Federer Wins Silver at the Olympic Games – Happy Birthday Roger!

Hi guys, I’ve been really busy of late so I’m sorry I couldn’t make more posts during the Olympics. I just watched the highlights of the Del Potro match on Youtube and what a match that was. Roger being a break up in the deciding set and then losing it. Again being up 40-0 on the Del Potro serve and failing to convert. Finally winning 19-17 in the third set in 4 hours and 25 minutes. The tennis was of a very high quality and it must be one of the best matches of the year, even though just three sets. As usual it seems Roger’s old reliable serve swung things in his favor in this match. Then of course Murray beat Djokovic 7-5, 7-5 in the other semi.

I wasn’t sure what would happen with Murray after losing to Roger at Wimbledon in another slam final. I thought it was a positive loss for him but wasn’t sure whether he would slump again. But apparently he saw it as a positive too as he beat Djokovic and Roger to win the gold medal. In the final he pretty much destroyed Roger, just judging from the score as I couldn’t find any highlights. I did see the post match interview however and from the looks of things Roger was emotionally drained in the final. Not to take anything away from Murray, who I am very happy for. I felt bad for him after the Wimbledon final.

So really I didn’t feel too bad about this loss from Roger. He can’t win everything folks, especially at 30 years of age. The important thing is that he bagged the big one at Wimbledon. The gold medal would have been the cherry on top but I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it. Like I said, I’m happy for Murray for whom this is now the highlight of his career so far. He has been playing well of late and I like the fact that he is improving. I never liked Murray but since the beginning of this year I changed my attitude towards him and he is now starting to catch up with the top three. He still hasn’t win a slam though, which is another matter altogether.

The Olympics have become more prestigious of late but it’s still nothing compared to the slams. It’s not even up there with the Masters Cup. I mean you have guys like Rosset and Massu who have won Olympic gold. Guys some of you have probably not even heard of. It would have been nice if Roger won it this year. It was probably his best chance and it would have been extra special at Wimbledon. But he still won the silver and has an Olympic gold anyway. In the final he was not quite there mentally and physically after an emotional tournament for him. It started off with the match against Falla in the first round and then the semi with Del Potro.

It seems the quarter final with Isner was tough as well. But mainly the Del Potro match must have tired him out before the final. I didn’t think it would, but having seen the highlights and the duration of the match it must have taken it’s toll. And lets not sell Murray short, he must have played very well. This week Toronto started and Roger withdrew from the event, which is a good decision. Nadal won’t be playing either, so probably Djokovic or Murray will win it. It looks like Roger will remain #1 for the US Open however. If Djokovic wins both Toronto and Cincy, which is highly unlikely to happen, then Roger has to make the final of Cincy to remain #1.

If Djokovic makes one final and wins one of the two events, Roger only needs to make the quarters of Cincy, which is pretty much guaranteed. If Djokovic makes to finals, then Roger remains #1 regardless of what his result is in Cincy. So the chances of Roger not being #1 at the US Open seems very slim indeed. The fact that he is skipping Toronto doesn’t affect his preparation for the all important US Open in the least either. He is on such a high at the moment that one tournament is more than enough preparation. I like his chances in Cincy too. I think he wins it again, although Djokovic and Murray will be tough opposition.

And lets not forget Del Potro, who could be a big factor in his favorite North American hard court stretch again. And last but not least, today is Roger’s 31st birthday! Thanks GOAT for all the memories and triumphant moments. May there be many more to come!

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  1. Looking back, it was an amazing month. Just think what you would feel if someone told you after the FO (or Rome) that Federer would have so much success in July, winning the 17th slam and silver medal and going back to #1. Extraordinary!

    Looking ahead, I’m not sure what Federer should do in the upcoming weeks but he must do everything he can to get the hunger back, the needed focus and the desire by the time the USO starts.

    Trick question:
    Who would you prefer now for Federer to meet in the USO semis – Murray or Nadal?


    Ernest Reply:

    Nadal of course. Over faster courts, Nadal is less of a factor and Federer doesnt have a problem beating him, plus he is coming back from an injury. Murray has been playing really well lately so better stay away from him til the final.


