Federer Weathers the Storm Against Bolelli, Nadal Escapes Smyczek in Melbourne

A pretty interesting day of tennis, it was in Melbourne. Not one that ended very well but at least Roger won his match in four sets after weathering and early ground stroke tornado from Bolelli. I expected Roger to win comfortably, but I forgot to take into account that Bolelli has some dangerous and esthetically pleasing ground strokes which can do a lot of damage when working. They were working very well for a set and a half but then the mental fortitude and overall quality of Roger 5.0 came through. Of course, there was some concern from me after Roger lost the first set but I was not panicking yet. I knew if he steadied the ship and won the second set he could still get the job done in four sets. At 3-2 in the second set, Roger had a chance to break but messed it up, after which I became a little more uneasy. Luckily he broke at 4-3 after a sublime backhand half volley up the line and then served out the set at 5-3.

The ship had been steadied, but I had to go to work. I thought the momentum had swung and that Roger would probably win in four sets from there but you can never be sure, so I was pleased when I came back to see that Roger had won the last two sets with ease to complete a 3-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-2 victory. The match stats were actually very good from Roger and it shows that he was playing well while Bolelli was just exceptional in the first set. Roger’s serve was especially good while his break point conversion rate improved from his first round. So I definitely don’t see any need for concern that he lost the first set. You are going to come up against players playing out of their skin in slams, but the difference is you have five sets to work with and very few players are going to play at a high enough level for long enough to beat Roger 5.0 over five sets. We know that one player who can do it is Nadal.

I joined Nadal’s match when he was leading 5-3 in the third set after they split the first two sets. I thought he would for sure win the set and the match, but then Smyczek gave me hope when he broke back at 4-5 and won the third set in a tiebreak. Only to lose in five sets after taking one of those desperate defensive lobs from Nadal out of the air instead of letting it bounce, resulting in him getting broken to trail 5-6. And, of course, Nadal was not going to lose from there as he grinded out a 6-2, 3-6, 6-7(2), 6-3, 7-5 win. So I am pissed off with Smyczek for drawing me into the match and giving me hope only to watch him screw it up in the end. But I was pretty sure that was going to happen towards the end of the fifth set anyway. Once it went the distance and it came down to who wanted it more there was only going to be one winner. What also pissed me off is that the female commentator kept making injury excuses for Nadal when it looked like he could lose.

Severer in full flow

I just can’t believe how many people buy into his injury bullshit after all this time. He has them so brainwashed that they are already lining up the injury excuses for him in case he loses. I mean it’s like he controls the minds of the weaklings. Like the Jedi in Star Wars does. Well, he doesn’t fool me. He has been playing the underdog like he usually does and has his usual ‘injury problems’ to weaken the minds of the gullible, but when push came to shove he was moving as well as ever. That lob for instance that he threw up and Smyczek screwed up was basically a winner and against 99% of players he would have won the point. Yet Nadal got there and made a good enough defensive play to win the point. As for how far Nadal will go I am still not making any predictions. He could lose in the next round or win the calendar slam. Far as I’m concerned he is completely unpredictable so I won’t even try.

Many people have now already decided that he will make the final. Definitely that is a possibility, but Nadal has been pretty inconsistent in Melbourne over the years and he comes off a string of losses to very low ranked players. Even though he won in the end he did some things we have never seen from him before. For instance, he served double faults on breakpoints on three occasions. That is extremely unlike Nadal. The fact that he grinded out the win is an ominous sign and can indeed give him renewed confidence, but can he really just blast his way open into the final after having such a confidence crises? I’m not sure even Nadal can just overcome something like that so fast. I mean it was a different story in 2013 when he came back so successfully. He was out of the game for seven months and made a new beginning. He also started out on clay.

Now he has the baggage of six successive losses before Melbourne to lower ranked players. To me, the fact that he grinded out this win definitely does not mean that he is now back to full confidence and that he will make the final. But don’t take my word for it. I almost never get it right when it comes to Nadal. Given his unpredictability I won’t be surprised if he wins the tournament, but he could lose before the quarterfinals too. I just think you need to win some matches to get confidence back. Even Roger won some matches in the indoor season of 2013 before he made semis at in Melbourne after that confidence crises in 2013. But we will see. Nadal now plays Sela who, of course, defeated a potential problem for Nadal in Rosol. When you are lucky you are lucky. You wouldn’t think that Sela with limited weapons and a one-handed backhand could be a problem for Nadal, but then we thought the same about Smyczek.

PeRFect intensity 

As for Roger, he plays Seppi who defeated Chardy. You can say Roger is lucky there too because Chardy was the one with the big game who could have been a potential threat. Seppi possesses no serious weapons and it is just hard to see him posing any sort of threat to Roger 5.0. If I had to make a prediction I would say Roger will win in straight sets because unlike Bolelli Seppi doesn’t have the ability to hit opponents off the court for a set, even if he is in the zone. Since I expect Roger to beat Seppi I will allow myself to sneak a peak at the fourth round where Roger will face the winner of Jaziri and Kyrgios, who defeated Karlovic in three sets. So we have a potentially interesting fourth round between Roger and Kyrgios, but now I have already said too much. Elsewhere Murray had an efficient straight set win over Matosevic while Dimitrov needed four sets to get past Lacko.


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  1. Ru-an, I was so close to getting it right for once with Nadull falling early. He should have lost. All that crap about injury and mind games with opponents… Damn it! Now articles on “courageous win” by Nadull is flooding the Internet. What a load of bull. Excuses galore. Nadull going to milk this all the way and go extreme mode on his “injuries” and weak form. You got it right that he is lucky. Next opponent shd be a cake walk. Stars aligned it for him to reach Finals again.


  2. Yes, I think this post is spot on. This morning I got up expecting Nadal won easily, but I read the headline ‘Ailing Nadal makes five set comeback’. Now apparently he was doubled over on the baseline and required some kind of stomach or flu pill that get rid of nausea and dizziness.

    I also find it very annoying, as you pointed out, that the commentators have to just go along with it, as otherwise they would have to use the dreaded word ‘gamesmanship’ . That’s fine, but to make it worse they keep on talking about how great he is to play though it.

    Now you might say Federer also had some bother with his hand and got the trainer out briefly after he lost the 1st set (a bee sting? swollen finger?) but the fact is Federer has been in many tight matches, win or lose, in which there was zero drama. on the other hand when Nadal goes to 5 sets, unless it’s against Djokovic, there always seems to be something going on.

