Madrid Rd 2: Federer def Soderling 6-1, 7-5

The first set today from Roger was Mr. Majestic mode, the second was more like the Roger we’ve been seeing of late. It seems Roger struggles with consistency these days, you can just sense that there is still a certain amount of doubt in his mind from losses suffered of late. If he can keep up the level of the first set on a consistent basis he might even win his first French Open. But as we have seen of late at 2-3 and serving Roger dropped his serve with a very shaky service game, conceding serve with a double fault. Suddenly Soderling after being completely outplayed in the first set was back in the match and for a minute there I was wondering if we would see another collapse from Roger. To my relief Roger broke back in the very next game however.

At 5-5 Roger played a good return game to break Soderling and after that he served out the match, ending in style with a second serve ace. The way Roger played in the first set made me think all the talk from him of late in the media was the real deal, but after the wobbly second set I wish Roger would just sometimes keep a lower profile and let his game do the talking. By saying in the press that you can do certain things you put extra pressure on yourself. Everyone knows Roger is still a threat when he is playing well, it’s not really necessary to remind them. If anything that just shows a certain amount of self doubt. Maybe this is something a coach could help him realize. Anyhow in the end Roger won and avoided the tie break in the process.

At least he was able to break right back and break one more time. Maybe that will help his confidence knowing that he didn’t fold like in the other matches. Next Roger plays against the winner of James Blake and Ivo Karlovic. Seems Roger and Karlovic gets into the same section of the draw often. There is a good chance Blake will beat Karlovic though as he almost won the tournament in Estoril last week. Whoever he plays in the next round I hope Roger steps it up a notch. Playing the way he did in the second set today won’t get him very far in the tournament. Tournaments aren’t won by flashes of brilliance but by consistency. I know everyone wants to hear positive things but Roger has a lot to prove to me before I believe he can win this tournament, or even make the final for that matter.

Roger on the other hand seems confident about his chances. Here is an interview with him in Madrid:

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  1. All in all Roger was inmaculate considering his first match in the tournament.Not sure how strong the opposition was though. He was moving great, he was very quick like he use to.And how about aces? I think is a very strong start. Did you hear about how talented and skilled (like a computer)Murray is? I can´t take the commentators seriously!!
    I have the habit (addiction)of daily visit to your blog to read your comments, be confident!


  2. Hehe so you are the visitor from LA?! I can see someone from LA keeps visiting my blog, i was wondering who it was :-) You’re right it was his first match and considering that he played pretty well. He should really make the final.


  3. Do not forget the poor crowd attitude. Roger is not used to be treat like this. Actually with this game Roger can reach the final /Murray is out of his league on clay/ but better do some changes because another FO like loss from Nadal would bring him overdose of bad moral.


  4. Enjoy your writing, Ru-an. Read your blogs all the time. Curiously, I find Roger and Tiger are going through parallel ‘slumps’ at the same time. Being great champions, they will rise again!

    Keep up the good work.



    Ru-an Reply:

    Hi Eleanor, yes interesting about Tiger and Roger, although i think Tiger’s slump is purely because he was sidelined through injury. I appreciate your comment. In the end this is what makes the writing worth while for me. Not how Roger performs on court. Im not even sure i wouldve had much to write about had Roger dominated like he did in the past!


  5. Hi Ru-an, just read an article about Roger’s nomination for the 2009 Prince of Asturias Award, which is to be presented in October. Roger has turned it down for various reasons. Could this be the reason in the aforementioned comment “….poor crowd attitude to Roger”? It makes me wonder as I am sure this would not be too well accepted by the Spanish people. His nomination came from Nadal and someone else. Would like to hear your response. Also, Roger’s last sentence in his statement is a bit out of place, in my opinion. Hope Roger will continue to play well and WIN in Madrid.


  6. Mmm interesting. I will find out about the Asturius Award. Nice from Rafa to nominate him. I didnt really notice anything from the crowd did you? I just remember at the end when they were cheering for him. What did Roger say in his last sentence?


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