Federer will Play Monte Carlo and David Cup

Dear Fans,

I have just decided to enter Monte Carlo. Hopefully I will see some of you in Monaco in the spring.


I’m happy to report that Roger have decided to enter Monte Carlo as part of his summer clay court schedule. I have thought that Monte Carlo would provide a great opportunity for him to pick up much needed ranking points in his quest to regain the number one ranking and now he has entered it. He didn’t play last year so there is maximum points to gain. He is clearly still very motivated to be number one:

“In a big way. It’s part of my big goals for this year, to try to get back to world number one.”

“I like being world number one, (more) than two,”


Roger will also play Davis Cup:

Dear Fans

I’ve decided i’m going to play the Davis Cup tie in July at home against
Portugal. I’m really looking forward to helping Switzerland begin the process of getting back into the World Group.



Roger has to play one David Cup tie to qualify for the Olympics in 2012, so this may be the reason that he is playing. Either way it is good for Switzerland in their quest to avoid relegation and stay in the world group.

I also hear Roger will be playing doubles with his Davis Cup teammate Stan Wawrinka inn Indian Wells. I find all of this news pretty exciting and I think it is all good decisions.

Roger doesn’t seem to concerned about what transpired in Dubai either:

“I was happy about Dubai in the big picture. I won four matches in a row and then didn’t play the best match against Novak. Losses don’t rattle me much. They are just part of our game. It’s important to analyse them and … move on”

He also says that he played well in Doha and the Oz Open and ‘okay’ in Dubai. He didn’t play Dubai the last couple of years and he had quite a long break after the Oz Open, so that is excusable. It seems ready for Indian Wells though:

“I am feeling well on the practice court and I am excited that my form is good,”

“My mental state is really good too. I am confident, I don’t have any niggling injuries, I am fresh and that is how I want to feel.”


I think we can expect to see an improved performance from Roger at Indian Wells. I think he will have another good tournament as opposed to just ‘okay’. If he happens to play Djokovic in the semis then he may not win, but he will certainly give a better performance than in Dubai. It sounds like he is working hard and is sharp. Playing in doubles won’t hurt either. It is not impossible that he will win a record fourth Indian Wells crown here. Thoughts?


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  1. Better shot here than Miami, I’d say, given the windier and slower-air (humidity) conditions there. So ideally, a win or finals here and something less in Miami, picking up some points but without exerting too much going into clay by trying to slog all the way through a tournament that he’s often had trouble with.


  2. Playing in Monte Carlo is a great decision. Nadal might not make it all the way thru the clay court events as he’s playing 5 in a very short space of time and he’ll obviously go deep in them all (he’s added Barcelona). Roger isn’t playing at Estoril this year and he wouldn’t have benefited from playing there as he already has 2 tournament wins at ATP 250 events within the last year so I think he could have picked up only minimal extra points. In Monte Carlo he’ll be seeded, get a bye into the second round and have a great chance of getting at least to the semi finals so he can pick up a load of points. This shows that rather than cutting back on playing tournaments due to his slowly advancing years he’s actually starting to ‘play his way into form’ more often. He did it leading up to the World Tour Finals last year and hopefully he’ll do it up to French Open and beyond to Wimbledon.
    Also Ru-an- did you see that Del Potro won easily against a guy he’d lost to twice before? 6-4, 6-0 I think. A bagel second set against Stephanek is very impressive. I think Del Potro could do well in this tournament. Could be intersting. I also said before that I was worried about Berdych but I’ve remembered that he wasn’t fully fit against DJ in Dubai and maybe that’s effected his preparations for this event?
    Great to see in Roger’s interview that he agrees with us that he was only playing ‘okay’ in Dubai. Roger himself says he learns more from losses than wins so maybe him losing again to DJ in a minor (ish) event was a good thing as it’s probably made him work harded in the last week.


  3. “If he happens to play Djoko in the semis he may not win”…Ru-an if he happens to play Djoko he´s going to beat him, be sure.I think Roger is on fire. Davis Cup and now Montecarlo, he looks fresh and happy and he was saying he wants the N1 position back.These are all good signs.So we are going to see the finest tennis known to the game.I´d rather think of that then the predictions of those whose views have no value to me.
    Great news.Good choice.BEST LUCK!


  4. I guess, credit must go to Annacone for planning the clay season well ahead of time as he must have been the brain behind it. Somehow, it has always come to my mind that this is long time coming. I hope Roger snatches away at least one of those clay masters from Nadal. I know, if Fed loses in the early rounds of Monaco, his fans will jump into conclusions and slaughter his decision of entering the event. But one should not forget that real match practice is always much better than practicing in the backyards. I am sure this will auger well for Fed’s chances in Roland Garros.


  5. I actually like fed’s chances at the clay tournaments this year. Since he is clearly showing signs of decline and clay is not his best surface, unlike before people don’t expect him to make much noise now. This means he won’t have much pressure going in and should be playing like he has nothing to lose.


  6. Roger never chases points… his decisions are based on what’s best for him overall. But I am glad he’s playing MC. I think the timing is better than Estoril and the field is tougher so you get a better test of your skills. And obviously the points bump doesn’t hurt, either.

    Roger and Stan won easily in the doubles versus accomplished doubles players Nestor/Mirnyi! Clearly Rog is having fun and not putting pressure on himself. Why should he? Why should we? Go Rog!


  7. Roger and Stan thrashed the number 2 seeds in the doubles, 6-1, 6-2. Wow! That’s a good sign for the rest of this tournament


  8. Ruan
    When is rogers 1st match
    Im eagerly waiting but cant see his name in the order OF play
    and how many days are master 1000s for
    i feel like rogers going to whip djokovic this time


  9. Roger would slowly but surely gain momentum going deeper through the “TOURNAMENT”.. His first real test will definitely be the upcoming Rookie Raonic!!! And the Match between another Dogopolov Vs Del Porto is sure to bring the best Tennis!!! Looking forward to Gr8 matches!!!!

    NOTE: Is it me or You have typed “D” instead of an “S” DAVID(S)..?? Just in case to remind you


  10. Our champ knows what he’s doing. He picks and chooses his tournaments carefully and with a long-term plan in view. Last fall he added Stockholm to his schedule to get more matches on hard courts, and it paid off with the win at the WTF.

    Deciding to enter Monte Carlo supports the contention that he’s focused on honing his clay-court game; in order to regain the year end #1 spot this year he will almost surely have to win the French Open as well as the all-important Wimbledon. I am certain he has all this in mind.

    If he can do well at IW and Miami he will be in great shape for the clay/grass seasons.

    Go Roger!


  11. I see Nadal enjoyed his practice session last night. His draw really is pathetic. Murray also lost- what a choker!! Mentally he just doesn’t have it. I suspect Murray has already peaked and he won’t be going back up the rankings. I’m hoping that Del Potro hangs in there through his tricky draw and beats Nadal. He played well yesterday. I watched his match. He actually hits his backhand even better than his forehand now!


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