Like a King, Federer will Rise…

As you would have noticed, the new theme of my blog is ‘like a king, I’LL RISE‘. This is not because I think it looks good. I actually think it will happen, and I want as many Fedfanatics as possible to believe this with me. The reason for this is not that I doubt it will happen, but because I believe that thoughts are energy and they have an effect on reality. I won’t go into a detailed discussion why I believe this, because this is not my spirituality blog. But maybe you have heard about the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that whatever you think and feel influences your reality. But because thoughts are energy, it can also influence other people’s reality. I believe prayer works by a similar mechanism, as well as telepathy. If you want a better explanation, I will soon make a post in my spirituality post about why exactly I believe this.

But we can do an experiment anyway. We can all visualize Roger coming back successfully and winning the US Open. That may be a tough ask at the moment for him, but there is no reason we can’t give it a go. After all, Roger has won the US Open 5 times already, and he will probably have a chance of winning there as long as he plays. So can you see it? Can you feel it? How sweet would a 6th US Open be? He will have the record for the most US Open titles in the open era, ahead of Sampras and Connors. He will also have his 17th slam in the bag, and all the disappointment since the Australian Open would be a thing of the past. It would be another 2 grand slam year, which is a great year in anybody’s book. The key to this working is not to have doubt and wonder how it will happen. The only requirement is absolute faith in the outcome.

Worrying about Nadal and Roger’s problems with big hitters is not going to help. That sends negative energy to the GOAT. We want to send him our positive vibes because that will give him strength. A lot of people believe that Nadal is now the favorite for the US Open. Some of the betting sites have Roger and Rafa as joint favorites, while other have Rafa as the favorite. It helps Rafa that Del Potro is not playing, but it helps Roger as well who lost to Del Potro in last year’s final. Rafa has never been past the semi-finals of the US Open, and many believe he has his best chance to win it this year after his recent run of good form. Rafa has never been able to win the US Open because it is the only slam which could really be classified as a fast surface anymore. Because he plays a defensive game, there is always the possibility that he could be hit off the court like last year when Del Potro spanked him 2, 2, and 2.

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The other problem for him is that this is hard court, which is problematic for his knees. Also, the US Open comes at a time of the year when his taxing game style has already taken a big toll on him. This year he has scheduled better, but the clay and grass court seasons was long for him, while Roger will be fresh. Last year Roger went through what Rafa went through this year, and it could have been what cost him the US Open. The same could happen to Nadal. I don’t know if Rafa is playing Toronto, but it may be a good idea for him to skip it. He already started having knee problems during Wimbledon, and playing two Masters Series events before the US Open can take a toll on his knees. Now don’t go visualizing that Nadal gets knee problems. That could work as well, but I would not recommend it. I also believe in karma and what you reap you will sow.

So rather spend your energy on sending Federer positive thoughts rather than sending Nadal negative thoughts. I think Roger will rise whether we send him positive thought or not, but if a lot of us do this it may just hasten his comeback. If you look at Pete Sampras, he went through a period of more than 2 years where he did not win a single title, but came back to win the US Open in 2002. This should give us even more reason to be positive. Of course the press has made a big deal of the fact that Roger made two quarter finals of slams and have written him off. But we know better than that. We have been here before at the beginning of 2009. I have no doubt Roger will rise again, but I would love to see it happen at this year’s US Open already. I’m looking forward to see if our experiment works.

Ps. Don’t tell the Rafanatics about our little experiment Smiley

Does thoughts create reality?

Roger Federer

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  1. I am on the bandwagon, and sometimes I am pessimistic. Use the law of attraction, not only for Roger, but I’ll try to use it for me. Think positive!


  2. Totally agree with you. The law of attraction can work wonders & i say this from experience. If all the Fedfanatics from around the world excercise it together, then nothing can stop Fed from rising to the top all over again.
    It is said that ‘If u want want something very badly, the whole world conspires to get it for you’ …So be it for Rog too!

    May the Positivity always be with Federer! :-)
    Love & support him always! xo


  3. Hi Ru-an, am joining you 100%….let us Fedfans all practice the Power of Positive Thinking, Roger will come back. We miss him and tennis needs him.


  4. Hi Ru-an . I’m from Serbia and I’m Federer,big, fan. Your post’s is very,very interesting and good.
    I think that Roger can win US Open and three more Grand Slams.
    Federer is the GOAT!!!

    Sorry for my bad English.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks Joker :-)


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