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This is my first blog and i will use it to introduce myself. My name is Ru-an and i used to be a tennis player myself. I tried to make it as a pro but it is harder then you think! :-) Anyhow i finished with tennis in 2007 and since then i’ve been working on the internet. I was doing a lot of affiliate marketing but kind of got tired of the whole sales thing and i have since found Squidoo where i can create my own lenses at no cost and with little effort. It is a lot of fun and i have made some lenses of Roger as well. If you want to check out Squidoo the link is on my blog, it’s really a nice community over there. Since i have started there i have enjoyed writing and so i’ve decided to start a blog on Federer. It’s also a good way to get traffic to my lenses.

The reason i’m starting a blog on Federer is because i like tennis of course but i also basically worship Federer. I like him as a player and as a person, so i respect him in all areas. He is a rare individual, both a great champion and a very popular human being. In my mind he is already the greatest tennis player of all time and it’s just a question of time before he breaks Sampras slam record. Whether he wins the French Open or not is not that relevant in my mind since the greatest clay courter of all time in Rafael Nadal is around. In this blog i will closely follow the remainder of Federer’s career and on as well as off the court. I hope this will become a very popular blog amongst not only Federer fans but tennis fans in general, as i love the whole game not just Federer and will keep track of it in my blog.

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  1. great! from playing tennis to making blogs. I had met many people with the same story, who are doing for years what they really love for their life but ended up as online marketer or blogger due to some financial setbacks and found their fortune in the net.

    Thanks for sharing, it inspires me.


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  3. Oh my I just realized there are some blog posts of yours which I have still not read yet !! :o


    Ru-an Reply:

    Haha I just added the plugin that shows related posts last night. Glad you found it.


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