Federer Wedding Pictures

Stylish and elegant, tennis ace Roger Federer and Mirka Vavrinec were married at Easter at the registry office in Basle. The first pictures of the wedding of the year show the couple in love and intimacy. And: The Federer-baby is a boy.

Mirka wore an enchanted empire dress by Oscar de la Renta to cleverly hide her baby bump, as shown in the exclusive pictures in “Schweizer Illustrierte.

The dress was tuned perfectly to her wedding ring which her goldsmith father made. Roger wore a classic three-piece suit by Tom Ford.

There were 39 guests at the wedding party, held at the Villa Wenkenhof in Riehen (click here to see it) and there was a very Swiss dish on the menu -Zurich Gschnetzeltes. The wedding party celebrated until after midnight.

“Schweizer Illustrierte” betrayed another secret of the Federer couple: Roger and Mirka’s baby is a boy. The due date is in August.

Fee goes to Foundation

“Schweizer Illustrierte” is the first magazine that published photos of the wedding. “We’ve had for many years, a trusting relationship with the 13-time Grand Slam winner and his family,” writes SI Nik Niethammer, editor-in-chief of the current issue.

The fee for the pictures was paid to the Roger Federer Foundation at the request of the bride and groom. This supports athletically talented, but financially poor children. In Africa, the foundation also supports projects of local relief organizations.


Cute aren’t they? :D

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  1. Hey Ru-an. My translation included some asides and remarks that were not in the original newspaper (like the stuff about the Swiss stew and about fans knowing the sex of the baby.) So that’s not really part of the newspaper translation. . .Sorry, I would’ve emailed you about this but I can’t find your address.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Ok now i feel silly. I saw two translations and it looked the same so i took yours. Guess i should have paid closer attention right?! Thanks for letting me know!


  2. “zurigeschnetzeltes” is minced veal in a cream/mushroom sauce usually served with a kind of hashbrowns. it is a signature dish of Zurich, but a favorite throughout Switzerland. but you wanted to talk tennis, right?
    Roger’s nemisis, Rafa is out, so is Djokevic, which raises the odds that he will add the French Open to his record. The widespread sympathy he his within the tennis public will be cheering him on. hard to imagine that it’s only a game.


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