Federer’s Wimbledon 2010 Outfit – Sometimes Less is More


What do you think? I like the match shirt, the jacket, and the shoes the most. The jacket seems more like something he wore before. As Roger promised, ‘sometimes less is more’. Maybe he realizes he has to keep a lower profile this year since his results have been so poor since the Australian Open. Yo Roger, when you’re done winning Wimby, mind passing me on some of those sweet clothes champ? ;-)

May the Fedforce be with you.

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  1. Dude. Little typo there that made me LOL.

    But yes. Less is more. Glad to see he toned it down and isn’t going to be arriving in a horse-drawn carriage with a plume in his bandanna. :-P

    Go Rajah!


  2. Seems like it’s a response to last year when Roger’s outfit was criticized as being too gaudy. I think that was more the Nike designers’ fault than Roger’s, but it’s good that they went for a less fancy look this time.

    I like the idea of back to basics, both for his clothing and his tennis. He doesn’t need ostentatious finery to prove he’s the king. His tennis does the talking for him.

    Hoping for Grand Slam number 17!


  3. I can only hope that these golden inspired apparels will truly inspire golden performance from Roger. Hopefully by the end of this Wimbledon we don’t have to talk about Roger’s decline.


  4. It is a bit toned down compared to that outrageous 3-piece suit he wore. But still, it’s a frigging Mexican wedding shirt (guayabera), for crying out loud. Hope the manpurse is not golden this time.


    jane Reply:

    hehe that man purse…could put a dog in there, is he trying to match the wimbeldon trophy or what


    Ru-an Reply:



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