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If you visit the above link you will hear and interview that BBC did with Roger. It’s not that in depth though it’s just four questions and about 6 minutes long. Roger sounds quite relaxed and in control in the interview which is nice to know and there came some interesting things out of it. The first question is about the fact that he is struggling more then he used to these days. He explains that there used to be a lot of pressure on him when he was number one and that he felt he made good decisions, for instance that he always tried to improve and not take anything for granted. Then he gets asked about the racquet smashing episode and his form of late. He says that it has been a tough year and a half he is happy to have gotten rid of that Mr. Perfect by the racquet smashing.

Also that he is not the kind of guy that makes excuses but the monocluosis didn’t help his cause and then just as he started to find form again at the end of last year he developed the back problem which meant he had to start all over again. Then at the Australian Open he was playing well but got beaten by Rafa who was really playing well and he was surprised more credit wasn’t given to Rafa. Everyone seemed to be focusing on what he was doing wrong. He is also saying that the recent losses is not that worrying to him because in all the matches he still felt like he could beat these guys and that the matches was on his racquet. He was also asked why he thought he still had a chance at winning the French Open after the way Rafa has been dominating on clay.

To that he just basically said he felt he was still pretty close to Rafa and that he needs to catch him on an off day which would give him a chance. Also that maybe at some point Rafa will start doubting himself after dominating for so long. Then finally he was asked what he thought about the fact that Murray will be switching places with Djokovic in the rankings now to which he said that the most important spots were number one and two and that the change won’t make much of a difference. This is roughly what was said in the interview so if you want details I suggest you listen to the recording. In a sense it was an eye opener because Roger seemed very laid back as if he is taking everything very much in his stride.

It is good to see and also reminds me not to take everything so seriously. I guess it’s easy to start looking for what’s wrong when Roger is not winning the matches I feel he should be winning. I don’t always know what to make of his interviews and on court results. I call it the way I see it but that doesn’t mean it is a fact. It’s clear to me now the mono and back problems was a big influence on his dip in form. But I also know there is more then just that. As I said before those may have been the things that started the problems for him but now he has developed mental problems against certain players and his confidence has taken a dip. It may not be as serious as I thought, but then again things have been getting worse of late.

At the beginning it was only Rafa that was a problem opponent for him. The fact that Rafa could get into his head then carried over to Murray, and now Djokovic is in his head as well. Murray and Djokovic is not officially a threat to Roger in the slams yet, but they will almost surely become one the way things are going now. That means there is potentially three guys that can beat him in grand slams. And who says it stops there? OK we know the top four guys are in a class of their own, but if Roger keeps losing to them whose to say the same thing won’t happen against players outside of the top four? It’s like a spiralling effect at the moment and I don’t know where it will stop. It’s a question of which way Roger is heading at the moment.

Is the graph going up or is it going down? Looking at this results of late you have to say it is going down. And if it is going down where will the turning point come? If there doesn’t come a turning point then he will start losing to Murray and Djokovic in the slams as well, and then to lesser players. And he certainly doesn’t want that. My concern is that things will just continue to get worse for R0ger, and that he is still not realizing that something drastic has to change, like getting a coach or a psychologist or something. Listening to the interview you wouldn’t think there is much wrong in the Federer camp, he seems very relaxed. So maybe I am after all making too much of this, but at least I won’t be the only one. I’ll let you my readers make a vote on this one for a change.

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  1. I am troubled by Roger’s comment on French Open about catching Rafa on an off-day to win, also that he still thinks he can beat all top players to win. To me, he should be playing Rafa in his top form in order to claim that he is still able to win the match and trophy. Is my thinking wrong, Ruan?


    Ru-an Reply:

    Hi Dolores, no i dont think your thinking is wrong. But it wouldnt bother me if Roger wins the French Open because Rafa had an off day. This is simply because Rafa is so dominant on clay. I mean he is arguably the best clay courter off all time, only Bjorn Borg also has a claim to that. So I have always thought for Roger to win the French is a very tough ask. In tennis it is probably impossible to be the greatest of all time on all surfaces. I mean its unheard of. Roger cant be the greatest of all time on clay, hard and grass respectively, its just impossible. So although it would be better if Roger can beat Rafa on clay when he is at his best I dont know if that is possible. He came pretty close in 2006 when he lost 7-6 in the fourth set to Rafa in Paris but he was at his absolute peak then. So if he wants to beat Rafa on clay now he has to get a little bit lucky.

    At this point Roger isnt even beating Djokovic on clay, so how does he expect to beat Rafa?! I think he is deluding himself if he thinks he can win the French Open this year. If he wins Madrid then maybe i would change mind, but i dont see that happening. For now i am just hoping he makes the semi-finals at Roland Garros.


  2. Thank you, Ruan, for your reply to my question. Appreciate your in-put, always delighted to read your blog. I believe we all are as fragile as Roger seems to be, we want him to win and yet we are doubtful if he is able to do so. I will never give up hope, am trying to be positive that he will have a breakthrough and come back strong. He is THE GENTLEMAN OF TENNIS, we need him back.


  3. Well im always delighted to read your comments :D I agree, he’s a great guy and a great player. I really hope he can come back like you said.


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