guy who is injured just about all the time and miss so much competition keep dominating whenever he steps on court? Or is all that time he misses from tennis really silent bans, and the injury excuse is blown out of proportion to cover it up?

Because lets be honest, whenever Nadal is complaining about injury there is an air of unbelievability about it all, given how incredibly well he still covers the court. For someone with a chronic knee problem he was covering the court incredibly well in Montreal, especially against Djokovic. Despite Djokovic matching up very well against Nadal with his world class returns and backhand, Nadal went ahead and broke the deadlock by simply stepping into the court and playing as aggressive as he possibly can. I was disappointed by Djokovic’s implosion in the 3rd set tie break, but like I said nothing Nadal does will surprise me anymore. I’m sure he can pass Roger in slam titles too. He is unplayable and unbeatable. A superman. Indestructible. Supernatural. Maybe he really is all those things and totally clean.

Still looking skinny and have been working hard on his physique

But that is just so highly unlikely. I come back to the Armstrong comparison. What Armstrong did in cycling was supernatural too, and many people suspected him of doping too. Of course they received the usual rebuke from Armstrong fans, saying those are very serious allegations and that they have no proof. I remember how the French kept insisting that Armstrong was doping, while the Americans criticized them heavily for their ‘unfounded’ claims. Many of the French suspects Nadal of doping too. Yannick Noah for one accused Spanish athletes of widespread doping, and it is well known by now that doping is big business in Spain. Nadal was outraged by these comments here, even though they were not out of place. Recently Nadal have spoken out against doping and acting like a good will ambassador for the sport.

If he is doping that would make sense, because his name has been dragged through the mud by all the people who suspect him of doping. If he wasn’t a doper he wouldn’t pay those people any mind and just focus on his tennis. And it is the same routine Armstrong followed before he got busted. There may not be any concrete proof for Nadal doping yet, but the case is becoming stronger year after year and eventually the truth comes out. Why doesn’t the Nadal camp sue someone like Emmet for his allegations? Because it brings unwanted attention to Nadal and causes further investigation. Why does the ATP give silent bans and not come out with the truth? There is way too much on the line for them. Can you imagine the damage it would do to the sport if Nadal was busted for doping? It would destroy fans’ confidence in the sport.

One of the biggest stars and cash cows of the last 10 year would be known as a low life cheat. The name of the sport would be irrevocably damaged like cycling was by Armstrong’s bust, and it would cost the ATP millions of dollars. It’s all a facade for the sake of false respectability and greed. This is pretty much the case for the entire world. Governments and politicians all over the world lie to people and steal. And people act like their leaders. The system rots from the top down. If the leaders do it then it’s OK for us to do it too, right? Wrong. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong, and no amount of lying or justification will change that. All of this is causing me to lose interest in tennis, because there is no way someone like Nadal can surpass Roger without doping. You would have thought his body and ‘injuries’ would have caught up to him by now.

But he just keeps coming back stronger after longer breaks and overcomes whatever obstacles is in his way. It’s like we’re all chasing this facade put on by the ATP and whoever is in charge, and I’m getting tired of it. They bust the lesser players to make us all believe the sport is clean, while protecting the cash cows. I don’t want to invest so much time and energy into something which I can’t even trust. Anyway I haven’t even gotten to the Cincinnati draw. I don’t have to say much about it though. Roger has Nadal in his quarter but I am not looking that far. After Gstaad I am not looking any further than the first round. Roger says he is doing well physically but even then his confidence is still low. Therefor I won’t put any pressure on him. He will play the winner of Kohlschreiber and Fish. If he wins that he will probably face Haas or Anderson who will already be a huge test.


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