Madrid SF: JesusFed Gives Tipsarevic a Free Tennis Lesson 6-2, 6-3

How nice of the GOAT to be handing out so many free tennis lessons on tour these days. I hope his opponents at least gives him a thank you after the match. This was another serving clinic by Roger and got him into his 104th career final. That is a hell of a lot of finals. Roger’s first serve percentage was pretty mind-blowing again at 71%. I think he only lost two points on serve in the first set which was two consecutive double faults at 3-1 . (I just realized the finals starts in and hour so I’m gonna make this short). Roger was down 0-30 on serve but took the next four points and that was pretty much the end of it. After this Roger was unstoppable. He got a second break when Tipsarevic was serving at 2-5 to take the opening set.

In the second set at 2-1 he broke Tipsarevic again with a God-like forehand cross court return. Then it was just a question of keeping up his impressive serving display to pass Nadal again in Masters Series finals made. If he wins today he will have won the most matches in Madrid and also equal Nadal on 20 Masters Series titles again. But maybe most importantly he will pass Nadal in the rankings if he wins. Personally I would get a lot of satisfaction from that. He has been number three for a while now and passing Nadal would be especially sweet. And lets face it he totally deserves it. If he wins Madrid he will have won 7 of the last 10 events he played. He has been incredibly consistent and the best player in the world since the US Open last year.

Since then he has only lost to Nadal, Isner, and Roddick. I just want to congratulate Tipsarevic on a great week too. He has impressed me of late. The fact that he lost so badly to Roger means little. Roger would have destroyed anyone in that mode. In fact I’m mad that Djokovic didn’t make the semis because Roger would probably have man handled him too. In the final Roger will play against Berdych who beat Del Potro 7-6(5), 7-6(6). I didn’t watch but it must have been a good performance from Berdych to beat one of the in form players of the tour. Berdych is not to be underestimated on clay, especially on the faster conditions in Madrid. Roger leads the head-to-head with Berdych 10-4 now after he got revenge in Paris last year with a masterful performance.

Another performance like that and Berdych has zero chance. Roger has obviously been in God mode in Madrid and I expect another clean, efficient performance from him today. The best thing about watching Roger since the US Open last year for me is his business-like attitude on court. He just seems very focused and he has that determination back which he lost for some time. I expect him to be all business again today and to do what must be done. There is a lot at stake here. Winning today would make him a strong contender for the French Open, and if the draw Gods puts Djokovic and Nadal in the same half there, all the better. Roger’s serve has been just awesome this week and it will be the key again today. Make us proud Maestro!

Ps. The Rome draw is out and Roger’s draw looks much friendlier there. If he can win today he will go to Rome and have a great chance of going deep and holding on to the number two spot before Roland Garros. Also Nadal drew Raonic in the second round. Could get interesting.



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  1. Ruan:

    Berdych is up 4-1! And he is on Fire, SMOKING! Reminds me of the 2010 Wimbeldon – Very Disturbing. I am just going to PRAY!

    Good Luck Roger – You can Do it!


  2. I have a theory: though the blue clay supposedly hindered most players, by sheer chance there was bound to be at least one who was perfectly suited to it.

    Berdych seems to be that one-in-a-hundred freak, a natural on the blue clay.

    The surface just works for his game. It’s fast and he can blow through his opponents, they have trouble defending. It’s like love at first sight, Berdych and the blue clay, made for each other.

    He lost five games total going into the semis, I don’t think he dropped serve until the semis. Then straight-setted Del Potro whom he hasn’t taken a set off of in their last three matches.

    The surface has helped him play well without effort, supporting him like water does a fish.

    Federer may not be naturally suited to the surface, but he is the most adaptable player in the game. So he’s figured out how to move, what shots to use.

    Against Raonic he morphed into Stefan Edberg and started serve-volleying to shorten the points on his serve and avoid rallies when he wasn’t sure of his footing.

    Against Tipsarevic he played a perfect match for the conditions, using his soft shots to move Tipsarevic around and open the court for winners without having to overhit in the wind.

