It’s Official, Federer Hires Annacone!


Dear Fans

Paul and I have had a good trial period. He will be working with me during the US Open and I look forward to having Paul as a member of my team going forward and he will be integrated more and more as his responsibilities with LTA wind down.

See you soon


I thought this was great news. It wasn’t quite clear whether Federer would hire Annacone after he seemed uncertain in a presser in Cincy. I said from the start that Roger should hire Annacone as soon as possible and was hoping his stubborn streak would not ruin it again. But in the end he obviously wants what is best for his tennis and because of that he was willing to get outside help. So far it has worked like a charm. Annacone wasn’t with him in Cincy, but they had already made the breakthrough in Toronto after a disappointing summer. Now I’m pleased to hear Annacone will join Roger at the US Open. I feel like Annacone is just that muse that Roger needs to express himself more fully on the tennis court and win several more slams. I feel more calm when he is next to the court and I’m sure Roger does too.

The future looks bright!

Roger Federer

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  1. Good news. He doesn’t need the kind of coach who rubs his player’s shoulders and murmurs “You’re the best, champ, now go get ’em” before a match and pats his back and says “There, there” after a loss. He’s highly independent and he already has a personal support system in the form of Mirka and Luthi.

    What he needs is a great tennis mind with whom he can have a real dialogue, an exchange of ideas between equals, and who can give him a new perspective on his game. From everything I have read about Annacone it seems he will be a good fit in that role.

    Good luck Roger!


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