    Kelsey Reply:

    You know, this might sound crazy, but I think I’d pick Nadal to be in Roger’s draw. Yes, he may be out for now because of what’s been going on with his knees… but let’s look at the bigger picture here.

    He hasn’t won a non-clay title since 2010. Taking nothing away from the guy, he DID make all of those finals last year, which should be a great season for most tennis players. But for Nadal, losing to the same guy consecutively, and especially in Australia this year, definitely gave him some major confidence issues. Even though he got his record 7th FO, and beat Djokovic in the process, it didn’t really do anything for him in the long run. He made early round exits at both Halle and Wimbledon, and ever since, he hasn’t been around. I also just read that he withdrew from Cincy also, so it puts major “Ifs” on his return to tennis. I suspect that he might not even play the US Open – and if he does, should we be surprised if he loses early? We don’t know if he will have the preparation necessary to really pose a threat to Roger, Djokovic, or even Murray.


    jason Reply:

    Ugh… withdrawing from Cincy as well? This is news. Certainly does not look good for him. But it’s been quite a few times that we thought it would be difficult for him to return to the top after injuries. Again & again he proved it was not the case. 2010 was the most spectacular example of this.

    We just don’t know these days. But if he really can’t return to his previous top form, it means for the time being, the dope has already been max-ed out. It will be even more interesting to see if this is the case. Losing is so painful to him that he has to feign injury everytime he loses early. So, will he retire early just like Borg? Borg was 26 when he retired, Nadal is 26. Borg at the time had won 11 slams, just the same number Nadal has won as of now.


    Kelsey Reply:

    I don’t think he’s going to retire early as I’m still very sure that he wants to make more history, win more slams, at least be a contender for these things. I know that he makes comebacks, but what really stands out is that he hasn’t won a title off of the clay since 2010! That’s a crazy fact.


    jason Reply:

    The news:


  2. Roger has been struggling since the start of Olympic but he manage to hold it till the Finals. Delpo match was out of this world but Roger’s determination and clutch serving saw his through. Its one of the best matches this year. Too bad he ran out steam against Murray but at his age, its pretty good result. I like how he decided to be positive about his silver. USO will be very interesting this year, let’s see how Murray respond to more pressure to win his maiden GS.


  3. I am sort of addicted to your posts ruan.Even when you are not making them regularly, I regularly check the website.Obviously they are that good.Congratulations to medal winners at Olympics- Murray,delpotro and of course our man Roger who is a year stronger now.Best wishes as always!!


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks aj I appreciate that a lot. People like you motivate me to make more posts.


  4. Roger is a clever besides talanted player and it never stops to amaze me how he looses matches since AO 2010 – he seemed to lose almost any possible match if nadal was await with few exceptions on non slam tournaments. He found that getting back to N1 can be easily achieved if he wins smaller tournaments and wins only one slam (which is though possible if nadal is injured or beaten before reaching the final of a slam). Kindda remind me of C.Wozniacki who was N1 one even without winning any slams. Seems like also luck plays equal importance for Federer resurection this year. Matches vs Del potro at FO quaterfinal (Delpocouldn`t play due to knee injury after winning first 2 sets), after that weird play and self beating himself vs Jokovic (maybe to avoid Nadal).Mtach vs Benneteau was the same as vs Delpotro at FO – he stopped playing due to injury 5th set. Actually Fed was fithing for each ball only for the small tournaments before FO to collect the points needed before Wimby starts so quater or semifinal was Ok for FO. Than at olympics huge strugles with Falla , great play vs. Isner and delpo and the most weird loss since FO 2008 final.
    30 years of age is not 300 lets be fair. match vs DelPo was too long but there was a day rest. Even if tired he must be motivated at least to play the 1st few games of 1st set on his usual level.There was no single moment entire match where he should he wants to win a game somethimes even points at all.totally flat – being tired and not motivated is quite different. If he played well at least few games and then strart running slower and because of that cannot time his shots or defend fine but he clearly went out not willing put any effort – verry weird.That was even flatter performance than the 3 sets in a row he lost to Tsonga on Wimby last year to loose in 5 sets.
    I recently found out that there is a rule in thenis about :giving your best effort” when you play and davidenko was fines ones (Davy loves to bet on tennis games even his in the bast if you google can see it yourselves).So in a article is said about Federer being fined as a youngster to fot not giving his best. here is the quotation:

    “The ATP does not keep track of “best effort” violations, but we know of at least one other instance involving a certain cherubic-faced Swiss prodigy in 1998. Then-17-year-old Roger Federer was still bouncing between the junior and pro circuits late that year and had just earned some of his first significant ATP results when he slogged off to Kublis, Switzerland, to play a lower-level pro event.