    To best the blue clay natural he’s got to use his all-court skills and guile. Even on this surface it must be possible to hook the fish and get him out of the water. At which point, the fish becomes vulnerable. But the problem is hooking the fish!


  3. Roger was VERY LUCKY today!!! I mean serving for the second at 5:3 and choking. Then in the 3rd at 4:3 with 0:40 and not converting until After Berdych gave it to him with Double Fault for 5:3. Then Roger again choking to close it out. Then again 0:40 3 MATCH points and Roger again not converting.

    I am glad he prevailed… cause it would have been very gutting loss if he lost.

    I’m so glad he came through!!! WHEH!!! Anyway, congratulations to HIM!!

    Roger with 20 MASTER 1000 TITLES!!!
    The New NUMBER 2 in THE WORLD!!!

    ALLEZ ROGER FEDERER!!!! :-) )))))


  4. WOW! It has really happened! Roger has moved to #2! I saw that Berdych had gotten better in his last matches. Then he came on so strong in the first set and then the last, I got worried. If you like close games you got it. As for me I just want Roger to beat the opponent quickly. However, he won. He did have to you all his skills.


  5. Guys – I believe this is a Great landmark victory for Roger – A Set Down, Berdych on FIRE and to come back and win this – UNBELIEVEABLE! WHAT A CLUTCH PREFORMANCE!

    Till 2008 we got soo Spoilt by Rogger just winning it easily and we had no clue as to Roger in clutch mode as he nevr needed to be.

    To me this signals the REAL ROGER in 2012 even more than the win against RAFA in IW and against Raonic in Madird. To me this was the ULtimate test and Roger cam thru SOOOOO CLUUTCCCHHH!

    After this I have now even more belief that Roger can take the French Open be it Nadal or Novak.

    Bring them on – Our Man is uo to it!

    GO ROGER – You made my day and that of zillions of your fans!


  6. What a great day! Roger pulled through against a very aggressive opponent. I have to give credit to Berdych for playing well. Roger must be on top of the world right now. Congratulations to Federer. The new number two.


  7. I am starting to believe that the TENNIS Gods are starting to help Roger win in 2012.

    If you think about it – there are some telling signs that this is true…

    After the 2012 AO Open Loss to Nadal:

    First – in Rotterdam – Roger fighting from behind to beat Davydenko before beating Delpo in the Final

    Then, in Dubai, again in the SFs in the 2nd Tiebreak against Delpo after being down multiple set points, he turns it around and wins.

    Then, in IW – after being sick, he fought against Raonic, then again against Bellucci and Nadal to win tough close matches.

    Then here – on Blue Clay, tough encounter with Raonic, and again today with multiple chances – but FINALLY prevailing. For a moment there, I was imagining what happed at the US Open 2011 SF or even at the Paris-Bercy in 2010 against Monfils.

    It’s as if Roger likes it this ways.

    I mean he gets to 0:40… then messes up and lets the other guys get to deuce, then creates another break point chances and then finally converts. It’s nerve racking but I guess that’s how he does it.

    Anyway, with these tight close wins, and the way Roger held his nerves and his serve in some tight moments, he is really starting to believe..

    I mean that 6 week BREAK was an absolute BRILLIANT move and it’s already paying off.

    Just like it did after the break after the US Open, just like it did after the season end.

    I think Roger can easily make SFs in Rome… If Nadal loses to Raonic which is very possible, then he can chill and hope for a lovely draw in the French.

    Berdych, Raonic, DelPo, Tsonga, Isner – these are very nasty oponents but so far Roger has been able to prevail against them. Hopefully they can be drawn with Nadal for a change. I am sure he’ll chokse if Raonic plays like this…

    Allez Roger!!! I am waiting for some pictures with the trophy!


    Jiten Reply:

    Well, Raonic has already lost his first round match in Rome to Mayer 7-6, 6-4. Poor Nadal. LOL!


