Federer vs Bozoljac Highlights, Federer Meets the Queen

Gotta love the cheeky angle that won him the first set at 0:40. Roger also paid the queen of England a little visit today.

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Not sure the king should be bowing to the queen, but as always Roger is the ultimate gentleman. Funny photo isn’t?

Also today was the conclusion of the the Isner/Mahut match, which ended with Isner winning it 70-68 in the fifth set. It was sad that such a historical match had to eventually end, and of course you had to feel for Mahut. When Isner hit the final winning passing shot it was almost surreal. I had started to believe this match would never end. One of my readers sent me a really funny article about this match which you can read HERE. Poor Isner has to play singles and doubles and he will play both tomorrow. This almost doesn’t seem fair. If I was him I would just withdraw from the doubles. I’m sure Querry would understand.

Nadal was also in action today and he got a scare from Robin Haase, but eventually prevailed 5-7 6-2 3-6 6-0 6-3. I watched the whole match and was pretty frustrated by Haase during the last two sets. He played very well to go up 2-1 in sets, but then just disappeared in the fourth and didn’t even hold serve once so that he could start serving in the final set. When he dropped serve in the final set he didn’t make a single first serve either. But we can surmise from this match that Nadal is beatable on grass when a player serves big and uses flat ground strokes to pressure him. This is exactly what Haase did, but he just couldn’t keep it up long enough. Soderling and Murray is more experienced and you would expect they have a better chance to beat Nadal. Soderling has been in good form so far as well, winning his opening two matches both in straight sets.

The same goes for Murray. I didn’t have much faith in Murray given the form he’s been in of late, but apparently he was looking confident today. Tomorrow is Federer’s third round match against Clement, and as I stated before, he must win in straight sets to prove to me he is feeling confident. And I think he will. You may know by now he was playing with a bandage against Bozo, but I don’t think that was anything serious. If it was a problem he would have gotten treatment today as well. It’s just great to see how he never even mentions an injury unless asked about it. Personally I want Roger to win this title as much as ever. I just want him to prove the critics wrong as many times as possible, and even some of his own fans. I guess the more people doubt him the more I want him to win.

I have found something special that can motivate us all. It is by far the best Federer video I have ever seen. I was almost in tears watching this and had goosebumps all over. Hope you haven’t see it before. Enjoy.

Tomorrow’s OOP: http://www.wimbledon.org/en_GB/scores/schedule/index.html

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  1. When I saw the bandage I said “uh oh!” and “oh no!”. Hopefully he is healthy. I love the video. a little dated, but good. It will be interesting to see how people pay tribute to Roger when he retires.


  2. Amazing video.
    I watched Nadal´s match and nothing better than watching Nadal lose, but Haase couldn´t finish his work ,he was injured, people cheering for Robin, my coms.said :”what a nigthmare the name Robin for Nadal”.
    Something better watching Roger win easily tomorrow.
    Exactly as you the more people doubt the more I want him to win this title.


  3. Very good video – probably the author, if he managed to survive the happiness of winning AO this year and the pain of French Open, will update the video with the win of this Wimbledon :-) .
    About Nadal I could see the panic in his eyes yesterday, probably I never felt better – when looking to Nadal obviously, but unfortunately Robin H is not Robin S (not the one from FO final this year but the old one). I have to be honest with me and decide once and for all why I am a fan of Roger: because I like him or because I dislike Nadal more… Tough question…
    About Bozoljac: he was, as I already said, overconfident in everything he was doing during the match. And I have to admit it is a charismatic person. Not for me because I stick to women (even if the tendency is for gay couple :-) ) but on his website I could see he has a lot of women fans. Fortunately it was one lady fan of Bozo mentioning that even Roger is good looking :-) . What a relief…
    For me it was a match between a “macho” and a gentleman. Maybe the gentleman was to gentle some times but he finally get trough. I hope God will have mercy on us today and Roger will win in straight sets.


    ines Reply:

    If you are a Fedfan obviously you have to dislike Nadal.They have nothing in common.Do you know Nadal didn´t go to meet the Queen because he had all his “routines”,and then almost lost…
    He´s supertitious…What a tennis ambassador!!!


    Dragos Reply:

    It is not necessarily to dislike Nadal if you like Roger. As a matter of fact I was thinking that this idea of disliking Nadal more than I like Roger is just a problem of my own and there are not too many people in the same situation. On the other hand if Nadal didn’t exist he should be invented. I am saying this because without Nadal Roger wouldn’t have to improve his mental attitude and in the end to prove that with his old fashion tennis he can, at least for a while, block the transformation of the game in some sort of squash played in a box with the opponents facing each other (as the only difference to the real squash).


  4. Bozoljac is a very impressive player – I don’t know if he always plays that well. He’s Nadalesque plus his giant serve. The more I see such players the more I love Roger. I’m old school, I don’t like players doing ridiculous fist pumps on their opponent’s errors, weight-lifter groans and cheap gangster attitudes.

    On paper, Clement doesn’t have enough firepower to contradict Roger’s plans, but this tournament has been so crazy we’ll have to wait and see.


  5. I’m glad that the stupid match finished, irritated that Isner won, the player who serves first always wins, so I didn’t bother watch any of the fifth set, once Mahut lost that fourth set, I knew it was over for him. Such a shame after all that effort he put into qualfying, won 24-22 in the secnd round of qualifying and then came back from 2 sets to love down to beat Koubek in the final round. I can’t believe Mahut played doubles with Clement on the same court after he lost, I wouldn’t want to play on the same court, I would want a change of scenery after all that time on it and I would be exhausted. They’ve had to suspend their doubles match after they lost the first set tie break, I hope Mahut isn’t too tired, it would be a big blow to lose in the first round in both the singles and doubles.

    De Bakker also came through a 5 set match a mere 16-14 in the fifth, he is still young, inexperienced, I don’t think he plays well on grass and he’s yet another big server, I think Isner will come through.

    About Fed’s bandage, I think it was just a precaution due the the five set match he played in the first round, if he beats Clement, he’ll have the whole weekend to recover.

    I didn’t bother watch the Nadal-Hasse match, I knew that Hasse was going to choke, they always do :-)


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