    Here’s how biographer Rene Stauffer described the incident in “The Roger Federer Story: Quest for Perfection”:

    His listlessness didn’t escape tournament referee Claudio Grether. “He simply stood unmotivated and nonchalantly on the court and double-faulted twice each game,” Grether explained. After Federer lost to [Armando] Brunold 7-6, 6-2, Grether imposed a $100 fine against Federer because he violated the “best effort” rule. … Federer silently received the verdict. With prize money earnings of only $87, Federer left Kublis with a $13 deficit. … “The fine was justified,” he admitted.

    The “best effort” call is the most subjective an umpire can make, a bazooka that’s supposed to be hauled out only in extreme cases. The wording of the rule in the ATP, WTA and ITF regulations doesn’t spell out any specific criteria that should be used in making the determination. ”
    here is the link to the article which is dedicated originally to davidenko`s fine and i am posting this just to say that FED`s game at the olympics was too flat even for a 3o year old , happend to be the GOAT and comming from a marathon match vs Del potro.
    For US Open as usual if nadal goes all the way to the final Roger won reach it for whatever reason u can think of.Just how it goeas for years…


    Margriet Reply:

    Are you a RF fan I don’t think so therefor I will refresh you’re memory.

    Since AO 2010 Roger won not only smaller tournaments but twice WTF where he beat Nadal twice and last year heavy 63 60 Also in IW last april 63 64. Since USO 2011 he won 8 tournaments including 2 Masters. SF Wimbledon he beat Novak N1 at that time and defending champion.
    Roger is always motivated and give he’s all. Referring to 17 year old Roger is at least unfair. For the last 8/9 years he won the Stefan Edberg sportmanships award voted by his peers.

    As far as Nadal every time he loss a match to a lower ranked player he is “injured”


    stoyan Reply:

    WTF is not a slam tournament and is played in the end of the year in a 2-set format. Nadal was totally out of sorts on their last meeting – according to some was out of his “juice” (doping).
    I think if WTF was earler in the year Nadal can beat Federer – no question though who is better on indoors hard courts.On any other surfaces they are equal and nadal is totally dominating on clay which is not FED`s worse surface but the surface that exposes his weaker mentality when matches get tight.If Nadal is 2:2 on Wimby and thanx to Roger this is not yet in Nadal`s favour because he was not able to reach finals previous 2 years (some say he subcosciously loose not to meet him and ruin his h2h)
    Stefen Edberg Award is totaly compromissed since Nadal got it in 2010…
    The 2 masters ..well madrid was without nadal and Djoko who in my opinion lost on purpose to force ATP to kick out this blue surface next year.The one in IE was barely won by FED thanx to the wind and some luck. Still this proves that he intended to got to n1 by winning smaller tournamnets by wich i meant those played in 2 set format.
    FED is human and we dont need to excuse him everytime he looses. There are plenty of videos online where we can see he is like everyone else on tour – see refree talk on US Open vs Delpo, trying to cheat on a point vs Nadal, there are evn interviews with player who felt he wasnt giving any effor against them.It doesnt happen so often and we think he is superhuman but he is not.Supertalanted player is OK :-)
    Check the article here http://www.tennis-x.com/xblog/2012-07-30/10364.php
    and read what a fan called Dave has to say . His reply begins like this so you can search on the page to find it directly :
    ” July 31st, 2012 at 11:21 am

    Dave Says:

    MMT: If we accept that Mary Carillo has more tennis intelligence and experience than Ben Pronin believes he has, then I think you may be able to understand what I’m going to say…….”
    Keep reading till the end
    As much as i like FED he is not always giving his best weather you call it tanking or not and thats normal cause players have to plan to be fit in the long term and not just give it all for 1 event and get injured or loose chances to win next tournamnets, loose points etc. What bothers me is that Olympic gold was never his goal here in london and has never been. Slams and weeks N1 look more important to him just read the opinion of Dave in this article.