  8. Raonic is out, Nadal always gets lucky. I heard that there are some rumours that Federer may not play Rome due to a hip injury? Anyone know about this?


    amine Reply:

    He said after the match that he was going to Rme and decide then if he will play. I really hope he will play since he did not mention any injury.


  9. Since Roger is in the same half in Rome as Djoko, there are three scenarios under which Roger can keep his #2 ranking going into the FO, assuming he reaches the semis: 1. a) Roger loses to Djokovic, who b) proceeds to defeat Nadal in the final. Both are a toss-up, so it is 20-25% chance of happening. 2. Roger going to the final, AND defeating Nadal (5-10%) 3. Nadal loses before the final 10%. So overall, the chance that Roger keeps his #2 ranking is 35-45%, under 50%, unfortunately, but still not insignificant. We will know in a week!


    fry Reply:

    I agree with those odds but if I’m Djokovic I wouldn’t even want to entertain the possibility of Nadal being in the same half for the French Open. I think he’d just give Nadal a walkover win.

    And if Federer could beat Nadal in the final then he’s got to feel good about his chances at FO regardless of the draw.

    So the number 2 in this scenario, while it would be nice, is not such a big deal, imo.


  10. It would be a pity if Roger chooses not to play Rome – but he knows what’s good for his body better than anyone. I think it’s mostly fatigue – I mean he played 5 straight days in a row… So it’s normal to be exhausted and tired. Hopefully he can play a couple of rounds – if he doesn’t keep the number 2 ranking, so be it… I think if he plays like he played here and has the freshness, he’ll do very well in Paris. But again, the number 2 ranking can be of big help in the end.

    We’ll see what happens! :-)

    Right now, it’s still sinking in so I’m enjoying this sweet win by Roger! Allez Roger!!


    Dave Reply:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Roger played a lot on a difficult surface against a couple of very tough opponents and probably strained himself. I’m glad he won and now that I think about I think exhaustion played part in Roger’s sketchy performance against Birdshit but he pulled through. It’s been a very positive year for Roger. I hope he can keep up and stay on a roll through the rest of the year.


    steve Reply:

    People were questioning whether it was a good idea to skip MC.

    But if he can come in cold off a six-week break and win a title on a completely new surface that no one ever played on before, he clearly does not need constant match play to be sharp.

    So if he is forced to skip Rome, he will probably not lose too much momentum.

    He doesn’t want to overplay with the Olympics around the corner.

    Whatever will be, will be. If he needs rest, then he needs rest and there’s no getting around it.

    The #2 ranking is very nice, but he can only consolidate it–and put himself in contention for #1–with a major title.

    If he overplays and loses early in a major that does him no good.

    Regarding the RG draw, he WANTS to get Nadal in the RG final, not have Nadal knocked out early.

    I’m sure he’ll evaluate the situation and make a wise decision.


  11. I hope I’m wrong, but I have the nagging suspicion that Roger will pull out of Rome. The court-side interview he gave on Sunday makes it seem like that’s a genuine possibility. Obviously Roger knows his body best, and will take the correct steps. But losing the number 2 ranking wouldn’t be the worst part of skipping Rome, in my opinion. The biggest worry is that skipping Rome basically means that Roger will go into RG without a “real” clay court match under his belt. (If there is any truth in the chorus of complaints we’ve been hearing, it’s that the blue clay in Madrid is a very different surface than the “Terre Batue” of Paris.) Personally, I care much more about Roger being ready for the red dirt than I do about his ranking coming in. Let’s be honest, whether he sits at number 2 or 3, winning the FO title will require beating several top players; there’s simply no way around that. I just hope he’s as healthy and as prepared as he can be, and getting even a couple of matches under his belt at Rome would help a lot.


