Monte Carlo Rd 2: Federer destroys Kohlschreiber 6-2, 6-1

This was a refreshing start from Roger to the clay court season. He has new clothes and his game looked new too. He was serving very well from the start and his forehand looked pretty lethal as well. What a difference change of surface can make. The one thing I noticed again is that Roger’s backhand jumps up quite high on the clay and there was not much Kohlschreiber could do to attack it. I think the clay helps him in that sense. I also think that Roger is a better clay court player than a slow hard court player. Or at least these days. His movement on clay is great while it would be harder for someone like Djokovic to grind down his backhand. Against Nadal it’s a different story because Nadal is left handed and can use the forehand angle to Roger’s backhand. So I have new hope for Roger against the top two as far as Djokovic goes.

Clay is just a totally different rhythm from hard courts. The ball bounces higher and there is more time between shots. If Roger keeps up this kind of form I think he will definitely make the final. He was good in all departments and never looked troubled out there. Granted Kohlschreiber was not exactly playing a blinder, but like I said this was a refreshing start from Roger after taking some bad losses to the top two in the hard court season. When Roger said in the press that he is ready to make a huge step forward in the clay season it is now just that little easier to believe him. I really hope I won’t regret saying this, but I have new hope(no jinx).

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Roger Federer

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  1. I think Federer is going to get better and better. He looks confident and refreshed. I watched the match this morning and I saw a consistent and determined Roger Federer. His return of serve was noticeably better and his serve was pretty good. I am going to have to say that he will need to play tougher oppononets to be ready for Nadal, that is if Nadal makes it to the final. Go Maestro, time to show them who the clay king really is.


  2. Ru-an, Great to see all the positive vibes coming from you of late. The way Federer played today, looked like he already had a couple of matches on clay under his belt this season. Some of his forehands were just breathtaking. So far, so good. Apart from Australian open, Roger’s results this year has been much much better than last year. I strongly believe, it could be even better. If he could eke out at least one of the three clay masters this season, that will go a long way for his confidence leading up to the French open. As Steve opined in your last post, who knows, Federer may be destined to lift the French open trophy this year. Nothing is certain in tennis as was exemplified by the 2008 Wimbledon. So there is no guarantee that Federer’s French open 2011 cannot come at the expense of one (or both) of the chemical brothers.


    Pranav India Reply:

    DO you have any proof they are doping
    so you have any credible evidence


    Jiten Reply:

    Thanks Neil and Gary for your posts. My reply to Pranav would not have been different from yours.


  3. ruan–agree with your assessment. i do think that the half-step that Federer may have lost with age will not hurt him as much on the clay. also, i think he really does need a few good matches against top opponents to find his timing. he didn’t have a chance in miami with Simon’s retirement. he simply looked undercooked for the nadal match. my sense is that he also just plays better in Europe–he looks relaxed and i’m hoping for good matches. i don’t mind if he loses but i do mind if he loses due to a string of unforced errors and lapses of concentration. go down fighting! so, fingers crossed for a great clay court season


  4. The only reason I know about this blog, is because I put in Rogers name on Google, and saw this. Ruan has done a FANTASTIC job keeping us updated and I love being here. I didn’t see the match today, but it looks like he beat the 32nd ranked player handley. He beat the 32nd ranked player IN THE WORLD handley? I just don’t get it!!!! The top 10 are definately worlds apart I guess. I looked at the bogspot tennis has a steroid problem, and am convinced of it. The musculatur is the evidence IMHO. It really ticks me off to BQH. It’s not fair, but there is no evidence. Do you remember Monty Python saying, ” LOOK AT THE BONES”. I bet you understand my frustration. I have benced 405 lbs, and never looked like Nadal in all my years. It’s time the tennis community took a look at this FAIRLY. That Italien woman looks like the HULK IMHO. Nadal was ripped beyond belief. It gives them a major advantage and Roger looked small in comparison. All I can say is…..GO ROGER….Despite the odds. He is a genius, and the others are posers who are using some form of HGH to get ahead. Look at the E. German woman and draw your own conclusions!!! Finesse is the only way to win Roger. Kick some butt and win a few more GS’s. In 2008 at Wimbledon, I think did him in mentally. He is strong, and I wish him the best. GOOOOO ROGER!!!!!!!! G


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks Gary i appreciate it. I also enjoy your passion and enthusiasm. This doping thing is quite disturbing, but like you said we just gotta keep believing that Roger can use his immense talent and mental reserves to win despite the odds that is stacked against him.


    Gary Reply:

    handily is the correct spelling btw. Ruan, I’m definately passionate when it comes to Roger Federer. Some folks say it’s easy to support such a dominate player, but he really isn’t anymore, and it makes me even more eager for him to show these pundits, that they are wrong. I have always seen him win in the past, but I’m even more into it now. The hardest loss for me was Wim. 2008. Had he won, that would have been the greatest match of all time, being down 2 sets, and saving some match points. Didn’t happen, but the next year against Roddick, I JUST KNEW, he had all the confidence in the world to win, and he did. That showed his utter strength, cause Roddicks serve was so solid. Well, enough talk. I’ll be watching tomorrow, and look forward to your analysis. Laters my friend. G


    gary Reply: Just a little bit more for you unbelievers. EFFFFF YEAH…. G


  5. This was a fantastic start. His movement and footwork is much improved, taking advantage of the extra time he has on clay to slide into position and deftly dance around the ball to hit winners.

    He was intent on staying aggressive. No aimless rallies waiting for something to happen, he sought to construct the point and finish it every time. He was very strong on the backhand, he drove through it rather than just rely on the topspin backhand to defend and stay alive in the rally. Jiten has already commented on his marvelous forehands.

    It goes without saying that Nadal will pose a far stiffer test, but we’ll just have to wait for that.

    However, judging by this match, Federer is committed to developing an attacking game plan for clay and I hope he can stick with it and keep improving.

    Ru-an, I have a technical question: will the clay help Federer’s kick serve? Certainly it slows down the pace of the serve, but shouldn’t the bounce allow him to get the ball up higher with more topspin, making it harder for the opponent to return?


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