    Well it’s no help speculating. Nadal was up 40-0 when serving for it and missed 3 match points I heard. And now he has a walk to the semi final. Vily, I believe, said he had hope for Smycek because he was the one guy Nadal hadn’t faced before, so he had that element of surprise. I think apparently everyone else he will face he has played and beaten easily, including our friend Berdych….


    Jiten Reply:

    Well Bharata, there goes the difference between Dull and our GOAT. While Dull indulges in glorifying his injuries, our hero just wants others to stay away from broaching up the issue. Proof: in his last match, while the doctors were probing at his swelling finger, he drove away one of the cameramen who was trying to eavesdrop into the conversation between Roger and the doctor, saying “Do you need to be this close?”


  3. Yes, unfortunately I have to agree. The only caveat is – and really that’s the only hope we have – is which Nadal will show up.

    One thing is for sure – Nadal is extremely inconsistent. He could throw like 2 double faults in a row and next minute he’s serving lights out – like in the 5th set.

    Also. His forehand – the same thing. He was spraying a bunch of them wide but then when he needed it most – it worked for him.

    What can I say? I suppose this Slam is EXTREMELY unpredictable. Djokovic could be taken out by Nishikori or Isner or Raonic.

    Roger could lose to Kyrgios. Murray could take out Nadal.

    Or Nadal can just plow through and win the whole thing.

    Simply REDICULOUS. And I eouldhope that Roger can somehow muster the strength to get yo that God forsaken Semi and hopefully expose Nadal.

    Obviously Nadal can look like a monster one minute, and like a pedestrian journeymen the next.

    The one caveat is like I said – Smyczek did have some prerequisites – a decent serve, a good overall game and a double-handed backhand.

    Roger would be still vulnerable with his one hander.

    I suppose our attitude is (or should be): SCREW Nadal. We’re worrying WAY too much about him at this point when technically speaking Roger might not even GET to the semis. It’s already the 2nd round and Roger did lose a set. Granted. 3rd round Should BE easier but between should and will be are two completely different things. It’s crazy out there. And Kyrgios is a crazy kid too so that will tough. Freaking Murray will be even tougher because he’s not the same Murray from that 6:0 6:1 drubbing. So when and if Roger gets to the Semi, we’ll discuss the monster (if in fact he makes it there as well).

    McEnroe said that despite the win last night he still thinks that the favorites for the title are Novak and Roger and that it would too difficult of a task for Nadal to go all the way… But stranger things have happened. We should try to take them in stride and move on and see what’s next in store for us.

    Simply crazy… Maybe we should expect a tight 5 setter against Seppi now and a cruise control 3-setter against Sela now… Jeez…


  4. After having several hours to process what transpired yesterday – I suppose I’ll take the philosophical standpoint – i.e that what happened happened for a reason. Because if Nadal lost, there’s no guarantee that Roger wouldn’t follow. Now we’ll go day by day and see where Roger goes… That’s all we can do. It’s a very interesting slam to say the least and one thing is for certain – there is not ONE clear favorite..


  5. What a humble and fair sportsman this Nadal is, isn’t he. Once again he took toilet breaks and a medical time out when his opponent had the upper hand. Just coincidence, I don’t think so. Apart from breaking Smyczek’s rhythm he let everybody believe that he has a problem, because a fully fit Nadal never loses. We have seen many miraculous Nadal comebacks but this time I don’t think he has a shot at the title. The game today showed that his overall game is not and won’t be where it needs to be to win a slam.
    Prior to this Australien Open a lot of people said that Roger 5.0 has the game and the mental strength to beat everyone there including Nadal. Now, after Nadal struggled big time, people start to think different and I don’t understand why. Roger can and will beat him if they meet in SF.

    @ Vily: Nadal also hasn’t faced Sela before, but I don’t think he can cause the upset.


    Vily Reply:

    Well, obviously physicality is an issue. For long stretches of time, Nadal didn’t know where he was on the court. But like I said this tournament is just very unpredictable. We really don’t know what’s gonna happen. Truly until we get to the QFs, everything is still wide open

    I also would like to think Nadal just doesn’t have the stamina to go the distance but we just don’t know. It will be interesting to see what will happen next. I don’t want to hype up Roger either because he’s playing great but I am not sure if that will be good enough to win 5 more matches.. And nothing less will suffice if he wants to win this Grand Slam.


  6. Pathetic section about Nadal! You are one of the reason why I hate to be Federer Fan! Nadal is the greatest ever because there is no one who has “dominated” him. Nadal being a bad matchup for Federer is the lamest excuse simply because he has a winning percentage above 83% and Federer is only at 81%. And Nadal rarely looses to any one. Truth is Nadal can beat Federer even if he is Limping on 1 leg.At the age of 15, Nadal could defeat Carlos Moya, then world No 10. Nadal was a born champion! Federer may have the best looking game ever, but we must acknowledge that Nadal is the best ever to play in a Tennis court.


    Charlie Reply:

    I don’t usually see the need to reply to trolls but this was so hilarious I have to reply. If Rafa is the best ever, how come he doesn’t have the most slams? And don’t say injuries because staying healthy is a skill as well. And also, please link to a Nadal-Federer match where Rafa is on one leg limping, I would really like to see this.


    Arjun Reply:

    He doesnt have most slams because he is only 28 Years old and 700 Match wins old. After few more years are you sure that he wont match up with Roger?
    At the end of the day, ask yourself. Whom would most of the players dread to play against, is it Roger or Nadal. That will give you the answer on who is the greatest among them. I would be the happiest to see Roger beating Nadal this AO. But I know it is never gonna happen because, Roger is almost programmed to loose against Nadal. So even if plays limping Roger will find ways to loose. Last AO, Nadal was having blisters in his hand and still Roger couldnt take advantage of it. Its easy to label as Troll or other sir names. But every Federer fan should ask themselves whether he can be called GOAT when he is not even the best player in his era.


    Ru-an Reply:

    I have already said that Roger needs to beat Nadal at the AO if they meet and he wants to be GOAT. But the question about who players fear the most proves nothing. Nadoll gets abused by lower ranked players on a regular basis even though he runs away when things are not going his way. Even when he is at his best he loses to lower ranked players and he often gets schooled by players. That didn’t happen to Federer. If he loses to lesser players he never gets outplayed. It’s always close.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Yeah Nadal’s injuries is the price he pays for running around the base line like a headless chicken. He doesn’t have enough skill to shorten points so he must pay a price for it. In fact it’s weird that he hasn’t paid a price for it earlier given he was an early bloomer. But then he uses all kinds of shady treatments so I guess it’s no wonder.