    rich Reply:

    Stoyan, if you think Roger was tanking in the match against Murray then you weren’t watching.


    stoyan Reply:

    You are right for that long game where he missed so many break points – that was the moment he wanted to win a game for the whole match :-)


    Chris Reply:

    For any Fedfan it was a horrible match to watch. Of course he was tired after the semis, but so was Delpo, who went on to beat Djokovic. There was no precision and no fire, while on the other side of the net Murray had his day of luck when just everything worked and all the close balls still touched the lines. It took me some days to get over that disappointment. But why should I want it more than Federer himself? Why does my disappointment last longer than his? Let’s move on…


  5. Here is an opinion of tennis fan called Dave which is interesting to read:

    “MMT: If we accept that Mary Carillo has more tennis intelligence and experience than Ben Pronin believes he has, then I think you may be able to understand what I’m going to say.

    Federer can’t always have his cake and eat it too, no player can so hard choices have to be made given finite physical resources. Even at Federer’s physical peak, there there were indications that he tanked matches or at least was unable to summon the required energy and will to compete in a very few matches. It’s rare but appears to have happened especially when Federer had played or will play a lot of tennis. In this stretch, Federer is scheduled to play five out of next six weeks till the end of the US Open. That’s a ridicuolous amount of tennis for a 31-year old body, and he surely realizes his body will likely break down if he tries to win everything.

    At 2006 Cincinnati, CBS commentator Mary Carillo suggested Federer didn’t mind losing to Andy Murray 7-5, 6-4 in the second round of the 2006 Cincinnati Masters. Carillo said she figured Federer wanted to get extra rest ahead of the U.S. Open, which starts Monday. “He wasn’t trying to beat Andy Murray that day,” Carillo said during a conference call with reporters. “He went there because he had to, and he played as though he went there because he had to.”

    Although Federer denied Carillo’s claim, a few astute bloggers agreed with Carillo: ” “Fed clearly didn’t look like the Fed that we have known, and I wonder just how much the Swiss wanted to partake in Cincy,” wrote Tennis-X blogger Sean Randall, pointing out that Federer knew well his ranking points situation. “Fed said winning Toronto and Cincy back-to-back was next to impossible. Well Rog, Andy Roddick did it a few years ago if I remember correctly, so it’s not impossible. You just got to want it. But from Fed’s viewpoint, he won Toronto so he basically defended his points from his 2005 Cincy win — anything from this Cincy would have been gravy as they say.”

    According to the renown Tennis-X site: “Federer gave a poor effort in his opener against Paradorn Srichaphan in Cincinnati, but the Thai choked when it came time to close out the match. So the Swiss then put in an equally error-strewn effort in the next round against Murray, losing in straight sets…Sometimes players need to take a break.”

    And it makes sense if you understand the context: In 2006, there were no first round byes for top players in Masters events (like this Olympics, you have to win 6 matches to win the title). So Federer played all 6 rounds of Toronto in 6 straight days, but had played three-setters in his last four matches to win the title. If you actually watched Federer live, as I did the quarterfinals and semifinals, you could see he was determined and put in the effort to win those matches. Having left Toronto with the title but depleted, Federer’s next match was two days later on Tuesday at Cincinnati where he would have to win another 6 matches in another 6 straight days, with essentially one day’s break in between.

    Although Carillo’s comments angered a lot of Federer fans at the time, it made sense to me. I recalled in 2004, Federer lost the first round of 2004 Cincinnati to Dominik Hrbaty, his buddy and practice partner, whom Fed-at-his-peak should have beaten (Hrbaty lost his next match to a No. 38 Bjorkman, lost the first round of his previous tournament Canada to a No. 61 player and lost the second round of his next tournament Olympics to No. 28 player). But the context makes sense: immediately after Wimbledon Federer won Gstaad (so he played three straight weeks) and then two weeks later won Toronto. At Toronto, a Thursday rainout meant, Federer had to play two matches (R16 and quarterfinals) on Friday. Because of his points situation, Federer didn’t need 2004 Cincinnati.