  12. Very poor performance from Roger. It`s normal not t be in goderer mode for a whole match/tournament but he was outplayed visibly by Berdych. Such massive choking when u don`t even play Nadal is very telling what will happen if he was on the other side. There are no excuses like he plaided lot of tennis (just came from a break) or the surface suited more Berdych. Even if it was true the surface doesn`t matter when u have to serve out the match and u cannot make a 1st serve in or play one rally well – pure choking from a 16 slam champ vs. a strong but even close to Nadal`s mental strength :-( he could keep the pace of Berdych play at all, couldn`t win any long rallies… Really deep black clouds just popped up on the horizon for the next tournaments and this came after so many games this spring where he came to win from behind :-( Hope its just this single match but the old habit was here with a new strength :-(


    Dave Reply:

    Wow, you’re being pretty negative. Would you have preferred he lost because he didn’t play so well. Do you expect Roger to kick ass every match or out hit Berdych on every rally? He had a bad day and pulled through. Sheesh, let’s be more critical of him. I’m sure you left out a few other things.


    Vasco Reply:

    Yeah, Dave I guess some people expect bagels by Roger everytime he enters the court. Maybe they should come down to earth and realise that he is just human like us. He’s no robot. And the guys on the other side of the net aren’t there to watch Roger play; they are there to win and Berdych is no amateur…


    Chris Reply:

    Indeed a very poor performance, he only just won the tournament. You’re hilarious! From what I have seen, Berdych was playing a superb match. I would not call it choking if you get three aces in a row from a server like the Czech being on fire. Berdych believed he could win this match, and he definitely could have won it. Should have won it too. And he would have won it two years ago. But Roger Federer said he wanted to keep playing so his twin girls could see him win on court. So he denied Berdych a well deserved win, just did not give it to him. Did not falter. Did not panic. Did not rush. This was absolutely cold blooded, impressive, ruthless. He wanted his girls to see him win. They did. And you make comments that remind me of what Serena Williams said about a certain type of men. I hope Federer keeps choking his way to many more titles ;-)


    Candace Reply:

    I actually agree with what the OP said in this thread. Roger did play poorly against Berdych, who admittedly was on fire. Once he didn’t get his first serve in, he was toast because Berdych unloaded on his returns. Fed has to raise his form for RG, no doubt.


    Stoyan Reply:

    Its not normal not to be able to close the match when u have the opportunity to serve 2 times and its something characteristic of him last 2 years. he improved a lot after US Open in this department so it was surprising seeing that 2 times in the final set. berdych is more unstable in clutch moments and that have prevented him from winning this match and many others vs Nadal recently.he usually gives a way matches like this than other people outplaying him. Its good Roger went trough though …no question about it.We`ve seen Nadal doing this so many times (last time vs Nalbandian in Indian wells)but nadal never chokes in his own serves when playing anyone besides Jokovich and has to serve out the match…that`s the difference. Fed doesn`t need to bagle anyone or be in Godderer mode all the time as i said earlier…its just that when someone outplays/hits you and you have the chance to serve for the match you just do either or without acing all those last points :-)


  13. i think roger didn’t move so well. however, berdych played very well at the beginning. roger ginded out the win.

    it cannot get better:
    1. Roger won in Nadal’s home.
    2. He won on Nadal’s surface.
    3. He even beat a player that was outplaying him for most of the match like Nadal does all the time.
    4. He overtook Nadal in the atp-rankings as well.

    I love it.


  14. I have cheked the schedule of the remaining tournaments of the season and, because of the new scheduling this year that was mainly changed beacuse of Nadal’s lobbying, i have found out some crazy news which may explain how Roger is dealing with his overall scheduling. They have scheduled, and I think its just outaregeous, back to back to back tournaments where Federer is one of if not the clear favorits : first we will have the olympics, Rogers cup and Cincinatti within 3 weeks, then we will also have basel, Paris and the wtf again in 3 weeks. Before that there is Madrid and Rome back to back, RG and Halle back to back, plus wimbeldon and the US open and shangai. Most of those tournamants are the ones where Federer is suppose to have the hedge except for Rome. I would not be surprised me if he wants to skip Rome so he does not burn himself prior to this crazy middle and end of the season.


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