Federer Wants to Play in Davis Cup Playoff


Again I apologize for the long time since my last post. I was still getting used to the schedule at my new job, and aside from that there hasn’t been much news from the Federer camp aside from their new twins being born of course! I can’t wait to see the photos and I can’t wait for Roger to get back on court. In the mean time there has been some news about Roger wanting to play Davis Cup for Switzerland. It’s the one big title along with the Olympic gold in singles that he hasn’t won yet. Roger has now won all the most important titles and beat the most important records, so it makes sense for him to start going after these types of titles. You may remember that he couldn’t play in the Davis Cup against the USA earlier this year after his Australian Open loss.

He then also chose to skip Dubai, rather taking a six week break from the tour, which I thought was a good decision at that point. Roger’s own career was always the most important thing and rightly so. The critics who say that Roger should have played Davis Cup more often forget to take into account that Roger’s individual career has meant more for Switzerland then any Davis Cup result could ever have done. Having said that I’ve always wanted to see Roger play Davis Cup, because with Wawrinka they definitely have a chance to win it. Roger and Wawrinka already won the Olympic gold in doubles, so they are a formidable doubles team. I don’t think Switzerland have ever won the Davis Cup, and it would be nice to see them do it with Roger leading the team.

It does look like Roger will indeed be playing in Montreal which means that it’s not too long of a wait now for him to get back on court. The things I’m most looking forward to is the return of Rafa and how Roger will be performing after a memorable clay and grass court season in 2009. There has been some suggestions that with the birth of the twins that it is a good time for Roger to start thinking about retirement, but in my opinion that is just rubbish. Of course it is a big event in his life and he has now achieved all the most important records, but as I said in my post ‘IS Federer Really the GOAT?‘, there is still a lot left for Roger to achieve. For one thing he would want to win many more grand slam titles, and he would also like to improve his h2h record against Rafa.

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