    Joe Reply:

    How will anyone ever dominate Nadal, Arjun?

    Not because he’s a dominant player, but because he simply won’t play if he’s not 100%. That is the only reason he has such a high winning percentage. And it’s the primary reason for his favorable H2H against the greatest player of all time, Roger Federer. Roger played through mono as well as back and other injuries. Roger has never retired during a match either, hmm.

    Stack Nadal’s numbers for consistency against Roger’s and you have – no comparison. There’s just not enough space in these windows to list all the differences, but here are just a few:

    Federer played in 23 consecutive grand slam semifinals. Do you know what Nadal’s number is? Cough it up if you do!

    Roger won 14 of those 23 (consecutive semifinals) tournaments and made it to the finals in six more, meaning he had played for the title in 20 out of 23 Grand Slams. Let’s hear what Nadal has done along these lines.

    And in that process, Roger reached ten consecutive grand slam finals.

    Roger reached the finals of every grand slam in three years: 2006, 2007 (yes that’s another streak of eight grand slam finals in a row!), and 2009. Do you know any other tennis players who have done that? I don’t think so.

    Frankly Arjun, your willingness to cite winning percentage as the primary criterion of greatness is an excellent example of the psychology of repression. I would even say that it puts you in the running for the title of Greatest Suppressor of All Time.

    But if you think Nadal is the greatest tennis player ever, you deserve the chance to cite at least one reason why that is so. But please note that there’s a lot of other facts we haven’t cited about Roger’s career, including his time at number one in the world, his consecutive streak at that position, and many others.

    I guess it’s obvious at this point that I think you’re deluding yourself. Why do you think you aren’t?


    Katyani Reply:

    Wow Arjun, I just have to react to your comment:
    1) Not every Federer fan hates Nadal. The first time I saw Rafa play, and I really mean the very first time, I did not like him and his game and at that time I didn’t even know about their rivalry. There was just somethng about Rafa that didn’t feel right to me.
    2) “Nadal is the greatest ever because there is no one who has “dominated” him”. Uhm… doesn’t that make Davydenko the greatest ever? :-)
    3) Nadal rarely loses to anyone. That is true. Afterall…. a healthy Nadal is unbeatable, which means he only loses when he is injured. Poor guy. How unfair that he has to lose :-)
    4) The reason why Roger is the greatest ever is not because he has the most slams. It is because he has the best consistency and because of the records he has created, that will probably never be matched, equalled or broken. My God, Roger at age 33 is playing against 3 generations, even 4 !!!
    5) Rafa has about 700 match wins. Ask yourself honestly Arjun… will he ever reach 1000 wins and if he does…. in how many years?? Like it or not, if Father Time catches up with Roger, won’t he catch up with Rafa too?? Rafa is declining and is aging. Maybe not in the next month, but he will not stay unbeatable.
    6) Yes Arjun, you are also right about this. Almost all the players dread to play against Rafa. They have said that themselves, so I cannot argue with you on that. BUT…. almost all of them also said that even if they dread playing Rafa, they ALL say that Roger is the greatest. Now… you cannot argue with that :-)

    7) And the most important one…. to be the greatest ever…. don’t you atleast have to play a FULL SEASON??? When was the last time he did that?? You are not and will NEVER be the greatest if you pick and choose your tours. If you only play that part of the season when you are strong and the other part of the seasons you are so called “injured”.
    “The greatest ever” plays the full season, even when he is tired, not at his best and slightly injured. And that guy is Roger. With so much backpain in 2013…. he STILL played a full season.
    End of lesson :-)


    Ru-an Reply:

    Good post Joe Nadal dodges everyone off of clay when he is not on top form. He did it just recently when he skipped the WTF. But he always plays on clay no matter how ‘injured’ he is. Coward.


    Joe Reply:

    Hey Ru-an,

    I am totally loving your remarks about this topic! Thanks for reminding us that Nadal is very consistent in his own ways, e.g. claiming the title of the most consistent ‘dodger’ in the history of the game, the most consistent recipient of platelet replacement therapy (which – as you know – increases HGH in the body) in the history of the game, and others including consistent gamesmanship, mtos, trips to the restroom, etc.

    Thanks to others too, who made great replies on this topic, much more objectively than I did.

    I know that I’m biased, in that I don’t credit Nadal’s results because of my suspicions about his methods, and my direct knowledge about his shameless gamesmanship. And I don’t credit his highly touted mental strength, for example, because I believe that it comes out of a bottle.

    I’m not too apologetic about these biases; in fact, I embrace them! But I tried to reply to Arjun without noting any of those points.

    However, I do think that if Nadal were required to play the game fairly – in every way – that he would be just a shadow of the mythical figure who is now elevated in the press, and that Roger would already have more than 20 slams, for example. But there is no need to speculate about any of that! I am making these points only to explain why I don’t give Nadal very much credit as a player.

    I do wonder, though, if Arjun is someone’s assumed identity, who just made a post in order to stir up some spirit on this site. Well done if so!


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks Joe. I don’t mind if Arjun did it to stir up things here. It just gives me the opportunity to say things which I wouldn’t say unless provoked. We can’t deny these facts about Nadal. It is what it is. You know by now that I am willing to relinquish Roger’s GOAT claim if he should keep losing to Nadal in slams, or if Nadal catches his slam count. I am not one of those biased Fedfans who refuses to give Nadal any credit or acts as if the h2h is completely meaningless. I am not in denial like some Fedfans. I am extremely objective because I am not just a Fedfan. People who are Fedfans more than they are fans of tennis can’t possibly be objective because Federer won’t even exist without tennis. So when I say these things about Nadal it has nothing to do with bias. It is simply the facts.


    Bharata Reply:

    Well, there’s nothing wrong with a different opinion. However, I think in your analysis of ‘domination’ – yes it’s true that Nadal was beating Federer more often, even in the 2006-9 prime years. Fine. But if he was so great, how was he not NO. 1 for most of that time? Why was he not winning all the Slams apart from the FO?

    Asking who was the greatest is more than just 1 on 1 matchups. The fact Federer was No.1 for so long (and crazily is No.2 at age 33 (!?)) is that he was beating everyone consistently apart from Nadal for a long time. We never got to see Federer take on Nadal on a fast hard court Slam like the US Open during these years. Yes Nadal was so great, but he was not making the finals of various Masters’ events on hard courts in order to face Federer. They played mostly on clay.

