French Open Rd 4: Federer def Warinka 6-3, 6-2, 7-5

Very good performance from Roger today. With it he makes his 28th consecutive grand slam quarter final, a new open era record. The first two sets was basically JesusFed. He couldn’t do much wrong, breaking Wawrinka three times. In the third set he played a loose game at the beginning of the set which cost him his serve. But I liked that he showed real determination to get the break back. He wasn’t just gonna let the set go. This is the kind of mentality that I have been asking from Roger and which he haven’t always seen from him of late. Once again the important stat was the 5/6 break point conversion rate, and once again it means the difference between JesusFed and Federror. This is good signs for Roger. When JesusFed showed up last year during the Masters Cup his break pint conversion rate was good.

I must say I didn’t expect to see this kind of form Roger has shown so far given the clay court season the he has had. It just shows that he puts emphasis on the slams. His backhand was also surprisingly solid today. If he keeps this up he may even have a chance against the likes of Djokovic, although Djokovic is sure to test his backhand thoroughly. Other than that he just mixed it up very well, not giving Wawrinka many similar balls and keeping him off balance.

This is the Federer that I fell in love with. It was clean, efficient tennis, not that ugly Federror who is so unsure of himself on the court. He now waits for the winner of Monfils and Ferrer. The way he is playing now I think his chances are looking very positive against either one of those. I don’t care how well Ferrer is playing, he is simply to limited to bother JesusFed.

The real test will be against Djokovic. That is really where we will find out what he is made of. There will be nowhere to hide. Everything will be tested, including his backhand. But at least I am feeling more and more positive about his chances. I know nothing less than JesusFed will do against Djokovic. And that just gives him a fighting chance. I am even allowing myself to think further than the semis now, even though it’s still a long way to go. If Nadal happens to make the final and Roger beats Djokovic, then Roger deserves his final spot and beating Nadal would not be out of the question. The ideal scenario is of course that Roger beats Nadal in the final, but there is no need to think that far. There is too many scenarios that can still take place. Nadal can still lose before the final for all we know. Personally I would still prefer that.


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