Lets Get Behind Roger Federer


Above you can find the Stockholm draw. It looks like Roger’s path to the title will be something like Dent, Wawrinka, Ljubicic, and Soderling. Dent shouldn’t be a problem, but Wawrinka could potentially be his toughest match of the tournament. Wawrinka has changed coaches of late, now working with Roger’s old coach Peter Lundgren, and they have already had some pretty good results. But either way I’d really like Roger to win this event, just to show that the Shanghai form was the start of something better and to add another title to 2010. Two titles so far really isn’t much and he really has a great opportunity to win this one. Then he can take a week off and come back confident for Basel and Paris. Ever since Roger’s loss to Murray in Shanghai I have heard a lot of criticism and negativity.

For some reason people just loves to write off  an all time great, just because has been going through a rough patch and is struggling to string wins together. It just goes to show how much is expected of Roger. He is still expected to win every match he plays even though he is over his prime. And I’m not going to deny that I want him to win every match he plays. It is something we have gotten used to and it is a great feeling when he dominates the opposition. But we also have to be reasonable and take things in context. I was the first person who expected Roger would make short work of Murray, but it didn’t work out that way. But regardless of that I think it’s important to recognize what Roger achieved last week. He played a great match against Isner, totally obliterated the fifth best player in the world, and made short work of the world number two and so called hottest player on tour.

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In the process he also got back to number two in the world. I’d say that’s a pretty darn good week. Who cares that he lost to Murray? Murray couldn’t even get past the third round of the US Open. The guy isn’t a threat in slams. Not until he proves he can win one anyway. He specializes in Masters Series events, while for Roger it’s mostly about the slams. Murray plays a negative pushing game that gets him nowhere when Roger is playing his best. If Roger played the way he did against Djokovic in the Shanghai final, there is no doubt he would have made short work of Murray. The important thing was that he beat Djokovic, who has beaten him recently in a slam. If we are true Fedfans, we must take Shanghai as a positive.

We want Roger to be completely dominant, but first of all that has become harder with age. Second, we must give him more time to get back his confidence after his recent slump. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say. It took Roger a long time to finally get over his mono slump, and this slump that began with lung infection will also take a while. The way I know Roger, he will take last week as a positive moving forward, and so should we. He has already had consistent results since starting to work with Annacone. Now we just have to get behind him and believe that things will continue to get better. It’s easy to believe that Roger’s loss to Murray was a sign that he just can’t string enough wins together anymore, but where does that get us? I think a true Fedfan will always remain optimistic, even in the face of criticism and negativity from everyone else.

I also think Roger picks up from his fans what they are feeling and it must have an influence on him. You just can’t write him off. For all we know he may dominate the Masters Cup and the Australian Open. And even if he doesn’t, I still believe he has at least two more slams left in him. So lets get behind Roger and send him our positive energy.

Roger Federer

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  1. Like the article. Quite a balanced one. I wish Roger all the best in the remaining four tournaments of 2010 and a strong start in 2011.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks bro.


  2. “It’s easy to believe that Roger’s loss to Murray was a sign that he just can’t string enough wins together anymore, but where does that get us? I think a true Fedfan will always remain optimistic, even in the face of criticism and negativity from everyone else.”

    My thoughts exactly… I was quite upset with the negative tweets and posts after this loss. I was disappointed in the “fans”, you included (sorry), who were so negative and felt that roger had let them down or owed them this win in some way.

    I believe in roger no matter what. I am sad when he loses, only because its so much nicer to see him win.. lol, but I never write him off or think he cant win again. Im not stupid..I know that he didnt play very well on Sunday, but that is when I stand behind my champion and hold my ground. That is when he needs our support most. It is easy to support someone when things are good, but its important to support them when things are not. He has earned that.

    Anyway… enough for now. lol. You know how I love to challenge you haha.. had to put my two cents in.
    Great job.


    Ru-an Reply:

    You are a very loyal fan, ill give you that ;-) Personally i feel i have the right to criticize him as a fan, but in the end ill always support him.


  3. Unfortunately I fell in love with Roger and his game and want him to win everything, but tennis is a sport after all.In life there´s no given, just because you are the Best don´t mean you are going to perform the best.
    That´s what keep competition alive.
    Go roger!!!


  4. I didn’t say you shouldn’t criticize him.. lol.. You can do whatever you want… I’m just saying that perhaps it’s better to support him. I am sure he knows he didn’t play well and is upset with himself.. Of course he is going to lose, and during a match I have been known to tweet some pretty tough love towards roger, but I don’t think he has to earn anything, or that he owes me anything. I am fan and he plays a lot of tennis for me to watch. That is enough for me.

    I guess to me being a fan means that I believe in his ability to amaze me, and I’m never let down. Even in a horrible match there is always an amazing shot that takes my breath away. I would rather focus on that. I don’t love him based on results or trophies. I just love him. I’m not implying that others don’t, I’m just saying that I am different I guess.

    I suppose I just get defensive when I see or hear him being criticized.. such is my nature I suppose. Still love ya though ;-)


  5. I would add that as a fan, I’m just amazed at Federer’s constant desire to improve and alter his game. I was actually quite surprised he made it to the final after such a long layover. Not because I doubted his ability but it’s hard to get back swinging after you haven’t played competitively for so long.

    I’d say that what I am most looking forward to in the last stretch of Fed’s career is what he will bring to his game to compete and how we need to enjoy and support all of it, regardless of whether he wins or loses.

    That said, I think the best ending would be if he were to beat Nadal at a Slam final. I think he has it in him to do it.


  6. What do you mean, “get behind” Federer? I’m supporting him, just as I’ve always been since I became a fan :-)

    We should give him a wide berth. He is facing new challenges, as he tries to balance family life with his career. We must realize that he is exploring completely uncharted territory. There are no precedents or models for him now. Not even the greatest champions of the past, such as Sampras and Laver, can really understand the situation he is confronting now.

    So the only thing we can do is cheer him on as he enters the later phase of his career, and continue to enjoy his tennis.


    Ru-an Reply:

    You and Ines are two of the most loyal Fedfans i know ;-) Ines seems to be in a class of her own though.


    steve Reply:

    Thank you. I agree, Ines’ enthusiasm knows no bounds.


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