    We do know that on indoor (not even fast) courts Federer has outclassed Nadal apart from one loss in 2013 (Fed’s worst season, and after a long match with Del Potro).

    There is no doubt that Nadal is better than Federer one on one. If you were going to bet your life savings on the outcome, most people would take Nadal, unless it was grass. But there are more than 2 tennis players on earth.

    But putting all that aside, in this particular article the writer is not just talking about Nadal being a poor matchup. It’s also about the drama and way Nadal plays, his ridiculous and constant public statements trying to act like he’s no good, or not a favourite, always trying to take pressure off himself. It’s the fact that NO loss is ever without an asterisk – ‘he was injured, he had a stomach flu, he is just coming back from injury, he’s tired from playing so much the last month’ etc. Somehow the press have created a player who cannot lose straight up. Well Nadal has lost the last 3 years early in Wimbledon, and the excuse was the ‘grass was too slick in the early rounds’ and he was too tired after winning the French.

    Anyway there are many on this site who respect Nadal for his fighting spirit and mental strength – indeed if you read these posts you will see the writer often compliments Nadal for this and wishes Federer had more of that in his ‘middle age ‘ years 2009-2013.


    Ru-an Reply:

    I am one of the reasons you hate to be a Fedfan? Good to know. We will see what happens to Nadal’s winning percentage when he is 33. But my guess is he will retire as soon as he starts losing too often, given his inability to tolerate losses. He doesn’t love tennis, he loves winning. And since when does Federer lose to clowns ranked outside of the top 100 all the time? Nadal gets spanked but lower ranked players on a regular basis. That never happened to Federer. You have to look at the competition too. But why am I even trying to talk sense into you?


  7. No one can deny the h2h is vastly in Nadal’s favour, and we are all entitled to our views, but we have to view it on a level playing field. What about the gamesmanship employed by Nadal in most of his matches for someone of his ‘stature’ in the game it is pathetic more than awful. Never mind the mto’s the bathroom breaks and his refusal to adhere to the time rule he truly is the goat, it’s getting so that the tv cameras are on Uncle Toni now to see his reaction to an ‘injured Nadal’ and as we can hear a constant monologue….gone are the days when players had no contact with their box during a match! No one can deny Nadal’s ferocious will to win at any cost and indeed he should be able to win because as we have seen the last couple of years he is well rested. No one can take away the French Opens that Nadal has won as a tennis fan I applaud him but on the other hand how can Nadal be considered to be the best in the world when he has never won the WTF, even if you are a Nadal fan you must wonder, it’s not good enough to say he’s had a hard year the year has been hard for all!!!


  8. Interesting, Murray goes on the record complaining about double standard with Nadal always praised for “overcoming” injury while he was criticized for the same. When will the media ever learn they are getting played every time.



    Ru-an Reply:

    That’s cause Murray doesn’t have the star power of Nadoll. People think cause Nadoll have won 14 slams and is in the running for GOAT he is exempt from all criticism. That is just how our society is brainwashed to treat the stars.


    jim Reply:

    True, but they also never give Federer the benefit of the doubt with his injuries. Whenever he wins a match like that it’s the sign of him “fading.”

    I think it’s because Uncle Toni and his nephew have very skillfully constructed Nadal’s image as this indestructible player, who can only be stopped by himself. It helps feed RN’s confidence and also intimidates his opponents and the impresses the media. That said, it’s not working as well anymore, given his string of losses to players outside the top 100.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Right. It’s all part of an elaborately constructed image like you noted. And it has worked very well for them. They have successfully portrayed Nadal as indestructible which is of course far from the truth, and more people are starting to realize that now as you also noted.


    Vily Reply:

    I’ll try not to get into this because this is only feeding more into that Nadal’s BS story.

    Enough with this shit. And I am telling you – the real villain here is freaking uncle Tony.

    If it was any other slam – maybe excluding the French, Nadal would have retired.

    But Uncle Tony has this obsession with Nadal winning every Slam at least twice and that’s why whether Nadal is dying or about to pass out, Uncle Tony will keep pushing him until he achieves that goal.

    Even more reason to pound this guy.

    I think that if Roger doesn’t do, maybe Murray. If Djokovic doesn’t do it, maybe Nishikori will.

    I love the scheduling. They decided to finally put Nadal last tonight because they just don’t know – is it gonna be a quick match or another. 4 hour “EPIC”

    I am putting “” because I don’t recall ever Roger being in an EpIc and about to throw up or pass out.

    Roger may get angry but he always seems to be fit for those slams. 61 and counting. Simply outstanding! Now let’s hope that Roger wins convincingly today and see who will be waiting across the net in the 4th round – Kyrgios?!! I am slightly nervous about that one. He’s already at least as good as Tsonga right now.


  9. Hey Ru-an, this may be a long comment, but I just have to get this out of my mind.
    To be honest I did not know what to think about your last post, but I am loving this post of yours. Very very true.
    Yesterday night I saw the replay of the Rafa match. And…. all I could do was feel…. SAD. Not angry or frustrated or mad, not disappointed, but just sad. How can people just be like this? Has Rafa not got a conscience? Has the crowd not got a conscience? How about the commies?? What you wrote about the female commie, I had exactly the same thing with the British Eurosport commie. Don’t know who it were, but I thought I heard Mats Wilander. Did you know that one of them ACTUALLY said when Rafa got broken in the 2nd set “well this is how you can see that Rafa is slightly injured and the effect of him not playing so many matches”. Can you believe that?? Not that it maybe had to do with Tim upping his game or going for it or heaven forbid beeing better than Rafa at that moment… no… Rafa got broken because of the lack of matchplay. How can commies be that stupid?? It went on and on. Doesn’t Rafa have a conscience?? He took the match away from Tim who should have won it. But his gamesmenships?? They are getting worse and worse.
    At the end of the 3rd set, Rafa was very dizzy, was wobbling on his legs, I thought he was going to faint…. and yet… he won the last 2 sets. And the commies just kept saying “champion, never gives up, etc, etc,”. And the most discusting were the crowd with and without the Spanish flags. They were so in awe of him. Cheering him on like a champion. Beeing impressed by him. How STUPID can they all be?? Rafa is throwing up, dizzy, almost fainting, takes one little pill and suddenly… wins 2 sets?? No one even questioning him??
    And you have no idea how the people on the net are reacting to Rafa. “Oh such a great champion, never gives up, normal players would have quit, but not this champion, respect, bla bla bla”.
    Did you know that one of the commies actually said that upcoming young players should watch this match to know how a champion plays and reacts?? Isn’t that the most discusting thing you have heard?? They never said anything about his gamesmenship, but only praise for this “hero”. Don’t you just lose faith in tennis? Because I honestly did. I was soooo sad. Because you know what will happen next. Rafa will struggle all the way to the SF. Yes, he will not lose. And in the SF….. AGAIN…. he will play the match of his life and beat Roger. And again… the tennisworld will shout, wow, what a champion and how can Roger ever beat a healthy Rafa when he could not beat an injured Rafa?
    Things like this… no matter how much I love Roger, just want to make me stop watching tennis. I cannot believe I am saying this, but watching Rafa and watching everyone LETTING him get away with it, just makes me want to stop watching. How can Roger have a fair chance of winning?? Anyway right now… I am just sad and tomorrow my mood will be better and I will be all for Roger winning it. No matter how much they are trying to stop him.

