For Your Information – My Blog May Spend Some Time in Limbo Again

Well I have some bad news for you, but not too bad. I have lost my credit card privileges, which means that I can’t pay for my Federer Blog hosting at the moment. This will mean that my blog will go offline in a couple of days if I don’t find a solution. If fact I have a solution, but this solution will only work from next month onwards. So until then my blog will go offline, unless one of you will miss my blog so badly that you want to pay the $9.95 yourself, until I can pay for my hosting again. I can’t even ask for donations because in my country I can’t accept money through Paypal. Unfortunately in my country Paypal is pretty limited, or else I may have been able to transfer money to Paypal through a normal bank account. So anyway, I just wanted to let you know. I don’t want to just disappear offline like I have in the past.

I’m sorry that it has to happen in a time when you are probably really missing Roger, after he has now withdrawn from Dubai as well, but I simply have no way to pay for my hosting right now. If any of you feel like paying the $9.95 be my guest. You will just have to contact me soon so I can give you the info to get it done. If not, then I will miss you and see you next month, hopefully before Roger plays again, but I’m sure I’ll be back before then. In the mean time I will focus more on my Seduction of Spirit Blog, which I have somehow managed to keep online. Maybe make a couple of posts about Roger there as well, just so you don’t totally lose it. Just kidding! Lol! Seriously though, if there is any important news and my Federer blog is offline, I will let you know through my Spirituality Blog. Not sure if I’ll make another post in the next couple of days here, but if not then I bid you Fedwell for now.

May the Fedforce be with you! ;-)

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