    Although your belief that players “prefer to win in straight sets… they would always put forth the effort to win in straight sets” is a nice beliefe, the fact remains that probably no player is more capable of making it happen than Federer (of course, no human can make it happen every time). And yet if you carefully analyze his matches, there is often less sense of urgency in many tournmanets but in certain tournaments there is more urgency, focus and determination to win more quickly. For example, it’s unlikely to be a coincidence that Federer trounced Juan Monaco 6-1, 6-2, 6-0 in only 82 minutes at a 2011 US Open midnight match.

    Why Federer would choose the Canadia Masters? Because it never was that high a prirority for him, despite his usual positive statements about how much the Olympics (the event) means to him. If he wins the Olympics, he has only two days to rest, rest recover and train on hardcourts before his first match on hardcourts that he needs to prepare for winning the US Open. Contrary to common belief, the Olympic gold medal is not that prestigious in tennis histpry. Even though Federer does not have an Olympic singles gold, it’s not on Federer’s bucket list. As the Tennis Now website pointed out “(Federer) isn’t as concerned about the results as some of us stat-hoarding, GOAT-comparing tennis enthusiasts… Q. ” In the bigger picture, in your bucket list, is the Olympic gold one of the things you have left to do? You won one, but what other bucket list things do you have?” Roger Federer: “None really. People think I have to gobble up everything to make my résumé as great-looking as possible. It’s not the case. I just play a full schedule from January to November, try to play as well as I can, and enjoy myself really…” After winning the 2011 World Tour Finals, the press asked Federer: “After a spectacular end of the season, regarding 2012, is a gold medal in singles your biggest dream for next year?” Federer answered: “Be unfair to the other tournaments to pick London Olympic Games as my number one priority because I have priorities first before that.”



  6. Happy (belated) birthday to our favorite Swiss!

    I agree with most people that this loss won’t severely affect him going forward. He was clearly depleted, both physically and emotionally, from his titanic battle with Del Potro, and couldn’t produce his supreme level of tennis–which was the only thing that would have gotten the job done against Murray.

    In Grand Slams, he has a day off between matches so this sort of thing is less likely to occur. Of course, in Masters tournaments this has been happening for three or four years (his loss to Roddick in Miami being the most recent). We’ll just have to get used to it.

    I don’t see how anyone can doubt his motivation at this point–he’s won five titles this year (tied with Ferrer for the most titles won this season) and regained the #1 ranking. There’s no way he could have done that without supreme drive and determination.

    Clearly he is hungry for more success, and after he has some time to refresh and regroup, he will surely be eager to tackle the American hard courts.

    He’s played some of his best hard-court tennis in Cincinnati (as in ’09 when he beat Murray and Djokovic back-to-back for the title, and in ’10 when he absolutely dissected Baghdatis), so I’m hoping he can do so again to gain confidence for New York.

    A sixth US Open title would be one of the greatest achievements of his career, and it would virtually seal the year-end #1 which would constitute another of the greatest accomplishments of his career, tying him with Pete Sampras’ record of finishing six years at #1, and making him the first man ever to regain the year-end #1 twice.

    As usual, there’s a great deal at stake but I’m confident that Federer will rise to the challenge like the champion he is. Go Roger!


  7. Stoyan, what could be the real point for federer to lose that final intentionally???
    U said that he did lose intentionally, which is IMO full of BS :-) , earlier at cincy because he had secured his points by winning toronto and needed rest before the USO. Then why would he lose the olympic final when he had already withdrawn from toronto!? He was going to get a rest no matter what the outcome of the olympic final was. Besides, he would get a gold medal+300 more points winning the final which is also important as he was not playing at toronto and by doing so getting 0 point from it

    What I think that federer’s play wasn’t very good against murray. That doesn’t indicate that he lost willingly, if u do so then it will take away all the credit from murray. He was much more aggressive than he usually used to be and he did play his best game on that day. What federer made wrong was poor shot selection which I think was Murray’s game that made federer to do so

    Maybe u don’t like federer, may be u can’t stand him for some unknown reasons or MAY BE u don’t understand tennis at all. That’s why u have been bringing out these nonsense

    P.S. Sorry for my English. Not very good at it


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