    But lastly I want to talk about 2 things. First is, no matter how low I think about the Great Uncle Toni, he keeps getting creeper and creeper. No wonder Rafa has no choice than winning or dying. Did you see his face?? He looked like he would beat Rafa up if he lost. And in the 5th set one of the last points… ON CAMERA…. he was coaching Rafa. Can you believe that?? He isn’t even scared of doing it on camera, because he knows no one will stop him or say anything about it. How PATHETIC is it that a 14 GS winner needs to be coached to win a match he is about to lose? Rafa is a creep, but his uncle is way way worse.
    And the last thing… Rafa may have won the match, but Tim Smyczek has won hearts and respect. Even if he made one bad point that cost him the match. But respect for this real fighter. He never had a chance against Rafa and his gamesmenship.
    End of rant :-)


    Vily Reply:


    I know that you are emotional. Even I get emotional plenty of times. However, let’s try to. Or overanalyse and try to move on. There are plenty of matches still to be played. There is no guarantees that either Rafa or Roger will make it to the semis. This has been a crazy tournament so far and nobody is safe. I can tell you that match. Not even Novak because his tough opponents are starting to pile up by the minute.

    As far as the commentating, I was watching the match from the US where John McEnroe is commentating. He is a Rafa fan but I didn’t notice any overhyping of Rafa’s win. He was surprised but also very concerned that Nadal is struggling for the nth time against a Top 150 opponent. He also said that he doesn’t think that Nadal is the favorite to win this based on what he has seen. He’s just way too inconsistent. He did pick up his level in the 5th set – which is of concern considering he was about to pass out in the end of the 3rd. But it is what it is. Let’s move on and see what happens next. We all assume that he’ll walk through Sela but if Sela beat Rosol – who knows?!!!

    I just wish Ferrer was in his section. Ferrer can definitely beat Rafa here – too bad that he’s in Djokovic’s and Nishikori’s section..


  10. Hey, Ru-an, I’ve got a technical question about 5.0 and Nadal. The thing I’m most focused on is the obvious. Nadal’s high looping cross forehand’s deep to Roger’s backhand. That is and will always be what this problem is all about. But I really think that the single most improved part of 5.0’s game is how fast and decisively he transitions and gets to net. He’s gotten so fast that I’ve lately seen him have even a second chance at sneaking in on the same shot. Like he starts to go in, changes his mind, but then seeing weak positioning across the net, is fast enough to still get in. That’s amazing transition speed. So my question is this. The most challenging of these shots for Roger are not the hardest hit, they’re the deep looping ones. The danger has always been that Roger has to commit to coming in, taking the chance that Rafa passes flat. Do you think Roger is now fast enough to wait to identify Rafa’s shot selection as high looping cross forehand, and then quickly sneak in and take the high backhand in the air, sending it down the line? If that’s possible it could be a total game changer.


    Bharata Reply:

    That’s a great question and I would be interested if Ru-an has anything to say about it.

    I don’t know enough about the tactics. I have watched them play, heaven knows, enough times and seen Federer get passed. It seems he often gets stuck in no-mans land at the service T when he gets passed and is stuck watching the ball sail past cross court.

    A typical patern is: Fedeer in his backhand corner; Nadal on the AD side, hitting cross court loopers to Fed’s backhand. So eventually Federer will lose the point unless: he tries to slice the ball down the line to Nadal’s backhand side (the deuce court) and then tries to take the net. Nadal always guesses rigth and hits a cross court passing shot easily.

    Or Federer tries to hit a hard backhand instead of slicing. Nadal hits a down the line forehand into FEdere’s forehand side and there’s no way he can get to it.

    I don’t know – I often agonize watching these matches trying to see: is there a pattern of play that Fed can rely on get points? And I can’t see one – Nadal on the other hand can just keep pounding the backhand.

    I do know one thing – it’s harder to hit the ‘finshing shot’ than it is to defend. We all remember so many points where Federer seems to have NAdal out of the point on the run and then he gets passed. It is almost as if Nadal doesn’t want to win the point UNLESS he gets a short ball and can hit a inside-out forehand. Otherwise he is just content to push the ball back.

    What I would do: more drop shots; more junk/slice shots, even sliced forehands, anything to disrupt rhythm; randomly go to the net…and finally target Nadal’s frorehand. He does not like to defend his forehand side, so force him to hit forehands in a rush.. Also no rallies past 10 shots when returning… If it’s getting long, just go for a winner. Dont’ let Nadal trie him out .


  11. This is not good. Federer can’t string two forehands together…dropped the first set again, despite having 3 chances to break back when Seppi was serving for it…


  12. You guys watching?

    Roger on his way out! Simply pathetic! And that last point was simply REDICULOUS! Even if he manages to win in 5 – that’s the tournament right there! Either break back or good bye! Only a 4-set win would suffice!!! Terrible terrible!

    Wow!!! This is worse than the match against Robredo! Unless he break back now and wins the set somehow!


  13. Good night! It’s over! Roger will lose in 3,4 or 5 now and even if he wins (which I doubt) – he’ll have nothing left for the rest of the tournament! And he had the freaking lead in the tie-break! Simply a terrible terrible tournament for Roger Federer’ against fucking Seppi of all people!!

    Whatever!!! I don’t need this.. Simply REDICULOUS!!! Whatever!!!


  14. I am afraid he’s out now. 2 sets down, had a 4-1 lead in the tiebreaker, and threw it away with some poor approaches to the net giving free points. It’s time we stopped underestimating people like Seppi, and on top of that FEderer is playing extremely poorly .


    Ru-an Reply:

    Not sure why you guys are so convinced he will lose from here but even if he wins he will already have wasted a lot of energy.


    Bharata Reply:

    It’s true, we should not just give up like that so easily. However, the fact his forehands are flying around is a disturbing sign . Well maybe he can hang on to the 3rd set at least and avoid losing in straights.


  15. Chill out folks. No time clock in tennis. Let the man work his way back into this.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Yeah lets calm those emotions a bit. You don’t throw in the towel before you shake hands at the net in tennis.


  16. Just seems like most of the errors are from hitting it long – I wonder if it’s quite windy, or something else is causing him to overcook various forehands and backhands. Well he’s serving to stay in it now.


  17. Well, dude played well but Roger certainly had plenty of chances. Really needed first serves and couldn’t buy them when he needed them. He really only had flashes of great play today but he was off from the start. Big time bummer.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Yeah wasn’t Fed 5.0 at all. Losing in four sets to Seppi is bad. We may have seen the end of Fed 5.0. Maybe the Nadal/Smyczek match was too much for him and we will see the rise of Nadal again, while Fed slumps again.


    Eric Reply:

    Yeah I hate to even say it but this isn’t the first time Roger fell apart a round or two before he’s supposed to meet Rafa. And though Vily is very emotional, he’s not wrong about the schedule. While the GS’s are priority number one to me, it doesn’t seem to be for Roger.


    Nakul Reply:

    Well this one’s a tough loss for sure. But I was always concerned when Roger used to stress so much that he would have a long break after AO. I had the feeling that he was too tired and wanted to get AO over with asap. He also mentioned that he would focus mainly only Wimbledon and USO this year..


    Ru-an Reply:

    Well if he wanted to get the AO over with asap he sure succeeded!


    Jiten Reply:

    This may be a bless in disguise in the long run. He could rest, then train, re-energize himself and come back with a new vigor. Anyway, Seppi played great. Fed misjudged two easy put-away vollies and left the balls to get broken in the second set and then again at the match point. On both occasions, in my opinion, Seppi was extremely lucky. Probability of such freak touches getting the ball inside the court is extremely low. But I must say, I have never seen Seppi hitting like this before; whatever Fed threw at him, it simply came back to the court with more interest. Curious to see what happens in the next round for Seppi. Can he continue with this lights out tennis?


  18. Wow!!! Simply wow! Roger just collapssed!!! Just stunning! From so many positions – but it was just terrible!!! How many times do I have to say it?

    Roger is close to being done! It is simply the case!

    Fucking coking in two tiebrrakers from winning positions… simply Pissed right now! Roger threw the tournament away.

    To be frank, even if he managed to win – he would have been WHOOPED by Kyrgios, and if not by him, by Murray, and if not by him, by Berdych or Nadal, and if not by him – by Djokovic…

    This is just getting worse and worse. Roger is just NOT the player that he used to be!!! Simply NOT!!!

    I mean this is getting WORSE and WORSE!!! Loosing to some guys he used TO OWN for Christ Sakes… I mean he should have SHUT DoWN after Davis Cup – but what did he do:

    Play those STUPID STUPID STUPID exhos..

    I mean you are tired, right.. You skipped the WTF Final for Christ Sakes.. What was Roger thinking?!

    I mean I knew from the GET go that Roger has no chance of winning this tournament. Simply 0% chance.

    I see Murray, I see Djokovic, I see Berdych – all cruising easily in the 1st 3 rounds. But what did they do? They rested after the end of the season and trained. None of that wasting of energy in exhos.

    I knew that Australian Open SF streak would end – and I knew that possibly it could end in the 4th round or maybe in the QFs. But 3rd round against Seppi??????????!!!!! Seppi?!!!!!!!

    This is an embarrassing loss which is a result of Roger’s poor and hideous off-season time management. He was so busy with those exhos that couldn’t even figure out a plan for 2015.

    And Australia cost him… I am so pissed off right that words are hard to describe what happened. The GS MUST be priority. Not coming here fatigued. I mean I saw Roger being fatigued as soon as that Brisbane Final.. This is simply UNACCEPTABLE…

    I want Roger to now take 2 months off – rest his BODY to 110% and attack again. Because he came here at best at 75-80%… Terrible!


    Steve Reply:

    Let’s not get carried away. He had a bad day today. No question about it. But he’s had so many good days this past year. We should all be disappointed yes — but don’t count him out yet, if history has taught us anything. Have faith.


    Florian Reply:

    Berdych and Djokovic also played the IPTL but maybe it was wrong to have the break after AO.


  19. So:

    In short:

    Roger has now lost in:

    Australian Open 2015 – 3rd Round

    French Open 2014 – 4th Round

    Wimbledon 2013 – 2nd Round

    US Open 2013 – 4th Round

    It’s obvious that Roger CANNOT continue in the same way and he needs to manage his schedule better and his OFF-season better if he is to get any shot at a Major again. There are no guarantees as well because obviously form and confidence can go out at any moment. Age is catching up and literally he has maybe another 1-2 years left.

    So what do you do if you are Roger Federer:

    Rest and RECUPERATE!

    Then literally pick your spots. None of that playing deep in tournament ms that don’t matter. Completely cut MiAMI and possibly even IW from the schedule.

    A ton of points will come off. But whatever!

    By obsessing to try to stay in the top 2 Roger can only get burned prior to the Slams. And he needs to be RESTED and Fresh as A DAISY coming into the Slams… Nothing else should matter except possibly for Monte Carlo and Rome.

    The rest of the year schedule should be:

    1. Rest until Indian Wells – 12 March, 2015 – try to make SF there..

    2. Skip Miami

    3. Play Monte Carlo – April 13 – April 19 – try to WIN

    4. Play or SKIP Madrid – depending on Monte Carlo Result

    5. Play Rome – try to WIN

    6. Play Paris – if he loses early in the lead up events, I actually expect him to do very well. And if he wins in the lead up events, I actuskkt expect him to lose early.

    So actually realistically I am not sure what’s more important – Monte Carlo and Rome or Paris. Maybe Roger should only Play Monte Carlo and Madrid but SKIP Rome?! I want him to have a FULL two weeks off prior to Paris!

    7. By that time Roger will probably fall to Number 3 in the world and after Paris I think he needs to decide his his body feels.. He needs to put all his eggs into Wimbledon so I am not even sure about Hslle at this point. Because winning Halle is nice but burning energy prior to Grand Slam is precisely what I don’t want.

    So obviously SLAMS must be priority. So any lead up tournaments that can potentially fatigue Roger should be cut.

    That is the reality. Roger is no longer 26 years old. Do the sooner he realizes that the better. Last year was the last full schedule year. He payed the price this year early. Hopefully he can fix this before it’s too late. Even if he does all these things there is no guarantee but it’s better to try than fail…


    Alex Reply:

    Hey Vily, I do not agree that Roger is by any means done. However I do agree with you about the sceduling.

    This year’s Australian open was a failed experiment. He purposely did not have an off season because he thought that by staying in the form he was at at the end of last year he would maybe have an advantage going into the AO. I’m guessing he was as surprised as anyone because now his body is finally telling him that maybe he’s pushing too much. I’d like to see him miss a bit of tennis too. Come back fresh. In hindsight I guess that’s what he should have done. Slams are becoming more and more unpredictable as well.


    eric Reply:

    Exactly, Alex! That was an Edberg idea to play more rather than stop and start and it didn’t work. But a;so at 33, he will have his off days. No big mystery.


  20. And now he says that he’ll play Dubai next… So I just don’t know.

    I mean maybe it’s just that Roger is just getting OLD. That’s simply the case. I am listening to Chris Evert and she’s been saying it – when you get older there are lot more OFF days when you get old. Slow Starts are another thing. Also recuperating after tough losses.

    And that’s just the tip – injuries. Form?! And how about fought draws, tough opponents, etc.. I just think that 17 is a good number and that Number 18 will not come. If he makes another GS Final in the next 2 years – it will be epic and probsbly his last shot.. MAYBE.. Not even that is a guarantee..!!!

    Not feeling good at all..


  21. Oke guys, when I left for work Roger was 3-3 in the 4th. I really hoped he would get a 5th set, but it didn’t happen. BUT…. kudos where kudos is deserved. Seppi played great. The Dutch commie said he is playing the match of his life. What else is new right?? The signs were already there. Chardy is a great great player. For Seppi to have beaten him, he must have been good. What is this now?? Players who lose 10 times or more to Roger, now suddenly decide enough is enough?? But… like you guys I have to be honest too. Roger was in the 2nd set in the TB up 4-1 and he lost. Somehow he did win the 3th. So happy that he didn’t lose in 3. But… Roger had sooo many chances. Those bp…
    One thing I do want to say is that kudos to Seppi. He was concentrated all the way. Thank God he didn’t overreact after winning the first 2 sets.
    But… lets not get worried too much. Roger has time off. He has to take one week vacation and after that practise and practise hard. And I do agree with Vily on one point… enough is enough. Roger should stop letting himself get used. All the other top players don’t do that much in the off season. He shouldn’t do any exho or maybe only one for his own foundation.

    You fought Roger. And you fought hard, but you also made stupid mistakes…. Come on Roger, I still believe in 18. And how nice would it have been if Edberg was the one in the final handing you the trophy….


  22. I am not at all hurt by the LOSS per se (because even if Roger won, the tournament was done for him based on the wasted energy).

    If you think about it, the last time in which Roger won a 5-setter and went on to win the SLAM was in 2012 Wimbledon. Ever since than – it’s been failure after failure:

    2012 US Open – Came in Tired and lost to Berdych (I’ll forgive him this one because he WON WIMBLEDON, WON Silver in the Olympics, SKIPPED Toronto, and them Won Cincy).. So yes – amissed opportunity but whatever.

    2013 Australian – As soon as he won that 5 setter against Tsonga – it costed him against Murray

    2013 French – As soon as he won that 5 setter against Simon, he fell flat on his face against Tsonga

    2014 US Open – After that epic comeback against Monfils, he had nothing left against Cilic.

    To be honest, of the last 10 SLAMS after Wimbledon 2012, there are ONLY TWO SLAMS which I am happy with:


    And guess why:

    Because Roger CRUISED in those SLAMS either until he met Nadal or he met Djokovic.

    And that’s what I WAS SO USED to with Roger in the past.

    I’ve been a fan since 2006 and I was USED to not even bother with the GS tournament until the FINALS. The finals which he reached with such regularity. Ever since that loss to Soderling in 2010, everything changed.

    And what I hate the most that NOW, you can’t even predict what Roger you are gonna get. I mean I would love to know that if on PAPER you own someone, that you truly should beat them. I mean. This is getting ridiculous now. I’ll say it again.

    US Open 2013 – Robredo – Roger should never have lost that match. And he had a 14:0 record against him.

    Then in 2014 US Open – Roger shouldn’t be in a 5 setter with Monfils. And he certainly shouldn’t be straight setted by Cilic (????) after beating him lirerally 2 weeks prior. Unbelievable.

    And now losing to Seppi in 4 sets after having a 10:0 record prior. Don’t get it.

    Basically, that unpredictability is what pisses me off the most. We as fans shouldn’t have to worry about a freaking 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th round. The worries should only begin in the QFs and onwards (as they should be).

    Especially when Roger is playing against people that he should be schooling. So I am afraid that that trend will continue. And Roger has a very limited time. The good news is that I absolutely do not see NADAL winning this either. Possibly Dhojovic or Murray or maybe Berdych or Nishikori maybe.

    But that unpredictability is what I HATE right now. I should feel like ROger should be penciling himself in in to the semis at least with his Number 2 ranking. And what we are seeig is completely pathetic.

    And to be honest, it has to do with AGE (Number 1) and POOR OFF-SEASON Scheduling. He’s denying it right now but that is the truth. And unless he wakes up and accepts it, it will hurt him even more. At this point of his career, it should all be about the mAJORs. Nothing else should be important. Ranking included. What’s the point of trying to hold onto Number 2 or Number 3 if you waste energy trying to get some cheep points in the lesser tournaments and then get schooled in the early rounds of the SLAMS.

    I perhaps am overreacting but probably not. The draw was difficult. Sure. Maybe if he lost to Kyrgios – I would have understood. The kid is COMING and he beat Nadal so yes. Maybe I can see Murray beating Roger – too – he’s playing great right now and NOT LOSING SETS, OK! So in any case:

    Which are the two slams where you really feel like Roger HAD A CHANCE to actually WIN the event:

    Australia 2014 and Wimbledon 2014. To a lesser extent US Open 2014.

    But look. 2014 was a GREAT year. Roger reached a SF, 4th Round, F and a SF.

    2015 is already starting poorly with a 3rd Round.

    So I don’t know WHAT to expect from ROGER. I really don’t. And that’s what worrying me the most.

    Ok, I am done ranting….


    Katyani Reply:

    Oke Vily, now it is my turn to calm you down :-) Roger is trying out new things to stay relevant. Meaning Edberg and his decision to play more. It worked, didn’t it? And if Roger is one thing, he is the Goat of scheduling. Now he got a wake up call that he needs to rest his body more. And look at the bright side: if 2015 will be Roger’s “2013”… doesn’t that mean that 2016 will be his “2014”? :-)

    And also, Roger fought hard today and lost, BUT…. he didn’t get destroyed. Look at what our “hero/champion” is doing to Sela. Now THAT is destruction, including a bagle and a breadstick.

    And Vily, I can understand his decision to play tours so he can remain nr 2. With beeing nr 2 you do avoid certain players, dont you??


    Vily Reply:

    In theory, yes, Katyani. Yes. But after finally starting to become more consistent in Slams again after such a decent year last year in the Slsms (SF 4th Round F SF) to start the year like this I just don’t know. But anyway.

    Let’s say he skipped Brisbane. He would be without a title to his name and maybe he would have made QFs or maybe even semis.

    But that freshness from last year’s AO Open is simply lacking. I mean I am just looking at at how everyone else is faring. Cruise control! Utter dominance in the early rounds. Even Nadal is cruising today.

    And for Roger to get beat like that is simply unacceptable. I mean to lose to Seppi in Dubai or IW or Miami or anywhere else – I would be ok with. But the Slams only happen 4 times a year. One simply has to be at their best at the Slams.

    No other tourneys or exhos should matter. We knew this and we discussed it prior.

    For Roger getting to a Slam Final is much harder than actually winning it. I mean it used be that Roger’s ranking (unless 1 or 2) would hinder him because he would run into Nadal or Djokovic in the semis. Now he is Number 2 (not for long – I tell you that much) and he was still scheduled to meet Murray, Nadal and Djokovic back to back.

    But to not even get there – and not to lose to Kyrgios – whom I fully expected to destroy Roger in the 4th round anyway – but to lose in the 3rd round.

    I mean this is supposed to be an abberation and simply not happen to the Number 2 player in the world.

    But the fact is that Roger is not Roger Federer anymore. At least not the consistent Roger who we could safely book into the SF of a slam no matter what.

    Yes, he is still capable of greatness on any given day but to produce 7 consecutive match days of greatness – I just don’t see. I can possibly see one more Slam Final – maybe but even that is a stretch and winning it – a whole different issue. To sum up – what’s the point of the ranking if you don’t live up to it and play like it. :-(


    Alex Reply:

    Fed needs to at least stay in the top 4 to have easier draws (ie. not meeting fellow top 4 opponents until the semis). Of course as we saw, his ranking didn’t exactly help this time around. Sometimes it’s about luck as well. Seppi played unbelievable today. He could have beaten Nadal as well today. If he keeps this up then Nadal will have a problem should they face. But you know the old problem, he who beats federer…loses in the next round unless they’re Djokovic or Nadal.


  23. I also watched the match and thought that Federer wanted to call it quits from the AO 2015 and take a deserved rest. Whenever he had an advantage he let it go. His body was not doing what his mind was wishing. I am disappointed but not that much.So many matches in the last few months for a 33 year old player were just too much and he could not take it. Even if he had somehow won this match he deed not seem to go very far in this tournament. That may be the reason why he announced in advance that he is going to get rest the next month. Hopefully he will come up fresh and win a few big matches.


  24. I was just about to say: even if Roger somehow squeezed that win in the 3rd round (how pathetic – right) he would have been WHOOPED by Kyrgios. I mean that kid is the real deal.

    To be honest, this tournament is one of the most exciting Australian Opens in the last 3-5 years. I mean Nadal almost out in the 2nd round but now Schooling Sela like it’s nothing. Yeah, we should celebrate, right!

    Murray walking through opponents. Dimitrov struggling but finding a way. Anderson playing well. Berdych playing good. Tomic. Kyrgios. Everyone except Roger… I mean that’s the most frustrating part – looking at how this tournament is unfolding. Pretty much everyone is going without hiccups. Djokovic is looking good. Nishikori is struggling but going through. Wawrinka. Even freaking John Isner. The list going on and on. Ferrer, Verdasco, anyone! Raonic. I mean Jeez.

    It’s like there was a huge plot against Roger this tournament – and to know that it was looking like Nadal was on his way out. Today he’ll get his cruise win so he’ll be fresh going forward. Smiling and stuff..

    I am telling you I am no longer hoping for him to lose either. I am tired of hiding behind Novak or Stan or anyone for that matter. IF Rafa wins this Slam – it will equal in significance to when Roger won the French in 2009 or maybe when he won that Wimbledon in 2009. It will be that significant.

    To be quite honest though, it’s way to early. All I know is that I am sad that Roger allowed himself to come here tired and fatigued and to allow himself to be exposed like he was. I mean even Sharapova had a bad day but steadied the ship. Nadal is doing so today. If anything, the Seppi match was supposed to give Roger that opportunity prior to the TOUGH Kyrgios match.

    If anything, at least he saved us the embarrassment of looking at him being schooled by Kyrgios… But don’t know what to think. I like Kyrgios and I like Murray. But Anderson closed the match today also against Gasquet do he’s looking good too.

    Who knows?! I’ll still watch the tournament because for the first time in a long time Roger is gone and I don’t seem to miss him. At least not today. Not after the miserable way in which he lost against Seppi of all people… :-(


  25. I too am gutted that Roger lost but I can’t remember when and indeed if I have ever seen Seppi play as well as he did today. On the other hand Fed just couldn’t get it together,we are so used to seeing him play and win from tough spots so I guess we just have to say for whatever reason today wasn’t his day.


  26. Ah shucks. Man, some folks here are wayyyyy to critical of Federer. Folks,,,he’s 33, and no longer in his prime. Simple as that. Love the guy, but be real. Hopefully he can grab 1 more, but father time ain’t on his side. G


  27. 1)Go easy on Federer, he is getting on and met a player hit the ball as well as he ever has, Federer is only human.

    2)Quit with the Nadal hate, Federer is a classy guy, try following his example. Nadal has just come back from having his appendix out. He isn’t fully fit, he ain’t faking it and he isn’t going to win the Australian.


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